Al Franken Net Worth in 2021

Al Franken
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Al Franken net worth is $8 million as of 2021. He is a comedian, politician, author, and media personality from America.

He began his journey as a comedian in high school where he performed theatre acts. His first theatre act was based on a political satire.

Franken was offered to become a staff writer and an occasional performer on the show Saturday Night Life (SNL). This paved his way into the spotlight.

Two aspects have always been a part of his life which includes comedy and the essence of politics as his first theatre was also based on political satires.

Saturday Night Life introduced him to the world of writing and gave him a well-known name as well as fame in the industry. 

Al Franken is a staff writer for Saturday Night Live (SNL) was paid $350 per week for his scriptwriting as well as his timely appearances on the show.

From his experiences, he discovered his interest in politics and started hosting his show titled ‘The Al Franken Show’ on Air American Radio.

Al Franken Net Worth and Overview

Net Worth$8 million
OccupationComedian Politician Media Personality Author
Date Of Birth21st May 1951
Height5’6” (1.68 m)
Spouse(s)Franni Bryson (m. 1975)
ChildrenThomasin Franken (daughter) Joe Franken (son)
Country Of OriginUnited States of Ameica
Source Of WealthWriting Politics Stand up-Comedy
Instagram Followers68.3 K
Twitter Followers866.7 K
Youtube Subscribers54.2 K
Last UpdatedDecember 2020

Early Life

Al Franken Early Life

Al Franken was born on the 21st of May in the year 1951 to Joseph Franken (father) and Phoebe Franken (mother) in New York City, New York, U.S.

His father Joseph Franken was a printing salesman by profession whereas his mother Phoebe Franken was a real estate agent by profession.

Al Franken is not the only child of her parents Phoebe Franken and Joseph Franken but has an elder brother named Owen Franken.

Franken’s elder brother Owen Franken is a Photojournalist by profession. Al Franken’s paternal grandparents emigrated from Germany whereas his maternal grandparents were from the Russian Empire.

Franken’s parents were Jewish and he along with his elder brother Owen Franken was raised in a Jewish household concerning religious and cultural aspects.

While Franken was just four years old his family moved to Albert Lea, Minnesota. They moved there intending to establish a business for which his father Joseph Franken set up a quilting factory in Albert Lea, Minnesota.

Unfortunately within two years of the setup, his father’s business failed and they had to close down the factory after which they moved into St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

Al Franken attended The Blake School and graduated in the year 1969. As a part of extra-curricular activities, Franken was a part of the wrestling team of his school.

After graduating from The Blake School in the year 1969 he joined The Harvard College and majored in Political Science. He finally graduated in the year 1973 with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts.

Franken was known for performing in his schooling days along with his longtime friend Tom Davis and both were famous in their school for writing and comedy.

Career Highlights and Awards

Al Franken Career Highlights
Credits: ABC News

Entertainment Industry

Al Franken was known for his sense of humor and a performer during his schooling days. He along with his longtime friend Tom Davis was both famous for their writing and comedy skills.

The duo started performing theaters at Brave New Workshop of Minneapolis where they specialized in political satire.

They were both selected as the original writer for the famous show ‘Saturday Night Live’. The duo even performed on the show occasionally.

Franken shared an income of $350 per week with his friend Tom Davis as a writer and occasional performer for Saturday Night Live.

Al Franken played the role of Stuart Smalley in the show ‘Saturday Night Live’ which was indeed an occasionally appearing character.

His career got a head start as a writer for ‘Saturday Night Live’ as the show was a big hit and he even got to play an occasionally appearing character in it.

Post SNL he wrote other films which include Stuart Saves His Family which is based on the SNL character Stuart Smalley.

This film received negative reviews from the critics and was a big loss. Despite getting poor ratings on rotten tomatoes the film gained positive reviews from The Washington Post which is an American Daily newspaper.

Franken’s film also gained a positive review from Gene Sisket who is an American film critic and journalist from Chicago.


