Bryan Callen Net Worth in 2021

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Bryan Callen is an American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and podcaster. He is famous for his appearance on MADtv. Find out Bryan Callen Net Worth and some interesting facts about him!

2020 began with the shocking news of Bryan Callen and his wife Amanda Humphrey getting a divorce after 12 years of marriage.

The year also hit badly for Callen as, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, he is being accused of sexual misconduct allegations.

Find out the reasons why the multi-talented, and the funniest person on earth, getting these much backlashes in 2020 through this article.

Bryan Callen Net Worth & Overview

Net Worth$ 2.5 million
OccupationActor, Comedian, Screenwriter
Date of BirthJanuary 26, 1967
Age 53
Height1.8 m
Spouse (s)Amanda Humphrey (m. 2008 – d. 2020)
Country of OriginUS
Source of WealthEntertainer
Instagram Followers911 k
Twitter Followers340.2 k
YouTube Followers
Last UpdatedDecember 2020

Early Life

Young Bryan

Bryan Callen was born on January 26, 1967, on a military base in Manila, Philippines. He is the son of American parents Victoria Callen and Michael A. Callen; His father was an International Banker.

Because of Michael’s job, Bryan lived overseas until he was 14-years-old, including in The Philippines, India, Pakistan, Lebanon, Greece, and Saudi Arabia.

Callen went to Northfield Mount Hermon High School in Massachusetts and graduated in 1985. He got a degree in History from American University in Washington, DC. Bryan studied acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse.

Callen landed on his big project, MADtv, as one of the eight original cast members, including Artie Lange.

Career Highlights and Achievements

Callen with Brendan Schaub
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Bryan Callen was one of the eight original cast members, including Artie Lange, on MADtv when it debuted in 1995.

He performed impressions and played characters on the show. Callen’s characters included Pool Boy from Cabana Chat with Dixie Wetsworth, motivational speaker Al Casdy, and death row inmate Jeremy Anderson.

Callen’s famous impressions included celebrities like Robert De Niro, Bill Clinton, Jim Carrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, among others.

Abusive Father

Bryan played Robert Underwood in the ABC Family drama The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

He played the biological father of Ricky, who has been in jail for drugs and child molestation. Callen plays a recurring role in the series as his character comes and is sent back to prison.

The series ran for five seasons and 121 episodes.


Callen appeared as Coach Mellor on the ABC’s period sitcom The Goldbergs. Later the show produced a spinoff Schooled, in which Callen’s character in the main cast. The series ran for two seasons and 34 episodes.


Callen is famous for his solo stand-up comedy acts across the US. Never Grow Up was released in 2016, which was recorded live at the Irvine Improve in 2015; He released it online as well. A special Complicated Apes was released in 2019.


Bryan Callen, Will Sasso, and Chris D’Elia began the Ten Minute Podcast in 2012. Tommy Blacha and Chad Kultgen replaced Callen and D’Elia.

The Fighter and the Kid

The Fighter and the Kid was a podcast co-hosted by Callen and Brendan Schaub. The Podcast was previously produced by Fox Sports, and from 2016 the hosts had started doing it by themselves.

The podcast was taken to the road with a national tour in 2016. The same year saw the release of The twelve-episode digital download series of the podcast The Fighter and the Kid 3D.

Personal Life

Bryan and Amanda
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2020 began with the news of Amanda Humphrey filed a divorce against her husband of 11 years, Bryan Callen. Even though both of them are celebrities, they have managed to keep their children from the public eyes.

Amanda Humphrey used to be a model and shared her old pictures with the public through her Instagram handle. She shares pictures from charity work and of her horse; She loves horseback riding. Amanda promotes women empowerment and works on immigrant safety issues.

Although the reason for the couple’s divorce is not revealed yet, people have made assumptions about it.

Since she is a humanitarian and works for women empowerment, and Callen is recently been accused of sexual assaults by many, people are assuming that it could be the reason.

Bryan Callen married Amanda Humphrey in 2008. After 12 years of marriage, she filed a divorce against Callen in 2020.


Bryan Callen Criticism
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Sexual Misconduct Allegation

2020 is not the year that anyone would say brought happiness to anybody. When the world is suffering from the Corona Virus, Bryan Callen has a lot in his bag to be suffered.

The year started with Amanda Humphrey, his wife, filing a divorce against him.

Before he could get relief from that, his best friend and colleague of many years, Chris D’Elia, had been accused of sexual misconduct. Even before he could reply against the questions then arisen, Callen himself was accused of sexual misconduct by four women.

Four women came up front against Callen when his friend of many years was accused of sexual misconduct. The women say that the news gave them hope, and Bryan can get punishment for whatever he did to them.

Former MADtv cast member Kathryn Fiore Tigerman said that, back in 1999, Bryan held her down on his bed despite she cried ‘no’ to him. The other three women have come forward and alleged sexual misconduct on him.

Although Bryan has pleaded not guilty and confirmed he would continue working, he has put a pause on his podcast.

What is Bryan Callen Net Worth in 2021?

Bryan Callen Net Worth in 2021 is $2.5 million. Bryan Callen is famous for his debut performance in MADtv. He is also a stand-up comedian, actor, and screenwriter.

5 Interesting Facts About Bryan Callen

Bryan Callen Interesting
Credits: FilmMagic
  • Callen is a health freak. He is proud to call himself healthy and good looking, and constantly works for his looks.
  • According to people, Bryan doesn’t look like a comedian, since he is not fat. He lost many gigs just because he didn’t look like most of the “fat” comedians, and uses their physical condition to funny jokes.
  • Bryan Callen writes jokes about what he is ashamed of, or afraid of. Bryan once stated that he loves writing about his present state and compare it with his dreams.
  • Callen is an avid reader. He likes to read mainly about religions; Christianity, Hinduism, Islamic, he has read it all. He also likes to read philosophical works. Although he doesn’t support slavery at the time of Aristotle and Socrates, he admires their ability to solve the political problems.
  • Bryan Callen has a doppelganger. People always mistake Callen with the famous comedian and Podcaster Joe Rogan. In an interview with Onnit Bryan stated that Rogan is shorter and angrier and he is more supple. Callen further added that people need to think of him like a cheetah — graceful and beautiful, while Rogan is more of a badger.


Whenever any comedy shows are on, people in America always tries to find whether Bryan Callen is in it or not!

That’s how funny he can be. But with the new year, Google has been experiencing different kinds of searching for Bryan Callen. Bryan Callen Sexual Misconduct Allegation, Bryan Callen Divorce, being a few of them.

2020 has been hard on everybody in this world. Some are dying while many had to keep social distancing, even from their loved ones.

For Callen, with all these worries, 2020 has presented much more to deal with. Amanda Humphrey, his wife, filed a divorce against him.

Although the reason is not revealed yet, the sexual misconduct allegations that three women have accused him make a good reason to get divorced from a husband.

Bryan Callen Net Worth in 2021 is $2.5 million.

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