Jeremy Piven Net Worth in 2021

Jeremy Piven
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Jeremy Samuel Piven aka Jeremy Piven is a renowned American actor. He is particularly known for being a comedian and acting in the comedy series ‘Entourage’ as ‘Ary Gold’ which won him three back-to-back Emmys Awards and one Golden Globe Award. Jeremy Piven has also acted in numerous other films, TV series which got a lot of attention. Apart from acting, Jeremy is a director as well. 

Jeremy Piven Net Worth and Overview

Net Worth:$35 million
Date of Birth:26 July 1965
Age: 55 years old
Height:In feet: 5’75”In centimeters: 175cm
Source of Wealth:Professional Actor
Country of Origin:United States of America 
Last Updated:***, 2021

Early Life

Jeremy Piven was born in Manhattan, New York, located in the United States on 26 July 1965. He was born in an amazing family where his father, Bryne Piven, and his mother, Joyce Piven, both are actors. Unfortunately, his father died in 2002.

Jeremy has two siblings and he stands in the middle. His elder sister Shira Piven is an actress. His younger brother is apparently his half-brother, Adam McKay, who is an actor, writer, producer, and director.  

Even though Jeremy was born in Manhattan, he grew up in Illinois. He attended Evanston Township high school and finished his school there. Since then, he started getting interested in acting and his family background makes it quite obvious.

After finishing school, he went to the Harand Camp of the Theatre Arts. Jeremy’s parents were the founders of the Piven Theatre Workshop located in Evanston and Jeremy received his acting training there.

Jeremy even went to universities such as Drake University. He also went to Tisch School of Arts of New York University where he did not complete his formal education. He dropped out with the view to pursue his acting career. 


The initial stage of Jeremy Piven’s career was quite slow. He appeared in many minor roles till the beginning of 1990. It was 1992 when Jeremy got his first major role. He became a part of the casting team of HBO’s “The Larry Sanders Show” where he got to act as “Jerry” who is the head writer. However, after doing two seasons, he voluntarily backed off from the cast because he thought that his character was not enough enriched. 

After that, he got starred in many comedy series including “Cupid”, “Ellen”, and “Pride & Joy”. By doing these, he brought out many flavors of comedy and got a lot of attention in the world of comedy. 

Jeremy worked on a lot of movies on stage. However, he wasn’t quite considered a superstar till people got to witness his amazing acting in the comedy series “Entourage” as “Ari Gold”. The amazing acting performance won him numerous prestigious awards and bumped up his career significantly. He got 5 Emmy nominations and won 3 consecutive awards.

Apart from “Entourage”, Jeremy acted in numerous other films and TV series. He even got to do voice-overs in “Justice League Unlimited” as Elongated Man. He also appeared in other renowned films such as Rush Hour 2, Old School, Very Bad Things, Black Hawk Down, Grosse Pointe Blank, and many more. 

In 2016-2017, Jeremy played the main role of the TV series “Mr. Selfridge” which was apparently a drama series that was broadcasted on PBS and ITV. 

Highlights and Achievements

Jeremy has an enriched career full of highlights and achievements. He has won several awards in many categories from time to time.

The most noteworthy highlight of his career was his astounding performance that he showcased in “Entourage” which won him 3 Emmy Awards back to back as the Primetime actor and a Golden Globe Award for the best supporting actor.  

Age, Height, and Weight

Jeremy Piven was born on 26 July 1965 and to today’s date, he is 55 years old. He is 5’75” feet tall and weighs 76kg. 

Personal Life

Jeremy currently lives in Malibu located in California. He has been involved in multiple relationships and some of the noteworthy relationships were with Sophie Turner, Vanessa Marcil, and Lillian Grant. Apart from that, Jeremy is a fan of the Chicago bears.

He also likes music and loves drums in particular. He appeared on stage with a progressive rock band “Umphrey’s McGee” in 2004. Jeremy also showed his interest in the U.S. presidential election by endorsing U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders in the 2016 U.S. presential election.


The biggest criticism Jeremy Piven had to face is the sexual harassment allegations brought forward by Ariane Bellamar in 2017 through Twitter. The allegation was that Jeremy had groped her.

The state of Ariane Bellamar was supported by Cassidy Freeman who also mentioned her past trauma caused by the sexually inappropriate behavior of Jeremy Piven. After a week, Tiffany Bacon Scourby alleged that she has been sexually assaulted by Jeremy Piven back in 2003.

After a couple of days, Anastasia Tannie, who was a crew member of “Entourage” alleged Jeremy for sexual assault. In the face of the outburst of sexual harassment allegations, CBS canceled “Wisdom of the Crowd” where Jeremy was the star of the show.

In early 2018, an article was published by Buzzfeed, exposing the predatory behavior of Jeremy Piven, which was backed by three more women, and the stories told by these women were corroborated by 8 people. Even after all these, Jeremy denied all the allegations and did not plead guilty.  

Jeremy Piven Net Worth in 2021

Jeremy Piven networth

Jeremy Piven has a ginormous net worth of $35 million which is much higher than average American actors. The peak salary of Jeremy’s career was during the cast of “Entourage” where he got $350,000 per episode. After doing 8 seasons, he made a total of $15 million.

Jeremy has many luxurious real states in some highly demanding places of the U.S and he made a lot of profit by selling some of those. Jeremy is still making a lot of money by doing many other things besides acting which makes his net worth on the rise.

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