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Burnie Burns Net Worth in 2021

Burnie Burns
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Burnie Burns explored the whole sector of online video even before that was a “thing.” All the way back in 2001, he had a viral video. The video was a parody of the famous and era-winning Apple’s “Switch” ads.

Mind it, back then, with the online world being so limited and everything, the term “viral” didn’t even exist. Yet, even by today’s standard, that parody was viral.

It was then, they understood the digital media actually has potential, that, one day, it is going to be something.

Unlike many others, who found fame at such young age of 24, Burnie Burns didn’t get astray. It was just the beginning of his journey. In 2005, YouTube came into the game.

Before that, in 2003, Burns, along with Hullum, figured out how to use the online platform to release films and earn money!

It was at this time, Burns first released the short film, “Red vs. Blue.” The film series is created using the characters from the video shooter game Halo and plays around with the military bureaucracy’s plot Well, how do they earn money?

Yeah, you are probably wondering if the whole online banner ads or anything existed back then! Luckily, we won’t have to find that out today.

Burns made money through merchandise sales and subscriptions. Even to this day, Burnie Burns’s found company, Rooster Teeth, follows the same principle as of today.

Net Worth and Overview

Net Worth:$6 million
Date of Birth:January 18, 1973
Age:48 years old
Height:1.88 m
Source of Wealth:Founder, Rooster Tooth
Country of Origin:United States
Last Updated:February 2021

Early Life

After being born in Rochester, New York, Burney Burns grew up and spent most of his life in Houston, Texas. His birth name is Michael Justin Burns. He is of one-quarter French- Canadian descent.

Burns’s father was an accomplished professor of physics and has even worked on the Desertron SuperCollider.

Having been exposed to science from an early age, Burnie Burns was quickly attracted to the world of science fiction. Later on, his works are mostly based on that field.

Burnie went to the Alief Elsik High School situated in his neighborhood. During his time there, he earned the nickname “Burnie” from his classmates to differentiate him from the other Michaels. Even during his school days, burnie was a pro-active person.

He had a strong desire to join the medical career and became a HOSA member- Future Health Professionals.

He volunteered in the Southwest Memorial Hospital for most of his senior year. While he made his way through to the University of Notre Dame, he had to opt for the University of Texas at Austin as he couldn’t afford the former’s tuition.

From the University of Texas, he received the Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science degree.

Being the pro-active person that Burns is, he started his video production days from the college days. Back then, he volunteered for the Texas Student Television, TSTV.

There, he produced and founded the program Sneak Peek. It is the longest-running student television program in the world.

If you haven’t heard of it already, know that the presenter reviews films and takes interviews of guests and TV stars in the program.


The enthusiastic producer, Burns, who already had TV exposure, started making a movie in his final college year. In 1997, they shot the film “The Schedule.”

It took them 3 months to shoot and then 10 months to edit. They spent around $9000 in the process.

However, at this time, Burns and the team faced their first problem, the distribution process.

The team found it increasingly hard to penetrate through the already established and reigning producer companies, and they could screen the movie in only a handful few festivals.

For the time being, the team broke up, and Burns joined teleNetwork Partners, a local tech support company.

It was in this company, in June 2002, that Burns found his big break. Along with his colleagues, he successfully made, released, and became hit through the Mac Gamer Switch Parody.

According to Burns, the video was such a huge success only because both the movie guys and the tech guys came together hand in hand.

Then in 2002, Burns made a trailer for the later popular series, Red vs. Blue. In 2003, he found Rooster Teeth and produced the show full-fledged along with Sorola, Ramsey, Matt Hullum, and Joel Heyman.

They were a pioneer in using the machinima technique and making it popular. The original series has a total of 100 episodes along the 5 seasons. The series still continues in different chronicles.

From 2008, Burns has started his career as a professional host through the Drunk tank podcast, which was later renamed The Rooster Teeth Podcast. He also works as a producer for other companies.

His notable works include the 2012 documentary film Minecraft: The Story of Mojang, web series RWBY, cartoon web series X-Ray and Vav.

On June 11, 2020, he publicly resigned from Rooster Teeth as he plans to move out of the United States.

Highlights and Achievements

  • Best Picture, Best Writing, and Best Independent Machinima Film at the 2003 Machinima Film Festival.
  • Best Editing at the 2005 Machinima Film Festival.
  • #1 most downloaded podcast and featured podcast on iTunes for a brief period in 2008.
  • Highest Funded Film Campaign on Indiegogo as of 2015.

Age, Height, and Weight

Michael Justin Burnie Burns is now 48 years old. He is a healthy guy weighing around 90 kg and is about 1.88 meters tall in height.

Personal Life

One of the very reasons Burns retired from the Rooster Teeth and plans to move out of the United States soon is because he wants to move away from the public limelight and allow his family the same. Back in August 2000, he married Jordan Burns.

However, they got divorced shortly after. In early 2016, Burnie Burns and Ashley Jenkins, host of The Know, got engaged.

The couple married in June 2019 and gave birth to a son on August 25, 2019.


Burnie Burns has been able to keep his private life out of the public eye quite successfully and has also steered out of any scandals or criticisms to date.

Burnie Burns Net Worth in 2021

Burnie Burns Networth
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At present, Burnie Burns has an estimated net worth of around $6 million. His house in Texas is approximately $1 million, and he also has another residence in LA. Burns owns and drives a Tesla P90D.

Currently, he is working solo and has a first-look deal with AT&T Warner Media-owned Rooster Teeth.

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