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Jeffrey Dean Morgan
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Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a versatile actor who has captured the hearts of millions. He has entertained you as a comedian, as a patient, and as an antihero. His acting skills in “Supernatural” and “The Walking Dead” got everyone talking. However, his character as Eddie Blake in “the Watchman” and as Thomas Wayne in “Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice” has skyrocketed his popularity. 

You cannot have enough of his acting! His performance in “Weeds” will make you laugh with all your heart and his negativity will thrill you in “the Walking dead”. If you have been a fan of him since these series you can’t help but Google, where else he has worked in. If you want to know Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s net worth, read our article!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Net Worth Overview          

Net worth$12 million
Date of birth22 April 1966
Source of WealthActing and Production
Country of OriginUnited States of America
Last UpdatedJuly 2021

Early Life

Jeffrey was born and raised in Washington. He had attended many High Schools such as Rose Hill Junior High, Ben Franklin Elementary School, but graduated from Lake Washington High in 1984. He always wanted to enter NBA. Basketball was his favorite sport, he joined Skagit Valley College and played for their team. 

Just when he was dreaming big of pursuing his career as a basketball player, his dreams were put an end to after a major injury. The injury even made him drop out of Skagit Valley. His acting career started after he shifted to Los Angeles. Even though he had no proper training, he could act well. Perhaps it was his natural talent that turned him into a star. 


Jeffrey Dean Morgan started his acting career with his role in the movie “Uncaged” in 1991. He spent the first few years of his acing life starring in small roles in many films. He stepped into the world of television during the mid-1990s.

If you are a 90s kid, you might remember some of his shows like “JAG”, “Sliders” etc. Do you remember watching “Burning Zone”? Jeffrey starred in 11 out of its 19 episodes.

His fame in television started with his role in “Supernatural” as John Winchester. Then in 2007, his role in “Grey’s Anatomy” grabbed everyone’s attention and got lots of love. Later, he chose to act in “Private Practice” which was a “Grey’s Anatomy” spinoff.

He had his first lead role in the movie “Accidental husband” in 2007, followed by “The Watchmen”. “The Watchmen” was his biggest breakthrough hit to date. He acted in many TC series and 32 films in total, but people remember him for his excellent performance in “the Walking Dead”.

Although he appeared on the show’s sixth season but went on as the show’s stop antihero till season 8. In 2018, he acted alongside Dwayne Johnson in “Rampage”. He also has many upcoming projects that he is currently working on.

Highlights and Achievements

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been praised for his acting in many series and films. However, his incredible performance in “The Walking Dead” has earned him plenty of awards and praise. 

  • He received the Critic’s Choice Award in 2016 for “The Walking Dead”
  • He also won Saturn Award in the category of best guest actor in the series in 2017. 
  • Nominated as Best Actor in a horror series in MTV Movie plus TV award in 2017
  • Won the best villain award in 2017 in MTV plus
  • Nominated as the best supporting actor in 2017 for “The Walking Dead” for Fangoria Chainsaw Award

Age, Weight, and his Height           

Who doesn’t want to know the age and height of their favorite characters? Well, Jeffrey Dean is 55 years old and is 6 feet 2 inches tall. Compared to his height, he weighs only 83 kgs or 182 lbs. A great height and perfect weight. 

Personal Life 

Jeffrey Morgan has a long history of dating and relationships. He first got married in 1992 to actress Anya Longwell. However, they got divorced after 11 years of marriage. His affair with Sherrie Rose hit the news soon after his divorce. In the long run, their affair got serious and he had a son with Sherrie in 2005. 

Later, he started dating Mary Louis Parker in 2007. Louis was his co-star from the series “Weed”. They got engaged in 2007, but the engagement was broken off in 2008. In 2009, he went into a relationship with Hilarie Burton.

They met each other on a blind date and fell in love. They both had a son, Gus, in 2010 and a daughter, Georgia in 2018. Jeffrey and Hilarie got married in 2019. However, some people say they got married back in 2014 and kept it a secret. 


Although, Jeffrey Morgan has always been well-praised for all his performances, however, critics have doubts about his new movie “the Unholy”. Critics claim will not “Break any new grounds” like his other movies. It will simply pass on as a mediocre horror movie as it does not have an innovative storyline. 

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Net worth in 2021  

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s net worth is estimated to be around $12 million. He has worked in 34 films in total and has earned quite a lot from his movies. Apart from series and movies, he also runs a dairy farm. His farm is in Rhine Beck that sells chicken, alpacas, and milk. Jeffrey Dean Morgan always loved acting in movies based on comics. 

His net worth might increase from $12 million to much more in the upcoming years. He has recently teased his fans about working for DC’s ‘Lobo’ and something is cooking! Fans are already excited about his new role. Will it be better than Eddie Blake? Well, guess we will soon find out. 

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