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Jon Taffer
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Jon Taffer net worth is $10 million as of 2021. He is an entrepreneur and a television personality from America. 

He came into the spotlight after hosting the Paramount Network show titled ‘Bar Rescue’ which is an American series where Jon offers his expertise and renovation ideas to the bars failing at business to save them from being closed down.

Jon himself is a bar owner and throughout his career line, he has started, flipped as well as owned numerous establishments. 

The Bar Owners were required to send an application to Paramount Network for rescuing their failing business seeking professional expertise in saving their business.

The episodes begin with Jon and his team making analysis and checking the weak points of the bars including areas like operations and services which impact its business.

The entire bar is covered with hidden surveillance cameras with the knowledge of the owner to scrutinize where things go wrong and to find out the areas where improvements can be made.

Jon Taffer has an experience of more than three decades and he lends his expertise to failing businesses to drag them out of failure.

He has a great experience in business as he has owned a lot of establishments and has gained first-hand experience in running a business.

All his experience and lending of his expertise have resulted in net worth in millions for him which is why Jon Taffer has a net worth of $10 million as of 2021. 

Jon Taffer Net Worth and Overview

Net Worth$10 million
OccupationEntrepreneur Television Host Author Hospitality Consultant
Date Of Birth7th November 1954
Height6’2” (1.88 m)
Spouse(s)Nicole Taffer (m. 2000)
ChildrenSamantha Taffer (daughter)
Country Of OriginUnited States of America
Source Of WealthBusiness Writing Books Hosting Television shows Hospitality Consultations
Instagram Followers217,000
Twitter Followers248,000
Last UpdatedDecember 2020

Early Life

Jon taffer Early Life
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Jon Taffer was born on the 7th of November in the year 1954 to Yvette Taffer (mother) in Great Neck, New York, U.S.

Jon took birth in the family of entrepreneurs. He attended William A. Shine Great Neck South High School located in Great Neck, New York.

Taffer graduated in the year 1972. He enrolled in the University of Denver and studied Political Science and minored in cultural anthropology.

Since he took birth in the family of entrepreneurs he had an entrepreneurial mindset since his high school days. After graduating he worked as a bartender. Apart from working as a bartender, he performed as a drummer in a live band.

He got his first bar management job in the year 1978 at The Troubadour night club in West Hollywood.

Taffer got full control of the bar in the year 1981 where staff theft was rife. Jon opened his bar as an owner in the year 1989.

All the experiences he gained form belonging to a family full of entrepreneurs and working at a bar as a bartender made him firm in business dealings especially in the case of bars and clubs.

Working at bars and controlling the bars Jon gained raw experiences as to how to run a bar and what are the key elements for running a business.

Career Highlights and Awards

Jon Taffer Career Highlights
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Early Beginnings

Jon Taffer belongs to a family of entrepreneurs and eventually had an entrepreneurial mindset which paved his way towards a life where he can become a self-made man. 

In the year 1972, he completed his graduation from William A. Shine Great Neck South High School. Late in the year 1978, he began working as a bartender at The Troubadour night club in West Hollywood.

He gained a lot of experience from working as a bartender and later in 1981 he was given full charge and control of the bar to run it accordingly.

He gained first-hand experience of running a bar and his hard work and dedication fetched him full control over it which in return taught him some essential lessons of running a business.

Journey to Success

One learns from one’s own experience. Implementing our lessons learnt and becoming a better version of oneself is called success.

Jon gained a lot of key points to keep in mind while running a bar since he began his career as a bar tender himself. Eventually, he opened his bar in the year 1989.

From working as a bartender to owning his bar Jon Taffer was all set to change the future of bars and clubs.

He even got a patent for making his apparatus. With that apparatus, one can select and play any music of their choice.

Jon has also received credits for creating the NFL Sunday Ticket pay programming package. The package was launched in the year 1994. Jon even served in the NFL Board for three years.

