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Frank Ocean Net Worth in 2021

Frank Ocean
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Frank Ocean net worth is $13 million as of 2021. His name by birth is Christopher Edwin Breaux. He is popular by the stage name Frank Ocean.

Frank Ocean is a singer, songwriter, record producer, and photographer by profession. He was raised by his mother who is a big fan of the music world.

At the age of thirteen when most kids are confused about their career line, Frank decided to become a songwriter. He confessed his decision to his mother who was very happy and supported his decision.

Even before going to high school, he started recording songs. Frank has been a hard-working person since the time he realized his dream of pursuing a career in the music world.

Ocean began working from a young age to support his dreams financially. Along with school, he has been working side by side to earn money for his studio. Frank performed odd jobs to support his dreams and most importantly accumulate money for his studio.

He is a famous songwriter and singer and is a well-known personality in the music world. Frank has been working hard since the day he realized and decided upon his dreams to establish himself as a songwriter in the music world.

All his hard work and dedication reflect in his work and as a result, Frank Ocean has a net worth of $13 million as of 2021.

Frank Ocean Net Worth and Overview

Net Worth$13 million
OccupationSinger Songwriter Record Producer Photographer
Date Of Birth28th October 1987
Height6’1” (1.85m)
Country Of OriginUnited States of America
Source Of WealthSinging Photography Record producing Songwriting
Instagram Followers243K
Twitter Followers
Youtube Subscribers1.02 million
Last UpdatedDecember 2020

Early Life

Frank Ocean Early Life
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Christopher Edwin Breaux (Frank Ocean) was born on the 28th of October in the year 1987 to Calvin Edward Cooksey (father) and Katonya Breaux Riley in Long Beach, California, the U.S. 

He is not the only child of his parents Calvin Edward Cooksey (father) and Katonya Breaux Riley (mother) but has one elder sibling as well. Frank has an elder sister named Ashley Nikkii Ellison.

He also has a half-brother named Ryan Breaux and Frank is very close to him. Frank’s family moved to New Orleans, Louisiana when he was just five years old.

His father abandoned his family when Frank was just six years old and left his mother Katonya Breaux Riley alone to raise both the kids.

His mother is a strong woman with a mindset of an entrepreneur who put in all efforts to become financially independent and raise her kids. She alone raised both the kids from her earning as she was into the construction business.

Later on, Katonya found Unsun Cosmetics which is a cosmetics brand that mainly deals with sunscreens. She became successful with her business venture and established herself as a well-known businesswoman.

Frank realized at the age of thirteen that he wanted to become a lyricist and opened up with his dream in front of his mom.

His mom supported his dream as she is passionate about music and the music world.

Career Highlights and Awards

Frank Ocean Career Highlights
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Early Beginnings

Frank grew up listening to songs. As his mother is a huge fan of the music industry he was raised in a music environment. He got exposed to jazz scenes and listened to the works of some famous singers like Anita Baker and Celine Dion in his mother’s car stereo.

Frank Ocean was just thirteen years old when he decided to become a songwriter. He has been working hard since then and paid attention to studies as well as his dreams at the same time.

He did odd jobs to support his dreams financially. Frank performed jobs like washing a neighbor’s car, walking dogs, and mowing lawns. 

Before going to high school he started recording his songs in a local studio in New Orleans. He paid for the studio from the odd jobs he performed.

In the year 2005 Frank graduated from high school and joined New Orleans University in English. He moved out of his house after graduating from high school. He was studying at New Orleans University and also kept working upon his passion for songwriting.

In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina which originated from the Bahamas destroyed a great part of New Orleans which included the recording facility of Frank.

He then decided to move out of New Orleans and shifted to Los Angeles for recording purposes. Initially, he decided to move into Los Angeles for a temporary period of six weeks. 

He was able to build good contacts for his passion so Frank decided to extend his stay in Los Angeles.

Journey to Success

Frank prolonged his stay in Los Angeles and worked at different capacities to sustain his stay. He worked at Kinko’s, Subway, AT&T, and Allstate Corporation. At Allstate Corporation he worked as a claim processor.

Frank spent most of his time at the recording studios and as a result, he was always late at work. He went to his daily jobs and also worked upon his dreams. Very soon he recorded his songs at one his friend’s studio.

Ocean submitted his recordings to some local labels and eventually got to sign a contract as a songwriter for established singers.

