Chandler Riggs Net Worth in 2021

Chandler Riggs
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Chandler Riggs net worth is of $10 million as of 2021. He is an American actor and DJ and is just 21 years old as of the year 2020.

Talking about his age it is very clear that Chandler has achieved fame from a young age. Riggs came into the spotlight with his role in ‘The Walking Dead’ as Carl Grimes.

Riggs worked on ‘The Walking Dead’ which is an AMC horror series from the year 2010 to 2018 as Carl Grimes.

For his role Carl Grimes, Riggs won three Saturn Awards out of five nominations and One Young Artist Award out of three nominations which proves how the critics fell for his acting skills and appreciated his talent and efforts.

Chandler has also appeared in certain films including ‘Get Low’, ‘Mercy’, ‘Keep Watching’, and ‘Inherit The Viper’. 

Apart from acting, Chandler also started performing as an artist by releasing electronic music under his stage name ‘Eclipse’. 

By far Chandler has appeared on two series including ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘A Million Little Things’. In the former, he appeared from 2010 to 2018 while in later he began working since 2019 as multiple appearances on it.

Chandler Riggs Net Worth and Overview

Net Worth$10 million
OccupationActor DJ
Date Of Birth27th January 1999
Height5’7” (1.71m)
Country Of OriginUnited States of America
Source Of WealthActing
Instagram Followers3.4 million
Twitter Followers1.5 million
Youtube Subscribers92.3 K
Last UpdatedDecember 2020

Early Life

Chandler Riggs Early Life
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Chandler Riggs was born on the 27th of January 1999 to Gina Ann (mother) and William Riggs (father) in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America.

Before entering into the film industry he performed as a theatre artist and later he worked in a film titled ‘Jesus. H Zombie’ wherein he portrayed the role of ‘Egon’ a zombie.

This being his first-ever break in films. After his debut in the film industry, he was offered a role in ‘The Walking Dead’ which was his chance to fame. His role as ‘Carl Grimes’ in ‘The Walking Dead’ was a turning point in his life as his work was loved by the critics and this series became the most rated series ever.

 In ‘Jesus H. Zombie’ he played the role of a zombie whereas in ‘The Walking Dead’ he played a role wherein he fights the zombies which quite an irony but has helped him to climb the ladder of success at a young age and as a result he has a net worth in millions that too in his early 20s.

He took upon various roles in films offered to him alongside his appearance in ‘The Walking Dead’. His other appearances along the side include Get Low, Mercy, Keep Watching, and ‘Inherit The Viper’.

Career Highlights and Awards

Chandler Riggs Career Highlights
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Early Beginnings

Chandler Riggs has been performing as an actor from a very young age of four. He performed as a theatre artist initially. His first ever role was in the stage production ‘The Wizard of Oz’ where he played the role of Munchkin which was his theatre debut. 

He got his first-ever break in films in the year 2006 when he was just five years old. His debut in the film industry includes his appearance in an Indie horror film titled ‘Jesus H. Zombie’ in which he played the role of a zombie that too at the young age of five.

In the year 2009, Chandler was cast in two feature films including ‘Get Low’ and ‘The Wronged Man’ when Riggs was just nine years old.

Chandler in the film ‘Get Low’ he performed the role of character ‘Tom’ whereas in ‘The Wronged Man’ chandler played the role of a seven-year-old character named ‘Ryan Gregory’.

And In ‘The Wronged Man’ Chandler was cast against ‘Julia Ormond’ as his seven-year-old son.

Big Hits and Other Projects

His biggest hit by far out of all his big screen and small screen appearances include ‘The Walking Dead’ which is a horror series aired from 2010 to 2018. 

Riggs was just ten years old when he was cast in ‘The Walking Dead’ as ‘Carl Grimes’ which is an AMC horror drama television series. It is based on the eponymous comic book series. The executive director of ‘The Walking Dead’ is Gale Ann Hurd and Chandler has already worked with him in ‘The Wronged Man’. 

