Akira Toriyama Net Worth in 2021

Akira Toriyama Networth
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Akira Toriyama, a Japanese manga artist, and costume designer, has an estimated net worth of $55 million as of February 2021. He earned a name for himself through his highly praised manga sitcom called “Dr. Slump”. In this article, let us find out what is Akira Toriyama net worth.

His most well-recognized work was the “Dragon Ball” and he has designed characters for video games as well. 

Toriyama has been a source of inspiration for many artists with his great work on the manga series “Dragon Ball”.

He has given a shape and structure to the manga art form and has influenced artists into entering this field.

If you plan on knowing more about this popular figure, keep on reading this short biography of Toriyama provided below.

This article contains how Toriyama has reached heights of fame, how is he earning a living, how is he handling his personal and professional life, his age, weight, height, and other facts. 

Akira Toriyama Net Worth and Overview

Net Worth$ 55 Million
Date of BirthApril 5, 1955
Age 65 years
Height1.78 m
Source of WealthManga Artist, Illustrator, Costume Designer 
Country of OriginNagoya, Japan
Last UpdatedFebruary 2021

Early Life

Akira Toriyama was born on April 5 1955 in Nagoya, Japan. He discovered his talent and passion for drawing manga in elementary school.

He had seen his friends at school, passing their free time by drawing illustrations and anime figures. Toriyama himself started drawing sketches of his friends and won a prize at an art studio for his artworks.

This inspired him to turn his passion for drawing manga and make a career out of it. 


Toriyama started his career as a poster designer in an advising agency in Nagoya. He left this job after three years and took part in a contest for Jump Magazine but could not win a prize.

But his artwork caught the attention of the editor, Kazuhiko Torishima who encouraged him to keep on doing works for the manga industry. 

In 1978, Toriyama’s first work was the story “Wonder Island” which got published in the weekly magazine Jump.

He started receiving recognition with his nest work on the series, “Dr. Slump”. The series was published from 1980 to 1984 and Toriyama made his illustrations from home when he was 25. 

By 1984 he was known as a manga superstar and had also earned himself an award for best manga series. Toriyama next started working on “Dragon Ball” which instantly became quite successful.

The manga was published in Shueisha magazine and received the title of best-selling manga when it sold over 159 million copies by 2014 just in Japan. Toriyama worked on this manga series for 11 years from 1984 to 1995.

There were many adaptations made from this series, like movies and video games. Toriyama was involved with all of them and had also designed characters for the video games and animations. 

In 1986, Toriyama started working on a video game called “Dragon Quest” as a character designer.

He has designed characters for video games such as Super Famicom, Tobal No. 1, and Tobal 2. After Dragon Ball, Toriyama worked on shorter stories like Sand Land, Kajika, and Cowa. He does his works in his studio named Bird Studio which was set up in 1983. 

Toriyama was always passionate about plastic models. Apart from drawing he also has designed various models for the Fine Molds brand.

One of his many hobbies is collecting autographs of other well-known manga artists like Hisashi Eguchi and Yudetamago. 

Highlights and Achievements

  • Toriyama received the Shogakukan Manga Award in 1981 for creating the best shojo manga “Dr. Slump”. This manga had sold more than 35 million copies just in Japan. 
  • It is because of Toriyama’s “Dragon Ball” that Shueisha magazine made a record for selling 6.5 million copies in 1995. The series later sold over 300 million copies worldwide. 
  • In 2013, he won the Prix Special 40th Anniversary Festival Award at the Angoulōme International Comics Festival.  

Age, Height, and Weight

Akira Toriyama was born on 5th April 1955 and as of February 2021, he is 65 years old. He is 1.78 meters tall and his weight is 74 kg. 

Personal Life

Toriyama married an ex manga artist named Yoshimi Kato in 1982. Yoshimi used to draw manga using a pseudo name “Naci Mikami” and sometimes assisted Toriyama on the Dr. Slump illustrations.

The couple lives in Toriyama’s studio which is in Kiyosu and has a son and a daughter. 

The manga artist does not like disclosing much information about his personal life and is rarely makes any public appearance. His father was in an auto repairing business a liked motorbike racing, which was later inherited by Toriyama.

The artist also loves animals and has had many pets since his childhood. Some of his manga characters were inspired by his pets like the Beerus and Karin characters. 


Toriyama has shown dismay at the fact that the Dragon Ball Super animation could not portray his illustrations properly. It had poor frames and bad animation.

Not only the artist, but many fans have also criticized the quality of the TV series and Toriyama was not at all happy about it.

He expressed that the series he created years ago now he cannot seem to leave this animation alone.  

Akira Toriyama Net Worth in 2021

Akira Toriyama
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Japanese animation took a new form after Toriyama entered this line of work. He has been the inspiration of many and has helped new artists to master their works.

Toriyama has made a lot of money from being a character designer and an illustrator. As of today, he is making an estimated net worth of 55 million dollars.

 He is continuing to work on comics and magazines and also designing characters for video games and animations.

His designs not only have given rise to new artists but also have given opportunities to manga studios and magazine companies to have a new source of earning by featuring his works.

Toriyama has set a trend of manga not only in Japan but his works are being recognized worldwide. 

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