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Angela Yee
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Whenever we start the radio, we will eventually stumble upon a show called “The Breakfast Club”. It’s a syndicated radio show with over 90 radio markets. And do you want to know who is the heart and soul of it? A beautiful woman named Angela Yee.

She is one of the chilliest women you will ever meet. Her calm demeanor made her what she is today. She would ask questions to artists on the radio show that would make them flabbergasted. So without further ado, let’s check out Angela Yee’s net worth and her life. 

Net Worth and Overview 

Net worth$6 million
Date of BirthJanuary 3, 1976
Age45 Years
Height1.6 m
Source of WealthRadio show hosting
Country of OriginNew York, USA
Last UpdatedJanuary 2021

Early Life

Angela Yee had a competitive mindset from the beginning of her childhood. She loved to take on challenges. She was born in New York and had loving parents. They were very supportive of her and wanted her to go to college. 

Respecting her parent’s decision, she went to Wesleyan University and graduated in 1997. She always liked to talk a lot so she thought to pursue a career in marketing. So she tried out her luck at marketing farms and then focused more on music. 


Angela Yee tried everything to become successful. She first worked as an intern in Wu-Tang management to get some experience. There she wrote the majority of the skits of GZA’s album. From there, she worked for Paul Rosenberg who suggested her try out for morning shows hearing her commanding voice. 

So she took his advice and started hosting a morning show on Eminem’s radio station. Her major break that reshaped her career was in 2010 when she began hosting the breakfast club. She quickly rose to fame for asking candid questions and getting controversial answers from artists. 

At some point in her career, she even worked as a correspondent for MTV2. Her path to greatness wasn’t easy. After failing multiple times at different jobs, she settled for the breakfast club. 

Highlights and Achievements

She is the very first ambassador for the renowned New York Public Library system. That statement alone depicts how successful and influential Angela Lee is. Other than that, she won back-to-back Gracie awards for her radio hosting performance.

On top of that, She won the Vice Chancellor’s achievement award. Because of her massive influence, many young girls finally garnered the courage to come out of their shells. For this reason, she was awarded the Shirley Chisolm woman of distinction award. 

She is an inspiration to all women who are trying hard to become radio hosts. Her voice gives inspiration to thousands who want to pursue a career of their own. For Angela Yee, that is her biggest achievement. Not awards or milestones. 

Age, Height, and Weight

You may be wondering she is 45 years old, therefore she must be quite old. But she looks gorgeous. Her height is 1.6 m which is quite tall for a woman. Her weight is about 56 kg or 123 lbs.

Personal Life

Angela Yee doesn’t like to mix her personal life with her career. That’s why there isn’t much information regarding her personal life. She likes to focus more on her career than spending time on unnecessary things that will distract her. There was a rumor of her dating rapper Plies but nothing can be said for sure. 

She is very active on Instagram though. She has a massive following. Angela Yee loves to post pictures about herself. She loves the idea of connecting with her huge fanbase through social media platforms.

For habits, she likes to braid her brownish hair which makes her look more beautiful. Some harsh critics would call her to be a bit overweight. But the truth is that she is just perfect. Most women these days literally torture themselves to be as skinny as possible, but Angela Yee is beautiful just the way she is.

Cancer is something that is occurring way too frequently and taking people’s lives. Angela Yee has raised awareness for cancer several times in her life. She believes that if everyone is conscious and takes good care of themselves, cancer can be defeated. 


There aren’t many controversies surrounding her as she is very careful with her words. But there were a few cases in the past that were questionable. She attended David Chappelle’s show back in the day but did not obey the CDC guideline. What’s more disturbing is that she doesn’t even acknowledge it. 

She also received heat for questioning Russell Simons. For those of you who don’t know who Russel Simons is, he is a film producer accused of rape. Appearing someone with a criminal record and questioning them is not a very wise thing to do. 

Angela Yee Net Worth in 2021


Who would’ve wondered that the small girl in the hoods will be such a big radio host? Angela Yee surely has come a long way. Her efforts and dedication have finally paid off. But the journey doesn’t stop here. She still has to go a long way and do thousands of more shows. 

Celebrity life is not for granted. You will often see thousands of celebrities hit big and then gradually go into the downfall and there’s no turning back. Angela Yee is on the right path having a gigantic net worth of 6 million dollars. But she needs to keep herself focused. 

If she isn’t focused, she will eventually fall on the sidelines. And that’s the way of Hollywood. You need to keep up yourself with the competition or be left behind. 

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