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Ari Shaffir Net Worth in 2021

Ari Shaffir
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Ari Shaffir is a well-known American comedian and actor. He has earned himself a name through the TV series, “This Is Not Happening”, which he created and produced himself in 2013. Ari Shaffir net worth at present is estimated to be $500K.

Shaffir is a broadcaster and writer who had worked on many web series and podcasts over the years. 

Ari was passionate about becoming a stand-up comedian since he was in college. He has worked hard to pursue his dream career and has successfully earned fame through his performances.

This article provides a short biography on Ari Shaffir, how he rose to be a famous comedian, where did he graduate from, his age, weight, height, and other interesting facts.  Give it a read to know more about him. 

Ari Shaffir Net Worth and Overview

Net Worth$500 Thousand
Date of BirthFebruary 12, 1974
Age 46 years old
Height1.9 m
Source of WealthComedian, Actor, Screen Writer, Television Producer
Country of OriginUnited States of America
Last UpdatedFebruary 2021

Early Life

Ari David Shaffir was born on 12th February 1974 in New York. He was born in a Jewish family to Nat Shaffir and Merryl Rich.

Ari’s father, who was from Romania, was a holocaust survivor. After Ari took birth, the family moved to North Carolina.

Ari’s family was conservative Jewish until they moved to Maryland, where they accepted Orthodox Jewish beliefs.

Ari went to a high school in Rockville, Maryland, and later went to Yeshiva University in New York for his undergraduate degree. In 1995, Ari was on a golf team at university, but he claims to not be a very good player.

In 1999 Ari transferred to the University of Maryland for his second year and graduated with an English Literature degree. 


While at college, Ari performed as a comedian in Northern Virginia. After graduating from university, Ari moved to Los Angeles for a better career as a stand-up comedian. 

He worked at multiple positions at “The Comedy Store” like answering phones and booths and doors for four years until the owner gave him a regular position. 

When he was young, Ari was influenced by watching comedians on TV such as “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson”. His favorite comedian is Bill Burr.

Ari worked at several comedy clubs running back and forth from Los Angeles to New York in 2012, in hopes of increasing his success rate as a stand-up comedian. In 2015 he permanently started living in New York. 

A video series by the name “The Amazing Racist” featured Ari from where people started to know him more. In 2000, he used to open the show for Joe Rogan with his performance.

He later went on many tours with Joe Rogan and other fellow comedians like Duncan Trussell, Joey Diaz, Tom Segura, Eddie Bravo, and Brian Redban. 

Ari performed in a show named “The Nasty Show” at the Montreal Comedy Festival in 2009.  Next year he started writing and producing for his own show “This Is Not Happening” with Eric Abrams, which went live every month.

The show featured many comedians who went up to share their real-life stories surrounding a theme. This show turned into a web series in 2013 and would be featured in various festivals.

In January 2015, the series premiered on the popular cable channel, Comedy Central. 

In 2017 his show “Double Negative” appeared on Netflix after he left the series “This is Not Happening” as a host.

Ari appeared multiple times on a show by Joe Rogan, 2010 being the first year when he was featured on the show. Ari’s podcast named “Skeptic Tank” was created in 2013, where he would give a chance to his guests to speak.

On this podcast, Ari did not only talk about comics but also talked about issues such as suicide, mental health, rape, and prison. 

Ari also became a co-host of a sports podcast called “Punch Drunk Sports” in 2013 with other comedians like Jayson Thibault and Sam Tripoli. 

Highlights and Achievements

  • In 2012, Ari has an album on stand-up comedy named “Revenge for the Holocaust”, which won the first spot on and iTunes right after it premiered. 
  • Ari’s comedy podcast “Skeptic Tank” had over 100,000 downloads on average per week. This podcast was top-rated on iTunes. 
  • Ari has appeared on festivals like “Montreal Just for Laughs”, the Oddity Festival, The Bridgetown Comedy Festival, and the San Francisco Sketch Fest. 

Age, Height, and Weight

Ari David Shaffir was born on February 12, 1974, and as of February 2021, he is 46 years old. He is 1.9 meters tall and his weight is 180 lbs. (82 kg). 

Personal Life

Ari Shaffir has always kept his personal life unrevealed. He rarely talks about his personal life. There was a rumor about Ari being a homosexual, to which the comedian never responded positively or negatively.  


Ari had started a controversy when he talked about the sexual assault case of Kobe Bryant and posted a video on the event on Twitter.

According to Ari, Kobe Bryant escaped the case of sexual assault since all of Hollywood supports the Lakers more and they dismissed this case of Kobe.

This controversy caused a comedy club in New York to cancel Ari’s performance after they received many phone threats. The club had also refused to let Ari perform in their shows in the future. 

Ari Shaffir Net Worth in 2021

Ari Shaffir Networth
Credits: BBC

As of February 2021, the estimated net worth of Ari Shaffir is $500K. Ari has risen to fame with his first TV series, “This Is Not Happening”.

Coming into the comic world was much of a struggle for him, but Ari quickly grabbed the attention of his audiences through his stand-up shows and podcasts.

Ari is known to all for his interesting personality and his skill for sarcasm. Not only is he an amazing comedian, but he is also known for his producing skills as well.

Ari Shaffir has earned people’s love by making them laugh and bemused and people always look forward to his spectacular acts as a comedian.

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