Apart from his career as a writer, Franken has been interested in politics. He was a huge fan of Paul Wellstone the then-senator of Minnesota. Paul died in a plane crash in the year 2002 which affected Franken emotionally.

Franken decided to follow Paul’s footsteps and went back to his state to fight for the place of a senator at Minnesota.

He has also written a book titled ‘Why Not Me?’ in the year 1999 which was a parody book highlighting his hypothetical campaign for president.

Franken stood for the 2008 elections as well as the 2014 elections and won both of them as the majority of votes in his favor.

Later on, there were some allegations made on him for sexual misconduct which caused him to resign. The members who asked for Franken’s resignation regretted it later.

Personal Life

Al Franken Personal Life
Credits: Star Tribune

Al Franken is an outgoing person. He has a warm heart and always greets people with love. His love life has been the talk of the town ever since the news of him being with his better half has become public.

He met the love of life Franni Bryson while he was at Harvard. The duo got married in the year 1975. Together they have two kids including a daughter named Thomasin Franken and a son named Joe Franken.

Franken and his wife have four grandchildren along with two kids of their own which completes their family. 

He is a big fan of the ex-senator of Minnesota Paul Williams and religiously followed his footsteps. Being a huge fan of Paul his sudden demise took a toll over Franken’s emotions and he decided to get into politics to follow Paul’s footsteps and be heard by the nation.

Franken has a beautiful career journey to talk about as he began from the theater, became a screenwriter, performed as an actor, wrote books, and eventually landed in politics.

He has lived his life to the fullest by exploring all the career opportunities he could get and today, Al Franken has a net worth of $8 million which is a big achievement for him.


Al Franken Criticism
Credits: Newsweek

Al Franken has been in the limelight ever since he has been a part of Saturday Night Live (SNL). But after his career paced in politics he was accused of sexual misconduct by many women who came in contact with him for some of the other reasons.

LeeAnn Tweeden who is a talk-radio host accused Franken of forcing himself on her despite her disinterest in the acts. There was a photo revealed which showed Franken in an act of groping LeeAnn. 

In response to that picture, Franken apologized to LeeAnn twice stating it was intended for fun and he didn’t touch her as the picture shows.

LeeAnn accepted his lengthy apology but this wasn’t the end of allegations on him. Some anonymous women accused him of sexual misconduct while clicking pictures. Surprisingly, Franken didn’t oppose any of the allegations but apologized for it which proves he crossed his line.

All his acts cost him his seat as a senator and he had to resign from his position which led him to depression.

What is Al Franken Net Worth in 2021?

Al Franken has a net worth of $8 million as of 2021. He is a self-made man who established himself as a comedy writer and actor at an early age.

Throughout his career, he has gone through a lot of ups and downs but he never gave up and kept fighting and came up as a rising star and a known personality.

From screenwriting to politics he has faced a lot of challenges and came out with flying colors. His efforts have resulted in net worth in millions which is why Al Franken has a net worth of $8 million as of 2021. 

Interesting Facts about Al Franken

Al Franken Facts
Credits: Vanity Fair
  1. Al Franken began his journey by performing theaters based on political satires with his longtime friend Tom Davis.
  2. He was appointed as a staff writer along with his friend Tom Davis for Saturday Night Live (SNL). They both shared an income of $350 per week from SNL.
  3. Franken and Tom also performed as occasionally appearing characters on SNL apart from writing its scripts.
  4. He has been accused of sexual misconduct during his political career which cost him his position.
  5. His resignation is believed to be a huge loss as he was too good at his job as a senator.


Al Franken has been an amazing screenwriter, author, and actor. Fans loved him on screen as well as off-screen since his scripts have been amazing. Franken’s role as a senator has been commendable.

Though he had to resign as a senator his resignation was regretted by other members who opposed him which shows he was indeed excellent at his job.

He has set an example for the youth to keep spreading smiles and excel in our respective fields. As a sign of his success, Al Franken has a net worth of $8 million as of 2021.

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