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DL Hughley Net Worth in 2021

DL Hughley
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DL Hughley is an American celebrity figure, mainly known for being the original host of BET’s Comic View (1992-1993). He is an actor, an author, a radio host, a political commentator, and most importantly, a stand-up comedian.

DL Hughley is a big name in the world of comedy. In fact, he is one of the big four comedians in the original kings of comedy.

His talent reaches out to other sectors. He got 9th place in “Dancing with the Stars”. The guy was tested positive for Covid-19 and collapsed on stage in Nashville back in the June of 2020.

But he is up and running now doing shows, radio hosting, and anything to keep fans entertained. You may hear him in New York airways as the host of WYKS-FM.

DL Hughley Net Worth and Overview

Net Worth$12 million
Date of Birth6th March 1963
Height5 feet 7 inches
Source of WealthActing industry, Radio hosting, Comedy shows
Country of OriginUnited States of America
Last UpdatedFebruary 2021

Early Life

DL Hughley’s early life was very troublesome. He was born in California, United States of America on 6th August, 1963. He was expelled from his school due to his association with a street gang named Blood.

That did not stop him from being a member of Blood until his cousin died, who was a member of another street gang.

The death of his cousin made him look on another path of life. He joined the Los Angeles Times as a telemarketer. Over time, he started to perform as a stand-up comedian in local clubs.

In 1986, he got married to his lover. There wasn’t anything interesting about his early life until 1998, when he first appeared on television in his sitcom.


DL Hughley’s career began in 1998 with his sitcom, The Hughleys. The show was based on Hughley’s life of moving with his family into a white suburb area.

Luckily, there wasn’t any kind of racism and alarming situation in the show.

It was a very family-friendly and enjoyable television show. Hughley’s acting was so unique and convincing in that show that it got him nominated for NAACP Image Awards.

His popularity got him selected to be the host of a late-night talk show on Comedy Central.

With his rising popularity and unique comedy skills, he participated in the King of Comedy tour with his fellow comedians Bernie, Cedric, and Steve.

He also has a great talent for dancing. He participated in Dancing with the Stars, season 16, and got 9th place.

Later he got a job and a show on CNN, named DL Hughley Breaks the News. In 2014, he got another show, Hughley Standup Special.

Hughley also performed in about 14 Hollywood movies that include The Brothers, Scary Movie 3, Soul Plane, and Spy School. His role in Scary Movie 3 is highly praised.

Besides Hollywood and television, this man also has a shiny career in the radio industry. You may have heard his voice in New York airways as the host of WYKS-FM, a show aired early in the morning.

He is the author of some good books including “Black Man, White House, An Oral History of the Obama Years”, “How not to get shot, and other advice from white people”.

Despite all these career segments, he always seemed to stay devoted to stand-up comedy as it is his passion.

Every year, he goes on countrywide tours, performs at many bars and concerts to keep his fans and others entertained, just like a perfect comedian would do.

Highlights and Achievements

Despite having a good reputation in different careers, DL Hughley does not have any achievements. But there are two things we can bring up as his achievements.

  • 9th place in season 16 of“Dancing with Stars”.
  • Nominated for NAACP Image Awards

Age, Height, and Weight

DL Hughley is currently 57 years old. His height is 5 feet 7 inches and weighs around 75kg.

Personal Life

DL Hugley’s real name is Darryl Lynn Hughley. Personally, he is a very devoted husband and a good father. In fact, it was his wife who advised him to start performing as a stand-up comedian in local clubs.

Little did Hughley know that listening to his wife would bring him such great fame. His wife is LaDonna. Highley met her when he was working as a telemarketer in the Los Angeles Times.

They got married on 22nd February 1986. They are now a family of three with two daughters and one boy. Kyle, Tyler, and Ryan.

Kyle Hughley is now a Hollywood actor and a fitness instructor. Tyler Hughley has taken after her father’s career in the radio industry. She is a radio show host and works together with her father.

Ryan Nicole Hughley went on his own journey of cooking enthusiastically and has written food recipes for different magazines.


Criticisms are part of everyone’s life at this moment and DL Hughley is no different. He has many criticisms in his life. Some about having an affair in his early marriage days and some about the statements he makes.

One of the most notable criticisms about him is his hate for black women, which isn’t true. This criticism was raised back in 2012 when he was promoting his book “I want you to shut the f#ck up”.

In a promotion campaign of the book, he stated that he has never met an angrier group of people than black women.

When things started to get out of control, he made a statement to clarify that out saying that black women are like spicy food and joked that all his mistresses are black women.

DL Hughley Net Worth in 2021

DL Hughley Networth
Credits: Deadline

DL Hughley is a talented comedian, a radio personality, and an actor. His current net worth is $12 million.

Most of his income comes from his comedy performance in clubs and concerts that take place on countrywide tours.

He was under the weather for a few months but now he is up and running his shows and looks forward to bringing new entertainment shows for his fans.

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