Charlie Puth Net Worth in 2021

Charlie Puth
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Charlie Puth net worth is of $14 million as of 2020. We’ve always heard the saying that behind a successful man there is a woman and Charlie Puth is the live example of this. 

Puth is a famous American singer, songwriter, and record producer. It was his mother who put in a lot of effort in training Charlie’s music training from a young age. He is a gifted singer and with lots of effort and training he today stands as a successful music artist.

Charlie came into the spotlight from his YouTube channel where he used to post his original songs and song covers. He got recognition from his original songs and covers on YouTube channel which led to the commencement of his official singing career. 

Once his videos went viral he got an offer and was signed by Ellen DeGeneres to record a label. This indeed was a turning point in his life. 

Charlie’s debut studio album was ranked at number six on the Billboard 200 released in January 2016. 

His most significant work includes his contribution as a songwriter, co-producer, and hook singer for the song ‘See You Again’ of the hit motion film ‘Fast & Furious 7’. The song was ranked as number 1 in almost 90 countries. 

Charlie Puth Net Worth and Overview

Net Worth$14 million
OccupationMusician Singer Songwriter
Date Of Birth2nd December 1991
Height5’10” (1.78 m)
Country Of OriginUnited States of America
Source Of WealthSongwriting Singing
Instagram Followers15.1 million
Twitter Followers3.2 million
Youtube Subscribers17.1 million
Last UpdatedAugust 2020

Early Life

Charlie Puth Early Life
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Charlie Puth was born on the 2nd of December in 1991 to Charles Puth (father) and Debra Puth (mother) in Rumson, New Jersey, the United States. His mother, Debra Puth is a music teacher by profession. Debra has also written commercials for HBO (Home Box Office) which is an American pay television network. 

His father Charles Puth is a builder and a real estate agent by profession. Charlie is not the only kid of his parents but has two younger brothers who are twins. His twin siblings are named Stephen Puth and Mikaela Puth.

During his early schooling years, he attended Holy Cross School and later he attended Forestdale Middle School. During his graduation years, he attended Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School. 

Apart from studies, he had a keen interest in music and for that Charlie attended Manhattan School of Music Pre-College along with his regular schooling. Charlie graduated in the year 2010 from Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School. 

He attended the music school as a jazz piano major and a classical study minor. Charlie graduated from Berklee College of Music in the year 2013 with a major in music production and engineering. 

He had an interest in becoming a jazz player but his parents Debra Puth and Charles Puth wanted him to take up pop music as they liked pop music.  

Career Highlights and Awards

Charlie Puth Career Highlights

Early Beginnings

Charlie had an interest in singing and music since he was a kid. His mother is a music teacher by profession and has invested a lot of time and money for Charlie’s training in music from a young age.

He was in sixth grade when he recorded and produced his own Christmas album which he sold himself form door to door. Form selling his copies himself in his town he earned $600. Charlie donated the money to a local Church. 

After this, he began writing songs of his own and uploaded them on YouTube. Apart from his self-written songs he made covers of other trending and popular songs and uploaded them on YouTube. 

He made his YouTube channel in September 2009 by the name ‘Charlie’s Vlogs’ and posted covers of popular songs and comedy videos.

In the year 2010, he released his debut music video, and in the same year, he also released his ‘The Otto Tunes’ his debut extended play.

Since then he has been active via his YouTube channel. He participated in an online video competition in the year 2011 sponsored by Perez Hilton an American TV personality. His entry was a version of Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ which he performed with Emily Luther. 

Charlie won the online video competition held by Perez Hilton. Puth’s performance of ‘Someone Like You’ was enjoyed a lot and appreciated by Ellen DeGeneres. She was impressed by Charlie’s performance and signed him for her next label eleveneleven

The album eleveneleven was a big hit and a turning point for Charlie’s career which fetched him a lot of fame online as well as offline. 

Major Works

  1. Charlie Puth’s debut album ‘Nine Track Mind’ is one of the finest works by him. It reached at number six on the Billboard and its lead single ‘Marvin Gaye’ was a big it in various countries. 
  2. He has also worked in Television series titled ‘Undatable’ released in the year 2016. The series features Danny Burton and his love life where Charlie appeared as himself in it.
  3. One of the best releases which have Charlie’s contribution in it is ‘See You Again’ which is a song written and co-produced by Charlie himself. It was featured in the film ‘Fast & Furious 7’.

Personal Life

Charlie Puth Personal Life

Charlie Puth was encouraged for music since childhood. His mother is a music teacher by profession and has written several commercials for HBO. From an early age, his mother enrolled him for training in music. 

Charlie always wanted to become a jazz player but his parents like pop music. For his parent’s interest, he took a chance to explore pop and developed an interest in it. 

During his schooling days, he was bullied by his classmates who used to team up against him and hit him which often made him throw up.

He is not the only child of his parents but grew up with his two younger brothers who are twins. Charlie is of mixed ethnicity which includes German, Hungarian, and Ashkenazi Jewish. Puth and his brothers were raised in a religious background as his mother is a committed Ashkenazi Jewish and his father is a Catholic.

During his childhood days when he was just two years old, Puth met with a fatal dog bite accident. He survived the accident but his right eyebrow got a permanent scar.

His love life has been the talk of the town as he has dated a few women related to the entertainment industry.

By far he has dated celebrities like Bella Thorne, Selena Gomez, Hailee Steinfeld, and Meghan Trainor. He has also dated model Pritika Swarup.


Charlie Puth Criticism

Charlie Puth has been in the limelight since his career started officially with eleveneleven. He won the hearts of people with his signature look and his music.

With his increasing fame, fans were keen to know about him and his viewpoints. His comments for Dr. Luke and Kesha made the fans upset with his thinking. Kesha sued Dr. Luke for sexually harassing her. 

Charlie expressed his views on the matter when asked by a reporter. According to him, the battle should end as in the end no one wins was what he felt. 

He even said Kesha should get back to singing but that was very insensitive of him as she was sexually harassed and in between of that all Charlie wanted was her to come back to singing.

Puth’s comments were insensitive and unexpected which is why his fans didn’t like what he said.

What is Charlie Puth’s Net Worth in 2020?

Charlie Puth has a net worth of $14 million as of 2020. He has been into music from a young age. 

Puth’s mother invested a lot of time and money for his music training and has been his backbone throughout his journey to success.

His mother herself is from the music field and that has been an added advantage for him as his parents understood his dreams and were a strong support system for him.

He began his journey as a YouTuber and today he is a famous singer, songwriter, and record producer. His journey by far in the music field has been a glorious one and today Charlie Puth has a net worth of $14 million.

Interesting Facts about Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth Facts
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  1. He had a fatal dog bite accident while he was just two years old.
  2. Charlie’s mother is also in the music field and works as a music teacher.
  3. His half-cut eyebrow is his signature look. The dog-bite incident he survived in his childhood gave him this permanent scar.
  4. He has twin siblings named Stephen Puth and Mikaela Puth.
  5. Puth is a supporter of President Donald Trump.
  6. Charlie wanted to become a Jazz Player but he developed an interest in pop singing because of his parents as they were more interested in pop singing.
  7. Puth and his twin brother have been raised in a religious background as their parents are religious devotees of their ethnicity.


Charlie Puth has attained success at a very young age. Puth’s god gifted voice and the support of his parents are the main reason behind his success.

Puth’s journey in the music industry is worth inspiring the youth as it purely depicts how dedication can lead to success in your career line.

With all his efforts and hard work, Charlie Puth has a net worth of $14 million. Charlie has left a significant mark in the music industry with his finest artworks.

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