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Bob Baffert Net Worth in 2021

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Bob Baffert is a renowned American horse owner and trainer with a net worth of $35 million. He kickstarted his career as a jockey but later became a trainer for American Quarter Horses. 

You might wonder why this switch took place. Well, jockeys need to maintain a certain weight. Baffert grew up to be a large man and was unable to stay in the required range (100 – 108 lbs.). 

That didn’t stop him from making a name in this industry. He devoted his time to condition Thoroughbred horses.

Baffert’s horses won numerous accolades. Horses trained by him earned hundreds of millions of dollars in prizes and stud fees.

Bob Baffert Net Worth and Overview

Net Worth$35 million
Date of BirthJanuary 13, 1953 
Age68 years old
Height1.71 m
Source of WealthRacehorse Trainer 
Country of OriginArizona, United States of America
Last UpdatedFebruary 2021

Early Life

Bob A. Baffert was born on 13th January 1953, to Ellie Baffert and Bill Baffert Sr. His birthplace was in Nogales, Arizona, in the United States of America. Baffert grew up on a ranch where they reared both cattle and chickens. 

He earned a Bachelor of Science in Race Track Industry from the University of Arizona. His area of study was not limited to animal science only. It also included race track management. 

His story began in 1996 when he trained a colt named Cavonnier to run in the Kentucky Derby.

The colt ran second in the race. He trained another colt named Silver Charm to win the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes in 1997.

The horse came second but Baffert was not deterred. He came back to the Derby in Louisville next year with two of his top colts. They were called Real Quiet and Indian Charlie. The first won the race while the latter came third! 

In the year 2012, Bob Babbeft went to Dubai to participate in a world-class race in Meydan. He met an excruciating fate there. He had a heart attack but fortunately, survived the ordeal. 


Bob Baffert started as a jockey. That was his only professional agenda. That dream didn’t last a long time though. His body wasn’t built for it. He no longer fell in the recommended weight range of a jockey. 

This compelled him to train the American Quarter Horses. He focused on a breed called Thoroughbreds in 1991. They were notorious for their agility, strength, and spirit. 

They were conditioned for flat racing and can sprint short distances. They are trained on a level track. It took him a while but Bob Baffert prevailed. It took him twelve years as a rider to secure $1 million in race prizes. 

Baffert’s breakthrough took place in a Breeder’s Cup race. His horse, Thirty Slew, won the event. This marked the first of many accomplishments Bob Baffert achieved over the years. 

He trained American Pharoah to conquer the Triple Crown. Baffert was the first to accomplish this in 37 years. This colt also won the 140th Preakness Stakes. That meant six victories for Baffert in that race. 

Highlights and Achievements

Bob Baffert found his name in the Hall of Fame of Lone Star Park in 2007.

He was both nominated and inducted into the Hall of Fame of the National Museum of Racing two years later. One of his best fillies, Silverbulletday, was featured too.  

Baffert won the Eclipse Award thrice! He was named as an outstanding trainer for three consecutive years.

He also won a Big Sport of Turfdom Award in 1997. That’s not all. Baffert was the second-oldest trainer to win a Triple Crown at the age of 62.

His horses also won two US Triple Crowns, three Belmont Stakes, five Kentucky Derbies, and seven Preakness Stakes.

He had prepared horses that won major competitions. A few notable mentions include American Classic Races, Del Mar Futurity, and Pegasus World Cup. 

Age, Height, and Weight

Bob Baffert was born in 1953 making him 68 years old. He is 165 cm (5’5’’ inches) tall. Baffert weighs around 136 lbs (62 kg.) 

Personal Life

Baffert married twice. His first wife was Sherry with whom he sired four children. They were named Taylor, Forest, Canyon, and Savannah Baffert. Sherry was well-liked by her in-laws so their divorce was uncomfortable, to say the least. 

His second and current wife is Jill Baffert. She is a retired television reporter. They welcomed a baby boy called Bode Baffert after two years of marriage. He was named after Bode Miller. Their family now lives in California. 

Bob Baffert briefly appeared in an episode of “Take Home Chef.” He supports several charities since his 2015 Belmont win.

He was paid a whopping $200,000 by “The Burger King” to allow them to stand behind him during the broadcast. 

His wife and he each made $50,000 donations to programs for retired racehorses. These include the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance, Old Friends Equine, and the California Retirement Management Account. 

These donations were made in memory of Robert Z. Bobby Adair. He was a Quarter Horse Jockey and a close friend to the family. Baffert had even dedicated American Pharoah’s triumph to Adair. 


Two of Baffert’s horses tested positive for forbidden substances. This complicated his pursuit to achieve the record-tying sixth Kentucky Derby win. This took place at Arkansas’ Oaklawn Park during a recent meet.

It’s not certain which horse tested positive although many suspects it’s Charlatan. 

Bob Baffert Net Worth in 2021

Credits: ThoroughbredDailyNews

Bob Baffert is a strong racehorse personality and trainer. He is also said to be one of the richest. After all, he has scored around 2.065 wins with room for more. Bob Baffert is estimated to have a net worth of $35 million. 

Most of this wealth was amassed through horse training. He has a strong reputation among clients too. He earns more than $11.6 million annually. His lifetime earnings exceed $306.5 million. 

His contribution to this industry was recognized by many. He was added to two Hall of Fames after all.

His achievements show he is not a man to be trifled with. Nothing stopped him from pursuing his dreams. Not even his own body.

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