Big Sean Net Worth in 2021

Big Sean is a famous singer, rapper, and songwriter with a net worth of $26 million as of 2021. Sean came into the spotlight after releasing several mixtapes sequentially recorded.

His official name is Sean Michael Leonard Anderson who is known as ‘Big Sean’ in the music world. Sean is an American rapper from Santa Monica. 

Synced with his passion for music he recorded some mixtapes and he became known in the music world after he released his debut mixtape ‘Finally Famous’ in the year 2007.

The famous music artist associated with many labels, Kayne West’s label ‘Good music’ being the first one which he signed to in the year 2007.

All his signed labels include ‘Good Music’ in 2007, followed by ‘Def Jam Recordings’ in 2008 and ‘Roc Nation’ in the year 2014.

Being a professional rapper he is in the music industry since the year 2007 which is also the release year of his debut mixtape ‘Finally Famous’ and his source of wealth is associated with his passion for music. 

His famous genres are ‘Hip Hop’ which has gained him a lot of fame in the world of music and continues to do so. 

Big Sean Net Worth and Overview

Net Worth$26 milliion
OccupationSong Writer Professional Rapper Entrepreneur Singer
Date Of BirthMarch 25, 1988
Height5’8” (1.76 m)
Country Of OriginUnited States Of America
Source Of WealthRap Music
Instagram Followers12.3 million
Twitter Followers14.4 million
Youtube Subscribers3.73 million
Last UpdatedDecember 2020

Early Life

Big Sean  Early Life
Credits; Detroit News

Big Sean was born in 1988 on March 25th in Santa Monica California to Myra and James Anderson. His mother served as a school teacher. They shifted to Detroit, Michigan when he was just 3 months old and then was raised by his mother Myra, and his grandmother Mildred Leonard. 

Sean’s grandmother Mildred Leonard served in World War II as the first-ever female captain from her race in the United States Army. 

He attended Detroit Waldorf School. Sean completed his graduation from Class Technical High School. 

It was in is schooling years when he discovered his love for music, especially rapping. He was very much into his love for rapping and showed off his skill set every week in rap battles.

He also participated in a rap battle which was heard by Kayne West on a radio channel. His mainstream was freestyle which he enjoyed showing to his audience back then in his weekly rap battles.

His freestyle rapping was appreciated and enjoyed by Kayne. Two years after Kayne also signed him to his label ‘Good Music’.

Career Highlights and Awards

Big Sean Career Highlights
Credits: Another Planet Entertainment

Early Beginnings

Big Sean who is now a millionaire with a net worth of $26 million as of 2021 his small beginnings has played a big role in the resulting wealth and net worth.

Sean discovered his love for music in his later schooling years. He attended his school in Detroit and also participated in weekly rap battles held at Detroit Hip-Hop station WHTD. 

While his craze for rapping was taking over he was all keen to look out for opportunities to make his talent world famous. To his surprise, he came to know about Kayne West’s radio interview for channel 102.7 FM. 

Sean was all set to grab this opportunity and headed to the radio station and express his love for rapping and perform in front of Kayne West.

Begin hesitant at first Kayne didn’t give in but later was all set to hear him out. In front of Kayne, Sean splendid the magic of his freestyle rapping. Reportedly, Kayne enjoyed Sean’s freestyle form and even gave him 16 bars for his performance. 

Hallway of Success

The meet between Sean and Kayne was not restricted to a mere performance but Sean gave Kayne his demo tape which did the magic. Kayne being super impressed by Sean’s freestyle and the recording in his demo tape he signed Sean for his label ‘Good Music’ in the year 2007.

The year 2007 has been a kick start for Sean as it brought him his first signing in the music world and after which there was no looking back. 

He released his first album ‘Finally Famous: The Mixtape’ which stands to be his first official mixtape. 

All his releases have been ranked in Billboard 200 the official ranking record chart. His album ‘Finally Famous’ ranked no.3 on billboard 200. 

