Eric Andre Net Worth in 2021

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Eric Andre is an American comedian, actor, producer, and musician. He is best known for the popular show, The Eric Andre Show, which he has created and is hosting as well. Let’s find out Eric Andre Net Worth in 2021 and Some Interesting Facts About Him through this article.

He had voiced Azizi in the live-action remake of The Lion King (2019).

In this short period, Eric has acted in more than 10 movies, including The Internship with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. He has also starred in popular TV shows like Big Bang Theory, Two Broke Girls, etc.

Eric Andre Net Worth & Overview

Net Worth$ 3 million
OccupationComedian, Actor,
Producer, Musician
Date of BirthApril 4, 1983
Height1.83 m
Country of OriginUS
Source of WealthComedian
Instagram Followers2m
Twitter Followers663k
YouTube Followers
Last UpdatedDecember 2020

Early Life

Eric Andre and Family
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Eric Andre was born on April 4,1983 in Boca Raton, Florida. His parents were Natalie and Pierre Andre. Natalie is a Jewish, while Pierre is an Afro-Haitian immigrant. So Eric has naturally been born and identify himself as both Black and Jewish. He has a sister, Amy Andre.

Andre’s mother was an activist, while his mother is a psychiatrist. His mother has won Susan B. Anthony Feminist of the Year 2016, for her impressive work for the women and LGBTQ+ rights.

Eric’s sister,Amy is also an activist, who specialises in bisexual and LGBTQ+ rights. She is also active in spreading awareness about race, gender and sexuality, and how they intersect. Amy has co-authored a book, Bisexual Health: An Introduction.

Andre studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston. He played the double bass there and graduated with a BFA in 2005. While studying in the music college, he recognized that his true passion is comedy.

He started off his career in the Entertainment field by appearing in many movies and tv series. He had small roles in the movies, The Invention of Lying (2009), The Awkward Comedy Show(2010), and Thin Skin(2011).

Andre also did cameo appearances in many tv series like The Big Bang Theory, Zeke and Luther, Level Up, etc.

Career Highlights

The Eric Andre Show, which was created and hosted by Eric Andre himself, is the highlight as well as the breakthrough of his career.

The Eric Andre Show poster
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The Eric Andre Show is a talk show aired on Adult Swim, an adult-oriented channel of the children’s basic cable network- Cartoon Network. The show is a prodigal version of the talk shows of American Television.

While in the “normal” talk shows the host chats as well as play simple games with the celebrities, in this show, celebrities get a shock of their life, after watching Eric hurting himself by doing a lot of unsupervised stunts and after being tormented by the pranks that the show has planned for them.

The show is hosted by Eric Andre himself with Hannibal Buress.

Other than the show, Andre has acted in several movies as well as television series. He has voiced in the live-action remake of The Lion King, various characters in the television series Robot Chicken and lending voice of Luci/Pendergast in the American Fantasy sitcom, Disenchantment

Andre on Netflix's Legalize Everything

Eric has been on a number of web shows as well. His popular and recent show is his own stand-up special Legalize Everything on Netflix, which aired in 2020.

Andre has released 2 music albums as well, an EP- BLARF (2014), and an LP- Cease & Desist (2019).

Personal Life

Eric Andre and Rosario Dawson

While the other celebrities try to be more private about their “dating” life, Eric Andre shares the photos of his girlfriends on his social media platforms. He doesn’t share their names or whereabouts but he acknowledges them, on their birthdays and Valentine’s day.

In 2018, he was dating “a mystery girl ”, who was unknown in the Hollywood industry. He has been posting pictures of her on her birthday and special occasions. But recently although these photos were never deleted, he shared another girl’s picture on his Instagram handle and wished her on her birthday.

While now it’s a mystery that “who Eric Andre is dating now?”, before 2018 he used to date several Hollywood A-list celebrities.

Andre dated Rosario Dawson, an American actress, singer, and activist, from 2016-2017.

He has briefly dated model and actress, Amber Rose, after she guest appeared in his talk show. Eric also has dated actress, Tatyana Ali, from 2012-14.


Eric Andre Criticism
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In 2017, Eric used his twitter to criticize hip hop artists, Kodak Black and XXXtentacion. He told that it’s a bad thing to at people are supporting these artists, despite after being alleged that XXXtentacion has beat up a pregnant woman.

These tweets were criticized badly by the rap artists’ fans and followers. While some said that the allegations are not true, but an act to get the artist’s money, some proclaimed, “innocent till proven guilty”.

Some even used the commonly used “stick to the comedy” to Eric Andre.

While this is the only criticism Eric Andre has faced recently, it cannot be found as criticism, as a whole. Andre is from the Black community. When the others from a community support everything their fellows do and try to promote them, despite that, he stood up against it.

Eric stood up for what’s right and against what’s wrong. He stood up for humanity, not for any race, or to gender. It is commendable, because not every celebrity does this, to keep their fan-base.

What is Net Worth of Eric Andre in 2021?

Eric Andre Net Worth in 2021 is $3 million. He is popular for his show, The Eric Andre Show.

5 Interesting Facts About Eric Andre

Interesting Andre
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  • The caveman from the GEICO Caveman commercials was Eric Andre before he had his show, The Eric Andre Show.
  • Although Eric has done Stand-Up before, Netflix’s Legalize Everything is his first-ever recorded stand-up show.
  • The guests in his show, The Eric Andre Show, have no clue whatsoever, are going to happen in the show until they are experiencing it.
  • The un-aired pilot of the show was scripted, filmed, and edited by Andre himself with the help of some friends, as the “demo” of his concept of the show.
  • Instead of a globe, a trophy and a fruit basket are located on Eric’s Des on The Eric Andre Show.


Eric Andre rose to fame with his show, The Eric Andre Show. The show has a great role in achieving Eric Andre Net Worth of $3 million.

He is a man of a different wavelength than most of the humans are. He uses “his ways” to showcase the problems and injustice of this world. It might not be eye-pleasing, but like the saying, “the truth is always ugly”.

He is currently working on Connected, an upcoming American computer-animated science-fiction comedy film along with some famous personalities like Maya Rudolph, and Olivia Coleman.

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