In the year 2007, he sold his first song to Noel Gourdin. In 2008 Frank wrote the song ‘Quickly’ for John Legend’s album titled ‘Evolver’.

Later Frank co-wrote the song ‘Bigger’ along with Dapo Torimiro, Wayne Nugent, Justin Bieber, and Kevin Risto. Eventually, he met know personalities of the music world and wrote songs for them and established himself in the music world as a popular songwriter.

He also co-wrote the song ‘I Miss You’ for Beyonce Knowells in the year 2011 for the album ‘4‘. By far his best work is his 2012 release ‘Channel Orange’ which was titled as the year’s best album.

Personal Life

Frank Ocean Personal Life
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Frank Ocean was a determined person since childhood. His father Calvin Edward Cooksey abandoned him and his family when he was just six years old.

Frank moved with his parents in New Orleans when he was just five years old. He lived there along with his mother and elder sister till the year 2005 until Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.

Ocean moved out of New Orleans to work on his passion and establish himself in the music world. He has an elder sister named Ashley Nikkii Ellison. Frank has a half-brother as well.

His half-brother was named Ryan Breaux and Frank was very close to him. Unfortunately, Frank was not blessed with a lot of years with his brother Ryan as Ryan was killed in a car crash recently on the 2nd of August in the year 2020. 

His brother was only eighteen years old when he died. Frank’s father abandoned him and his family and he also experienced transphobia because of his father.

Christopher (Frank Ocean) is homosexual and hid this fact from his fans for a long time. In the year 2012, he could finally lessen his burden as he opened up regarding his sexual orientation and cleared about him being gay.

Frank declared how free he felt after sharing his feelings and sexuality. His father was the major reason he feared telling people about his sexuality. It was because Frank’s father ill-treated him for his sexuality which is why Frank experienced transphobia.

After his open letter, Frank received a lot of support from celebrities, especially from the hip-hop industry.


Frank Ocean Criticism
Credits: Highsnobiety

Frank Ocean is a famous songwriter and singer. He belongs to an industry that demands creativity that too original.

He worked hard in establishing himself in the music world but sustaining himself seemed tough. Frank is accused of copying the creative work of other people modifying it and calling it his own.

He sampled the Eagle’s music, copied the entire master track, and replaced its lyrics with his own. 

Apart from this, he was also alleged for taking money in advance for an advertisement and backing off later. He created a scene related to the logo of the brand offered to him by Chipotle Mexican Grill where he was supposed to sing the song ‘Pure Imagination’.

A case was filed against him by Chipotle Mexican Grill and Frank lost the case after which he had to repay the money he took in advance.

What is Frank Ocean’s Net Worth in 2021?

Frank Ocean decided upon becoming a songwriter at the age of 13 years itself. His mother Katonya who is the founder of the famous Cosmetics brand Unsun supported him in accomplishing his dreams.

Ocean was adamant to build a career in the music industry and even did odd jobs to financially support his dreams.

All his hard work and perseverance reflect in his net worth as Frank Ocean has a net worth of $13 million as of 2021.

Interesting Facts about Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean Facts
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  1. Frank Ocean’s father abandoned him and his family when he was just six years old.
  2. His mother Katonya is a successful entrepreneur. She is the owner of the famous cosmetic brand Unsun which deals in sunscreens.
  3. At the age of 13, Frank decided to become a songwriter.
  4. Before going to high school Frank started recording his songs at a local studio in New Orleans.
  5. Ocean came to Los Angeles in the year 2005 after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. He moved into Los Angeles to pursue his career in the music industry.
  6. Frank experienced transphobia because of his father as he couldn’t accept Frank’s reality. 
  7. Ocean was charged for defamation by his father who claimed $14.5 million as compensation. However, the judge ruled in Frank’s favor on the 17th of October 2017.
  8. He changed his name from Christopher to Frank Ocean unofficially in the year 2011 on his birthday. His name change was inspired by Frank Sinatra and his film “Ocean’s 11’.
  9. His name change was legalized in August 2015.


Frank Ocean has a net worth of $13 million as of 2021. He stands as an inspiration for the youth as he started working on his dreams from a young age.

Despite all the challenges he kept working hard and eventually made contacts and established himself as a well-known songwriter in the music industry.

Frank is a well-known singer and songwriter and is a self-made man. He has won the hearts of his fans and continues to do so from his unique piece of work.

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