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Adam Savage
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Adam Savage is an American Special effects designer and fabricator, Actor, Educator, and Television Personality, Producer. Find out more about him than mere titles through Adam Savage Net Worth and some interesting facts about him.

Savage is famous for his graphics and engineering works on movies. Although he started as an actor, Adam couldn’t help but get bored with the profession. He has worked on the set of Matrix Reloaded as well as Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones.

Find out more about this handsome with brains and Adam Savage Net Worth through this article.

Adam Savage Net Worth & Overview

Net Worth$8 million
OccupationSpecial effects designer and fabricator, Actor, Educator, and Television Personality, Producer
Date of BIrthJuly 15, 1967
Height1.82 m
Spouse (s)Julia Ward (m. 2004)
Country of OriginUS
Source of WealthDesigner, Actor
Instagram Followers1 m
Twitter Followers1.4 m
YouTube Followers5.18 m
Last UpdatedDecember 2020

Early Life

Savage EL
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Adam Savage was born on July 15, 1967, in New York City and was raised in Sleepy Hollow, New York. He is the son of an animator-filmmaker, Whitney Lee Savage, and a psychotherapist, Karen.

Adam has two older brothers and two older sisters, from his parents’ previous marriages, and one younger sister. His sister Kate Savage is also an artist.

Whitney Lee Savage (1928 – 1998) was known for his work on Sesame Street, as well as directing the 1968 underground short film Mickey Mouse in Vietnam.

Because of his father’s job, Adam had access to and knowledge about the Entertainment industry from a very young age. He started acting as a child and has had studied five years in acting school.

Savage’s early credits include voicing animated characters that his father produced for Sesame Street, Mr. Whipple’s stock boy Jimmy in a Charmin commercial, a helper in the special effects of Star Wars, and a drowning young man saved by a lifeguard in the 1985 Billy Joel music video You’re Only Human (Second Wind). By the time he reached 19, Savage abandoned acting.

Though he abandoned acting, Adam did act later in his professional life, when he was needed.

Career Highlights and Achievements

Credits: Discovery Channel

Savage has worked as an animator, graphic designer, carpenter, projectionist, film developer, television presenter, model maker, set designer, toy designer, and gallery owner.

As one of the Crew

Adam has worked as a model maker on the films Galaxy Quest, Bicentennial Man, Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, and Space Cowboys, etc.

He was also involved in the special effects team of the 2003 movie ‘The Matrix Revolutions’.

On February 20th, 2020, Adam Savage was appointed the Creative Director of SiliCon (formally Silicon Valley Comic Con), succeeding Steve Wozniak.

As One of the Cast

He played the role of a helpful engineer in the 2001 film Ever Since the World Ended. Adam has acted in small roles, including 2006 The Darwin Role. He has made a Cameo appearance on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in the episode “The Theory of Everything.”

The special effects designer Savage became a performer on the ‘w00tstock’ in 2009. He performed along with Wil Wheaton and the comedy rock duo Paul Sabourin and Greg ‘Storm’ DiCostanzo.

In 2011, Savage appeared as Dan in a short film titled Night of the Little Dead.

The Voice of the Show

Myth Busters is a Discovery channel show, which takes on rumors, movie scenes, news stories, and uses scientific methods to validate them. Since its inception in 2003, Adam Savage has been a regular figure in the show.

Savage has become a regular presenter at magician James Randi’s annual skeptics’ conference, The Amaz!ng Meeting, after he appeared first in January 2006.

Adam Savage and special effects expert Jamie Hyneman appeared in the 2012 science and engineering game show, ‘Unchained Reaction’; The duo were the judges of the show.

Savage is a co-host on the weekly podcast Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project. Savage, Will Smith, Norman Chan, and Simone Giertz talk and discuss the topics from science and movies to making and work ethic in the show.

YouTube Channel

Adam Savage has a YouTube channel named Adam Savage’s Tested. The channel has 4.3 k videos until now and has been subscribed by more than 5 million people.

Personal Life

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Adam Savage married Julia Ward on September 11, 2004. The couple had been married together for more than a decade now. Although Savage has no children with Julia, he has two children, twins, from a previous relationship of his.

The Savage couple is not the typical couple that one could find in Hollywood. Both of them are private about their personal life.

The only fact known about the family life of Adam Savage is that he’s married to Julia Ward and has two children from his previous relationship.

Addison and Riley are the names of his two sons, according to There is little or no news about their biological mother. It is not even sure whether she is an ex-girlfriend of Savage or an ex-wife. The children live with Adam and Julia. The family lives in San Francisco.

Adam Savage wears hearing aids in both ears due to congenital otosclerosis.


Adam Savage Criticism

Sexual Misconduct Allegation

It seems like 2020 has put a curse on the celebrities. Although Covid-19 has affected all the people equally, 2020 keeps on surprising celebrities with so many troubles. Mostly, male celebrities are facing sexual misconduct allegations. So how can Savage be spared?

A lawsuit has been filed against Adam by his sister, alleging that he sexually abused her when they were younger.

Miranda Pacchiana has filed the case against Savage. in her blog Pacchiana has written everything regarding the matter:

“As a child, this experience shook my sense of safety and crushed my self-confidence. For decades afterward, I dealt with periods of depression and near-constant anxiety. The public needs to know that Adam Savage sexually abused me when I was a child, as set forth in the lawsuit that I have finally been able to bring after all of these years.”

Savage denied all these allegations put forward by his sister. Although he hasn’t talked to anyone in person, his lawyer is going deal all the communications between him and the media.

What is Adam Savage Net Worth in 2021?

Adam Savage Net Worth in 2021 is $8 million. Savage is famous for his work as the set designer of high budget Hollywood movies. He has shown his work on hit movies like Matrix Reloaded and Star Wars movie.

5 Interesting Facts About Adam Savage

Interesting Savage
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  • He had taught advanced model making in the department of Industrial Design at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.
  • In June 2017, Savage was named Humanist of the Year by the American Humanist Association at their annual Conference.
  • Adam Savage and Mythbusters co-host Jamie Hyneman are not friends in real life. The co-workers of many years announced this new recently.
  • He hasn’t revealed the identity of the biological mother of his children. The twins are now being brought up by Savage and his wife, Julia Ward.
  • He wore the suit of armor to his high school for Halloween. Savage passed out in the middle of the school.


Adam Savage is a famous Special effects designer and fabricator, Actor, Educator, and Television Personality, Producer. He has worked with many bug buget movies. He is also a co-host of Discovery’s Mythbusters, along with Jamie Hyneman.

Savage is married to Julia Ward. Although the couple doesn’t have children of their own, they are raising Savage’s twins from an early relationship.

He is the son of animator-filmmaker Whitney Lee Savage. Because of that, he used to act from a very young age. By the time he became an adult, he got bored with acting.

Savage began his career from a young age. Even as an amateur designer, he had complete knowledge about the industry because of his father. Adam Savage Net Worth in 2021 is $8 million.

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