Emilio Estevez Net Worth in 2021

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The American actor, director, and writer, Emilio Estevez, was a part of some of the most popular movies- Mission: Impossible, The Breakfast Club. Etc. Residing in California, this 58-year-old star is currently single, with no children. Readout Emilio Estevez net worth and more interesting facts about him.

The actor is related to Charlie Sheen and Martin Sheen, both of whom are known names in the film industry. After starting with theater, Emilio Estevez moved on to movies from which he then became a director and writer.

Estevez received several nominations and awards for his performance in both fields.

Emilio Estevez Net worth and Overview

Net worth$15 million
Date of birth12th May, 1962
Age58 years
Height175 cm
Source of wealthActing
Country of OriginUSA
Last UpdatedFebruary 2021

Early Life

Emilio Estevez was born to the American actor, Martin Sheen, and Janet Sheen, who was an artist. He is a brother to Renee Estevez, Charlie Sheen, and Ramon Estevez. Born in Staten Island, New York, Estevez attended a public school in the beginning.

However, following the success of his father’s career, Estevez was soon transferred to a private academy.

Ever since high school, he wrote and appeared in plays in theatres. Moreover, he also worked as a child artist in some movies!

Refusing to take on a stage name following his father, Estevez kept his real name to show that he is proud of his Spanish heritage.

In 1980, he graduated from high school and took off on the acting journey- no college for him, he had decided. His performance in high school theatres was said to have shocked his family members.

Except for the first film, Estevez is known to never have his father help him with his job. A news article had stated that Estevez acts up, and makes his father prouder than ever. Several reports also termed him as the leader for the Brat Pack, a popular group during the ’80s. 


Estevez appeared in a wide range of dramas and TV-shows throughout his life. He made his stage debut through Mister Roberts, with his father.

Later, they appeared in a TV show called In the Custody with Strangers, about juveniles in jail. In the early 1980s, Estevez became a part of the Brat Pack, a group of actors who appeared in teenage films frequently. 

The consecutive success of the Brat Pack movies helped him gain popularity in the industry. Following that, he starred in That was Then, This is Now- a movie that he had co-written.

However, films like The Breakfast Club and Young Guns are the ones that serve as the most well-known work of the actor.

Fun fact: Both Estevez and his brother, Charlie Sheen appeared in Young Guns, and several other films.

Estevez started his directing career in 1986 with the film Wisdom. He went on to direct TV episodes and some feature films. Apart from these, he also appeared in music videos throughout his career.

Highlights and Achievements

Several awards had nominated Estevez, for both director and actor. While some of these nominations were for him only, the rest of the cast members shared the other awards.

ALMA Awards

  • Nominated in the ‘Outstanding Latino Director of a Feature Film’ for The War at Home in 1998.
  • Nominated in the ‘Outstanding Individual Performance in a Crossover Role in a Feature Film’ for The War at Home in 1998.
  • Nominated in the ‘Outstanding Director, Screenplay and Motion Picture’ for Bobby in 2006.

Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards

  • Nominated in ‘Best Cast’ for Bobby in 2006.

Shorty Awards

  • Nominated for ‘Best Director’ in 2012

Screen Actors Guild Awards

  • Nominated in ‘Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture’ for Bobby in 2007.

Age, Height, Weight

The actor is 58 years old and a Taurus. With a height of 175 cm, Estevez weighs 72 kilograms as of now.

Personal Life

As mentioned earlier, Estevez is related to some of the well-known faces of the film industry. His childhood was spent mostly in New York, United States of America, where he completed his education.

From the Upper West Side, his family moved to Malibu, California once, his father’s career had skyrocketed. Estevez attended the Santa Monica High School in California, where he started his acting career.

Currently, Estevez is in no confirmed relationships. However, over the past decade, he had tried his luck in quite a few relationships. In his early days, Estevez dated Mimi Rogers, an actress.

Later, he married Carey Salley, a popular Wilhelmina model with whom he had two children.

The marriage, however, did not last long and Estevez moved forward to getting engaged to Demi Moore, an American actress, and producer; the engagement lasted two years.

Estevez had a paternity suit filed against him by Carey Salley in 1987, after which he accepted paternity to both their children. Later, in 1992 he married Paula Abdul, a singer, and choreographer.

The divorce came down in 1994 when Abdul was ready for children while Estevez was not. 

The actor’s religious point of view is still in progress, as the media reports stated.


In 1986, the Golden Raspberry Awards had nominated in ‘Worst Actor’ for the film Maximum Overdrive. This award was for the actor who did the worst job in the previous year.

Moreover, the paternity suit and multiple failed relationships also made Estevez a laughing stock in the media for some time.

Emilio Estevez Net worth in 2021

Emilio Estevez Net worth
Credits: TheGuardian

The net worth of Emilio Estevez stands at $15million in 2021. The actor currently is the owner of a building in Malibu, California, United States.

Throughout his career, Estevez had some high-grossing movies, the highest being around $65 million. As of 2021, we expect to see the actor in the TV series, The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers.

Emilio Estevez is known for some remarkable performances in films and TV shows, both as a director and actor.

Even though his personal life was in shackles, the actor cum director ensured he delivered satisfactory performances, nevertheless.

Coming from a high background, Estevez never used his high-profile contacts for work. Instead, he wrote most of his films by himself. 

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