Jennifer Tilly Net Worth in 2021

Jennifer Tilly
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Jennifer Tilly is a popular actress, voice actor, and a fortunate poker player. She is known for her amazing performance in “Bullets over Broadway” for playing Olive Neal. She got her first Academy Award nomination for this role in the Best Supporting Actress category. Besides acting, she also excels in poker.

She won in the World Series of Poker Ladies’ Event and many other poker competitions. Jennifer Tilly is a notable figure in the poker world. If you are interested to know Jennifer Tilly’s net worth stay with us on this page!

Jennifer Tilly Net Worth in Overview

Net Worth$25 million
Date of birthSeptember 16th,1958
Height5 feet 6 inches
Source of WealthActing and Poker
Country of OriginAmerica
Last UpdatedJuly 2021

Early Life

Jennifer Ellen Chan is popularly known as Jennifer Tilly and was born in 1958 in Los Angeles. Her mother, Patricia was a stage performer and later turned into a school teacher. Her father was a salesman. After her parents got divorced her mother remarried. Jennifer grew up under the care of her stepfather.

However, her mother separated from her stepfather when Tilly was 16. She took Jennifer to live with her in Victoria. Jennifer went to Stephens College and graduated with a degree in Arts of Degree in Theatre. 


Jennifer Tilly landed her first lead role in 1984 with “Shaping Up” which was a sitcom series. Soon afterward she landed a role in “No Small Affair”. Everyone loved her comedic timing and unique performance. She also acted in many other films such as “Remington Steele”, “Cheer”, “Let it ride”, “The Fabulous Baker Boys”, and many more.

She got her first Academy Award nomination for her role as Olive Neal in “Bullets over Broadway”. She also got nominated for the Saturn Awards, MTV Award for her incredible performance in “Neo Noir Thriller”.

Tilly was also known for performances in horror movies such as the “Child’s Play franchise”. Jennifer Tilly has also been a voice actor for several animated films such as The “Family Guy”, a popular animated series in 1999.   

Jennifer Tilly started her poker career after she met Phil Laak. She started playing and competing in normal matches in 2003. In 2005 she competed in her first poker competition the Ladies Hold em Texas poker event.

She also competed in the World Poker Tour Invitational tournament. In 2005 she won the World Series of Poker competition. She has also competed in several other poker events like GNA “Poker Royale”.

Although Jenifer Tilly took a break from poker in 2010 but resumed playing again in 2014. Tilly won the Bellagio cup for $5000 and brought home $124,455 after winning the entire series. As her love for poker grew, she put a halt to acting. In a TV interview in 2005, Jennifer Tilly stated that she preferred playing poker rather than acting. 

Achievements & Highlights

  • Jennifer Tilly won an award for the Best Actress at the Fantasporto Fan festival in 1996. 
  • She also won awards for the Best Actress in Fanta Festival and San Diego Film Festival in 1998 and 2007.
  • She also won the Barbara Tipple Award and DEV Premiere Movie in 2011 as the Best Actress
  • She won the World Series Poker Bracelet 
  • Jennifer participated and won the Ladies’ No-Limit Hold’ em award with the grand prize of $158,335
  • Along with that, she also won several poker awards such as WPT Ladies Night Campion, Bellagio Cup 5K, and the Best Celebrity Player of the Year.  

Age, height, and Weight

Jennifer Tilly was born on September 16 1958 and is currently 62 years old. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall, but compared to her height her weight is 141 pounds.  

Personal Life

Jennifer Tilly does not share much about her private life. Jennifer Tilly married Sam Simon in 1984. Sam is the developer and producer of “The Simpsons”. However, they got divorced in 1991. They remained best friends afterward, but Sam was soon diagnosed with colorectal cancer.

He died in 2015. After his death, Jennifer Tilly stated that Sam had been a dear friend to her for 30 long years. Jennifer Tilly went into a romantic relationship with Phil Laak. Phil is a professional poker player. He was the one who got Tilly into poker in the first place. 


Jennifer Tilly is one of the few actresses in the industry who is not involved with controversies. Critics have always praised her for her work. Both her acting and poker professions did not receive any serious criticism.

Those of you, who have been a fan of Jennifer Tilly from the beginning of the “Chuck” movie series are aware of how truthful she has been to her character in all the movies. Recently she expressed her disapproval for the latest “Chuck: Reboot” movie, stating “Tiffany and I are going to stand this one out”.  

Jennifer Tilly Net Worth in 2021

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Combining her worth from acting and poker it is estimated that Jennifer Tilly has a net worth of $25 million. She has earned most of her net worth by playing various roles in both movies and television series. However, she did not earn any less from her poker matches. It is estimated she earned more than $992,501 from her poker matches in 2017. 

In addition, she won $1000 cash price from the Ladies’ No Limit Hold Em poker event and a total of $158,338 from other events. Jennifer Tilly’s net worth is $25 million, however, as she is constantly involved in poker we can assume her net worth will increase in the future. Some fans speculate her net worth will rise to $30 million from her poker matches.

Want do you think? Do you feel Jennifer Tilly should continue playing poker or should she come back to acting? No doubt she has been a versatile actor and has been well praised for her acting skills. 

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