His release ‘Hall of Fame’ ranked at no.3 on the billboard. Apart from his releases in 2011 and 2013 his release ‘Dark Sky Paradise’ released in 2015 and ‘I Decided’ released in the year 2017 both aced the billboard by standing at rank no.1. 

His Billboard rankings have bought him fame and success all contributing to his net worth of $26 million.

Personal Life

Big Sean  Personal  Life

Sean has been a king of hearts in terms of music since the release of his mixtape. But the heart of our very own rapper was taken by his school crush Ashley Marie.

Big Sean met Ashley when he was 16 and started dating her when he was 19. There was the magic of love sprinkled in the air until the couple didn’t want to continue it and broke up in early 2013.

Social media also played its part in Sean’s love life where he met Naya Rivera on Twitter. The couple was in a serious relationship and wanted to take it further. Rivera and Sean had met in April 2013 and announced their engagement by October 2013. However, this relationship couldn’t last any longer and they called it off in April 2014. 

Later Sean and singer Ariana Grande declared that they are dating in October 2015. This relationship too didn’t pass all the hurdles and couldn’t last longer than 8 months when they announced their break up. 

Sean was last in a relationship with singer Jhene Aiko for three years from 2016 to 2019. 


Big Sean criticism
Credits: Billboard

The famous rapper and the king of the music industry Big Sean have entered the hall of fame very soon. Very soon he was in the talk of the town but soon he was in the news for his wrong deeds.

Apart from belonging to the hall of fame, he engaged in certain acts that didn’t add to the glory. In the year 2011, in a concert held at Lewiston, New York Sean was arrested for sexual assault. 

The case was reported in August 2011 and on October 26 Sean pleaded guilty to unlawful imprisonment. He was also charged a fine of $750. However, the charges of sexual assault were dropped as a part of the plea agreement. 

With a net worth of $26 million he has definitely passed through the tough times of pleading guilty and has landed on a better platform and has secured life.

What is Big Sean’s Net Worth in 2021?

Sean Michael Leonard Anderson officially known as Big Sean in the music world has a net worth of $26 million as of 2021. He is a famous singer, professional rapper, and songwriter. 

It all started from his late schooling years when he discovered his love for music especially rapping. All his participation in weekly rap battles and his passion he poured down in his mixtapes were worth the efforts as he now has a big fat bank balance to serve him his entire life. 

He has a net worth of $26 million which a combined source of his unique talent in the music industry where he displays his talent through songwriting, singing and performing rap songs.

Interesting Facts about Him

Big Sean facts
  1. Big Sean has been raised by his mother and grandmother in Detroit.
  2. His grandmother served in World War II as the first black female captain for the U.S. army.
  3. Despite him doing great in his field, Sean wants to try out new things and experiment with new areas of music as he never wants to stop tasting the new.
  4. If not music he would have pursued some business venture disclosed Sean.
  5. With change being inevitable it did hit our star after he entered the gateway of success. He admits he has changed a lot and Is not the same person as he was before being famous.
  6. Sean has also built a studio at his house and reportedly recorded 96% of ‘Dark Sky Paradise’ at home in his private studio built for his love of music.
  7. Big Sean is a brainy person as he has the quest to learn. He graduated high school with a handsome score of 3.7 GPA.


Big Sean continues to sprinkle his magic in the music industry. Recently he has been part of Tee Grizzley’s album ‘The Smartest’. Sean has also recently been a mixtape called ‘The Lost Tape’ with Future, Juice WRLD, Gucci Mane, Meek Mili released by Rich The Kid. 

Despite the pandemic, Sean seems to have quite a busy year with all his releases. He has also sent a new album cover to Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole. 

Apart from work, Sean’s personal life has been quite low there are gossips of Jhene Aiko and him being together and tying the knot. He told her that his marriage proposal to her in ‘in the works’. 

While Big Sean still being in the headlines for his work and love life he is doing well balancing both contributing to his net worth of $26 million.

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