Harvey Levin Net Worth 2021

Harvey Levin Networth
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Harvey Levin from Los Angeles, California is a famous television producer. Apart from that, he is a lawyer, legal analyst, and celebrity reporter too. He has been an attorney from December 1975 till January 1996. 

Levin is popular for being the founder of the celebrity news website TMZ. It has a whopping 10.8 million monthly visitors. He hosts the TV-Show named OBJECTified. This popular show airs on Fox News Channel.

Harvey Levin Net Worth and Overview

Net Worth$18 million
Date of Birth2nd September 1950
Age70 years old
Height1.7 m
Source of Wealth Television Producer, Legal Analyst, Celebrity Reporter, and Former Lawyer
Country of OriginLos Angles, California, United States
Last UpdatedFebruary 2021

Early Life

Born on 2nd September 1950, Harvey Robert Levin was brought up in Los Angeles, California, in the United States of America.

There is no information about his parents. However, his family is known to come of Jewish origin. 

Levin completed his high school education from Grover Cleveland High School, which is located in Reseda, Los Angles. He graduated from there in 1968.

Later, he attended University of California, Santa Barbara campus to pursue his degree in political science. In 1972 he completed his B.A in political science degree.

Then, he joined the University of Chicago Law school to pursue Jury Doctorate and successfully graduated in 1975.


Harvey Levin started his career as a lawyer in 1975. He practiced law from 1975 to 1996 in California. 

He then joined the University Miami School of Law and started working there as a lecturer. In Miami School of Law, he worked under Soia Mentschikoff. He briefly practiced law in Los Angeles too.

Eventually, Levin went back to teaching as a professor at Whittier College school of law.

In 1978, an introduction and debate took place in California Proposition 13. Harvey Levin participated in this debate and excelled. His amazing performance gave him the break to be the public’s eye in many of the next public debates. 

Not just that, he got a chance to be a legal advice on a radio show. This show gave him the nickname ‘Doctor Law.’ 

Besides, he was a columnist in the Los Angeles Times and worked there for more than 7 years. 

In 1982, Levin’s career transitioned from being an attorney to a television reporter. During that period, he began covering legal issues for KNBC-TV.

Often Harvey worked with KCBS-TV and covered shows that were related to investigative reporting and legal analysis. 

He made it to the headlines for the first time when he worked with KCBS-TV for O.J. Simpson murder trial. During that trial, he appeared being a legal analyst on the show and stole the spotlight. 

As an investigative reporter and analyzer, Harvey Levin worked with the KCBS-TV station for 10 years for the legal matters. 

He became a familiar face in the entertainment industry. As a result, he deactivated his California Bar License in 1996 and moved to New York.

Later, Levin started appearing in the show called ‘The People’s Court’ as an analyst. Levin was given the title of co-executive producer and on-air anchor in 1997. During that time, he worked together with Carol Martin.

Then in 1998, Levin became the host of that series while working as an analyst. Levin worked effortlessly for 25 more years for the people’s court in that very same position. 

He joined the Celebrity Justice as creator and executive producer and worked from 2002 till 2005. Plus, he hosted the show OBJECTIfied too, which aired on Fox News Channel.

In 2005, Levin developed a website called TMZ and became its founder and managing editor. His magazine became famous after it covered the story of Mel Gibson’s DUI arrest.

Not just that, the magazine covered famous events like deaths of Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger and Brittany Murphy too. 

In 2017, Levin got the opportunity to meet former US President Donald Trump in the Oval Office. 

Besides, Harvey Levin wrote a book named People’s Court: How to Tell It to the Judge too that was released in 1985. The book discussed the cases shown in the TV-Show of the same name. 

Levin has worked in movies and TV series too. He appeared as an actor in the movies named Volcano and Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! 

He appeared in episodes of the TV series JAG, The Sopranos, Family Guy, and Empire as well.

Highlights and Achievements

Harvey Levin, for his radio show and television analysis, has bagged a total of 9 Emmy Awards. He managed to make it to the List of Out Magazine’s Power 50 list too. 

Plus, Levin is popular for being the most famous voice within the LGBT community in America. He was ranked number 25 in 2013, number 34 in 2014, number 48 in 2015, and number 40 in 2016. 

Age, Height, and Weight

Being born in 1950, Harvey Levin is 70 years old. 

He is 1.7-meter-tall. 

As for the weight, he is 65 kgs.

Personal Life

Harvey Levin is not married yet. He came out as gay while attending the event for the National Lesbian and Gay Journalist.

Currently, he is in a relationship with Andy Mauer. His partner is a Southern Californian Chiropractor. 


Harvey Levin has kept his record clean effortlessly despite being in front of the camera during all these years. 

He did not involve in any kind of controversy or scandal in this long path of his career as a famous television producer and celebrity reporter.

Harvey Levin Net Worth in 2021

Harvey Levin
Credits: LA Times

Harvey Levin’s net worth till February 2021 stands at $18 million. The major source of his income comes from TV shows and production.

He receives royalties from his book too. Levin is currently living in West Hollywood, Los Angles, California. He owns a house there.

Its estimated cost is around $9.8 million. The mansion consists of three bedrooms and three bathrooms. Plus, he owns a Black Porche Convertible too. 

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