Kat Dennings Net Worth in 2021

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From 2 Broke Girls to Thor, Kat Dennings has made a place in the audience’s heart with her amazing delivery and performance on screen. Her performances mostly ended up in dating rumors with her co-stars, mostly for the fiery chemistry they had pulled off on screen. In addition to these, Dennings is known for her vlogs on social media, and let’s face it- who doesn’t love vlogs?

Kat Dennings Net Worth and Overview

Net Worth$25 million
Date of BirthJune 13, 1986
Age34 years old
Height1.64 m
Source of WealthActing
Country of OriginUnited States of America
Last Updated2021

Early Life

Born in Bryn Mawr, PA, Kat Dennings was the youngest child in her family among the five children. Her original name was Katherine Litwack, who was homeschooled for most of her life but had attended high school at the age of 14. Following her high school graduation, Kat Dennings had moved to Los Angeles alongside her family, and decided to opt for a full-time acting career. 

Even though Dennings was working from the age of 10, for commercials mostly, her parents were not entirely supportive of her career choice as she grew up.

However, with time and her gradual success they came along eventually. Kat Dennings had her big break in 2000 when she appeared in Sex and the City; following which, she was seen in multiple TV shows and movies throughout her career.


If asked about Kat Dennings, most people would refer to 2 Broke Girls- an American sitcom about two females that the audience had enjoyed for a whopping 6 seasons.

The show had begun in 2011 and went on till 2017, after which, it was sold to syndication in June 2012. It was sold for a record-breaking amount of $1.7 million for each episode to TBS, who grabbed the show’s rights by defeating various other networks. 

2 Broke Girls had a total of 138 episodes till 2017 and due to the syndication royalties, the main characters of the show had received $150,000 for each episode individually. In other words, Kat Dennings had earned $150,000 for each episode of the series.

Moreover, Dennings holds a minuscule amount of equity on the sitcom, which enables her to claim a percentage of the show’s profits from syndication. It has been assumed that Dennings is most likely to receive an amount as large as $50 million from the show’s syndication alone.

Apart from this series, Kat Dennings has worked in some popular TV shows and movies like Without a Trace, ER, CSI: NY, CSI, Big Momma’s House 2, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, The House Bunny, and the most famous one to date- Thor.

Her performance in the shows and movies was satisfactory, which explains why the audience likes watching her on-screen. Even after doing the same show over six years, Dennings managed to indulge in different roles without any hesitation.

Highlights and Achievements

Over the timeline of her career, Kat Dennings was nominated for a few awards, among which she won one. Aside from being nominated, the people recognized her for the roles she played- something she holds as a greater achievement than awards.

  • In 2008, Dennings was nominated for Best Actress in a Motion Picture in Comedy or Musical, in the Satellite Awards for Nick and Norrah’s Infinite Playlist.
  • In 2009, the actress was nominated for Choice Movie Actress in Music and Dance, in the Teen Choice awards for Nick and Norrah’s Infinite Playlist.
  • Dennings was also nominated in 2009 for the Breakthrough Performance Female, in MTV Movie Awards for Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.
  • In 2012, Dennings won the Best Actress in Crystal Reels Awards for her performance in the film ‘To Write Love on Her Arms’.
  • In 2014, she was nominated for Favorite TV Gal Pals along with her co-star, in People’s Choice Awards for 2 Broke Girls. 

Age, Height, and Weight

Kat Dennings is an American actress with a height of 1.64 m and a weight of 58 kgs. The actress is 34 years old as of now, with several movies and TV shows in her basket.

Personal Life

Even though the personal life of Kat Dennings has not been quite happening, she has had her fair share of relationship rumors that have not been proven true.

During her 2 Broke Girls days, Dennings was assumed to be romantically linked with her co-star, Nick Zano as the two were spotted together on numerous occasions. In addition to that, the actress was also rumored to be dating Tom Hiddleston, her famous co-star from Thor. In both cases, the rumors rose due to the chemistry the two shared on screen. 

Along with her dating life, Kat Dennings has been a vlogger on YouTube, with a bunch of subscribers who loved watching her talk about her personal life. Moreover, Dennings was included in multiple lists for her good looks and confidence.


If asked about the scandals of Kat Dennings, there aren’t many actually. The actress has maintained a calm and responsible image within the industry by not indulging in reckless activities unlike some of her contemporaries. However, her most recognized work, 2 Broke Girls, was claimed to have racist and sexist remarks. 

These claims then made the audience look down on the actress, as she had agreed upon those scenes while she was in the show. These allegations were then followed by a few media reports on the issue, stating how people should boycott the show. This matter, however, died out eventually as people moved on with other scandals.

Kat Dennings Net Worth in 2021

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The current net worth of Kat Denning, an American actress mostly known for her performance in 2 Broke Girls, in 2021 stands at $25 million. Even though she has been missing in action after Thor, the actress is reported to be working on a few projects.

In addition to that, Kat Dennings made her way to Maxim’s Hot 100 World’s Most Beautiful Women- showing that she still has a long way to go!

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