‘The Walking Dead’ is by far his biggest hit as it aired from the year 2010 to 2018 and throughout the journey, Chandler has grown as an actor and an individual.

Riggs came into limelight mainly because of his role in ‘The Walking Dead’ which is the most rated series ever in the entertainment world.

His other projects include:

Film NameYear of Release
Get Low2009
Keep Watching2017
Inherit The Viper2019

Personal Life

Chandler Riggs Personal Life
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Chandler Riggs was born and brought up in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. He is not the only child of his parents Gina Ann and William Riggs but has a younger brother as well.

His younger brother is named Grayson Riggs. Chandler is in the acting field since a very young age. Since the age of four Riggs was performing as an actor. 

His debut theatre was with the stage production ‘The World of Oz’ at the age of four. Chandler completed the majority of his education along with performing as an actor since he is involved in acting since the young age of four. 

He was enrolled in public school. Riggs completed his 9th grade In the year 2014 from Etowah High School located in Woodstock, Georgia.

Acting has been his first love which is why he got indulged in it from a young age but Chandler also possess other interests which include playing video games, listening to electronic pop music 

Chandler is a huge fan of video games which is why he made a YouTube channel wherein he uploads videos of him along with his brother and friends playing video games.

Riggs being an actor loves watching films and his favorite film by far is ‘The Mist’ released in the year 2007. 

Chandler is a very down to earth person and stays connected to his fans. He arranges for timely meets with his fans and keeps them updated.

Riggs was dating Brianna Maphis who is a year elder to him. Their love story was quite famous and fans found them cute. 


Chandler Riggs Criticism

Chandler Riggs has been quite famous for his role in ‘The Walking Dead’ as Carl Grimes. It has been a long journey since he has been a part of this series for eight seasons. 

His role came to an end in season eight as his character had to die as per the script. Though this series was a huge break for Chandler he was not even with the fate of his role in the series.

Chandler was making fun of his character’s death in the series through his twitter account. His father also publicly criticized the decision related to Carl’s ultimate death. 

It is clear disrespect from Chandler and his father as both criticized and made fun of the character’s fate. This ungrateful behavior from their side has been a disrespectful act as they took the matter in public.

What is Chandler Riggs Net Worth in 2021?

Chandler Riggs has a net worth of $10 million. He has been into acting at a young age which is why he is such a talented actor today. From the theatre to the big screen it has been an exciting journey for him and as a result he has a huge fan following. Fans liked his appearance in ‘The Walking Dead’ as they could see his acting skills.

Chandler was born for acting and his career line is a good proof for this fact. All his hard work since a young age has paid off well and as a result today, Chandler Riggs has a net worth of $10 million which is a big achievement for him at such a young age.

Interesting Facts about Chandler Riggs

Chandler Riggs Facts
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  1. Chandler Riggs has been in the field of acting since the age of four. He began his acting career as a theatre artist.
  2. Riggs is a huge fan of video games and even made a YouTube channel. He posts videos of him along with his brothers and friends playing video games.
  3. Chandler has been a part of the ‘The Waling Dead’ series since the year 2010. This series has been the top-rated series and is also loved by critics.
  4. Riggs and his father were quite not happy with the death of his character in ‘The Walking Dead’. They were not happy with the fate of Carl’s character and as a result they took the matter in public and criticized the decision.
  5. Chandler was seen dating Brianna Maphis who is a year elder to him.


Chandler Riggs has a net worth of $10 million as of 2021. Being in the early 20s he has made a good amount of money from his acting skills. His acting skills are appreciated a lot by critics which is why he came into the spotlight.

Being at a young age he has made millions out of his acting career which is a big achievement for him which is why he can be a true inspiration for youth as he has established himself at a young age.

Chandler is a young and talented actor and fans await his further appearances on the big screen. He stands as a true inspiration for the youth and will keep inspiring the youth with his upcoming projects.

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