In the year 2010, Jon was appointed as the President of Nightclub and Bar Media Group. It is a division of Questex Media Group which is responsible for Nightclubs and Bar Magazines.

The annual Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Club also come under Questex Media Group.

Taffer came into the spotlight in July 2011 as his show ‘Bar Rescue’ was aired on Spike TV which is now aired on Paramount Network.

Jon and his team work together on this show. The bars which face a decline in their business apply at Bar Rescue and get help from Jon Taffer and his team. 

Surveillance cameras are planted in the club with the owner’s mutual consent.

Taffer and his team monitor the services and operations and lend their expertise to how to increase sales and prevent loss and save their failing business.

Today, Jon Taffer has a net worth of $10 million which reflects his successful journey as an entrepreneur.

Personal Life

Jon Taffer Personal Life
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Jay Taffer belongs to a family of entrepreneurs. He began his career as a drummer and a bartender. Today he hosts the world-famous show ‘Bar Rescue’ and is a famous media person.

He saves the failing bar businesses with his expertise and his teams. Entrepreneurship being in his blood he chose business over the job. 

Be it working as in a live band, working as a bartender, losing money in business, facing failure in business Taffer has seen it all.

When he first started his own business he lost $6 million. He opened up regarding the figure he lost in business but didn’t speak in detail about the loss.

The master has failed more times than the beginner has ever tried is rightly said and Taffer can relate to it.

He chose the wrong business partner. It is very essential to choose the right business partner to achieve success in the chosen business line.

Despite being warned by his friends Jon partnered with a person for business which eventually led him to face a loss of $6 million.

He learned it the hard way but this shows he has been in the position of those whom he is helping now through the Bar Rescue series which shows he is the right person to take help from.


Jon Taffer Criticism
Credits: Entrepreneur

Jon Taffer has an arrogant personality. Taffer has seen failure as well as a success but getting carried away by success is what one should avoid and be careful of.

After becoming famous he has been giving interviews as he became a media personality. His fans got to see a new version of Jon Taffer in one of his interviews as he burst out with anger and stated things which were not true.

Taffer claimed that mezcal, mescaline, and tequila have hallucinating properties which are not true and these statements of him caught the attention of the viewers.

Jon has faced a lot of hate for some of his recipes of drinks he made on the television. He claimed in an interview that today if given a chance to open a bar today he would never opt for it based on today’s scenario.

Jon claimed that he would never open a bar in case he had to start fresh which is a huge disrespect for his field of business.

What is Jon Taffer’s Net Worth in 2021?

Jon Taffer has a net worth of $10 million as of 2021. He worked as a bartender in 1978 and owned his bar in 1989.

Even after facing a loss of $6 million he took a chance to rebuild himself and today he is successfully leading the show ‘Bar Rescue’ and lending his expertise to the bar owner’s applications and helping them get back on track with their business.

All the losses and ups and downs he faced have made him stronger in decision making and today Jon Taffer has a net worth of $10 million.

Interesting Facts about Jon Taffer

Jon Taffer Facts
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  1. Jon Taffer took birth in the family of entrepreneurs hence he always had an entrepreneurial mindset.
  2. He began his career as a bartender even before he could think of owning his bar.
  3. Taffer got into partnership with a person in his initial business investment. He faced a loss of $6 million which was everything he had.
  4. Jon even worked as a drummer in a live band in the initial stage of his career line. He did this while working as a bar tender.
  5. Taffer has made millions from his business. But Jon claimed that if he had to start fresh in today’s date he would never open a bar. He stated that the scenario was different when he started as a bartender and finally owned one.


Jon Taffer has a net worth of $10 million as of 2021. Jon started his career as a bartender and a drummer at a live band.

Taffer has faced a lot of hardships in life but never gave up. He kept learning from his experiences even if it meant learning it the hard way.

All his efforts and hard work have an equal contribution in his net worth which stands at $10 million. Taffer is an inspiration for the youth. The reason being he has been in the shoes of those whom he is helping now.

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