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Kevin Smith Net Worth in 2021

Kevin Smith
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Kevin Smith net worth is of $25 million as of 2021. He is an American actor. Apart from acting he has shown his interest and talent in Filmmaking, public speaking, and passes on his views through his podcast.

He is well known for directing ‘Clerks’ which was his directorial debut and Kevin has also directed several horror films.

He is known in the entertainment industry for his multiple talents. Kevin also has a comic book store in New Jersey called ‘Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash’.

His multiple talents and its implementation have equal contribution in his net worth. Today, Kevin Smith has a net worth of $25 million which reflects his successful career line in the entertainment industry. 

Kevin grew up with Catholic beliefs. Before becoming an actor he discovered his interest in filming and was keen on making a career in it. 

It was in the year 1992 when he entered the entertainment industry and in the year 1994, he made his directorial debut in Hollywood with the film ‘Clerks’ which is well known for the concept and his directing skills. 

Kevin Smith Net Worth and Overview

Net Worth$25 million
OccupationFilmmaker Actor Comedian Public Speaker Comic Book Writer Author Podcaster
Date Of Birth2nd August, 1970
Height5’8” (1.77 m)
Spouse(s)Jennifer Smith (m. 1999)
ChildrenHarley Quinn Smith
Country Of OriginUnited States of America
Source Of WealthActing Filmmaking Public Speaking
Instagram Followers2.1 million
Twitter Followers3.1 million
Youtube Subscribers540 K
Last UpdatedDecember 2020

Early Life

Kevin Patrick Smith was born on the 2nd of August, 1970 to Donald Smith (father) and Grace Smith (mother). He was born and brought up in New Jersey.

Kevin is not the only child of Grace Smith and Donald Smith but has two siblings including Donald Smith Jr and Virginia Smith.

During his childhood years, he followed and grew up with catholic beliefs. For studies during schooling years, he attended Henry Hudson Regional High School. It was during his schooling year when he discovered his love and interest in filming. 

Kevin was keen on enhancing his filming skills and even recorded his basketball game in school and other games which he used to make comedy skits. His major inspiration for making comedy skits was live comedy series called, ‘Saturday Night Live’.

He interacted with a lot of people in school and made a lot of friends. He also attended ‘The New School’ but he dropped out of it to pursue his career in the entertainment industry.

Comedy has major importance in his life as he left ‘The New School’ to build a career in comedy. He also owns a comic book store and he named his daughter after a comic character. 

Career Highlights and Awards

Kevin Smith Career Highlights
Credits: Laughing Squid

Early Beginnings

Kevin discovered his interest in filming during his schooling years. Smith also videotaped his school’s basketball game which stands for his first and raw experience of filming which sparked his desire to build a career in it. 

He worked at a Youth Center after he left ‘The New School’ in New Jersey. Smith met Jason Mewes there and both shared common interests in comic books. 

At the age of 21, he saw the film called ‘Slacker’ which was Richard Linklater’s film. This film was an inspiration for him to try out film making and build a career in it. 

Smith also attended Vancouver Film School to learn film making and enhance his skills. He was keen on learning to film and dedicated his time in the same but he left the course in half at ‘Vancouver High School’ since he believed he had learned enough to direct his first film. 

He also wanted to save money which being another reason to leave the course and focus on his first film. 

Roadway to Success

He left his filmmaking course to save money for his first film. He was still running out of funds so he joined his old job at a local convenient store. Not being able to collect adequate funds for his first film he relied on cost-cutting.

Casting his friends in the film helped him to cut costs and suit his budget. He finally made his first film called ‘Clerks’ which is based on his experience working at the local convenience store. 

After saving and from his job at the local convenient store he collected $27,575 for his film. Despite the budget issues his film ‘Clerks’ won the Filmmaker’s Trophy at the Sundance Film Festival in 1994. 

His film also won a major award at the ‘Cannes International Film Festival’ in the same year. Apart from filmmaking he stepped into other fields like writing and acting.

In the year 1997, he was hired by New Line which is an American Film Production Studio to re-write ‘Overnight Delivery’. His journey as a writer has been quite disappointing as his work was not used or referenced in Overnight Delivery except for the opening scene of the film.

Smith was again denied credits as a screenwriter for the 2000’s comedy-drama film ‘Coyote Ugly’. 

He is also known for his role as Silent Bob in Clerks, and his appearances in other films included films like Chasing Army, Dogma, Mallrats, Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back, and Clerks II. 

Personal Life

Kevin Smith Personal Life
Credits: No Film School

Kevin has been a social animal since high school days. He also owns a comic book store named ‘Jay And Silent Bob’s Secret Stash. He was born and brought up in New Jersey. His comic book store is also located in New Jersey itself. 

Smith’s love life has been the talk of the town since he dated the leading actress Joey Lauren Adams from Chasing Amy. His relationship with her was a media sensation but it didn’t last long. The duo worked together but the work stress took a toll over their relationship. 

Eventually, the couple had to part ways for their betterment. Later in the year 1999, he married Jennifer Schwalbach. The couple together welcomed their first daughter whom they named Harley Quinn Smith inspired by the famous comic ‘Batman’. 

His health issues over time have had a toll on his routine life. Smith has been overweight for years and after working hard he managed to lose a good amount of pounds. Despite everything he still lands back in the category of being overweight and obese time and again.

He still needed a head start to look after and be serious about his health. He got one when he got a heart attack during a stand-up. Smith cut off non-veg from his life and completely adopted vegan food for his diet. This decision of him is leading him to a healthier lifestyle.


Kevin Smith Criticism
Credits: Business Insider

Smith has been in the limelight since his debut film ‘Clerks’. He has given several hits after that including Mallrats and Chasing Amy. His films after this also gained popularity even if they didn’t yield a good amount of revenue. 

His films have been criticized and compared to shit. While his film making career is experiencing jerks his marriage and having a baby was blamed for the same. 

He snapped back at people who felt his content is shit and added that great things come out of pain and that’s the reason why happy people can’t make great art. 

What is Kevin Smith’s Net Worth in 2021?

Kevin Smith has been famous since his debut film release ‘Clerks’ directed by him. His debut films also released great awards as his work was recognized even if it was a low budget film.

His career experienced a bumpy ride after his marriage and his first baby. Still, he has managed to settle things and today Kevin Smith has a net worth of $25 million.

He is known in the entertainment industry for his multiple talents including writing, directing, and acting.

All his talents have equal contribution to his successful journey in the entertainment industry and that’s why Kevin Smith has a net worth of $25 million as of 2021.

Interesting Facts About Him

Kevin Smith Facts
Credits- Wallpapers Vista
  1. He was reached out by Universal Pictures to write a script for Jaws 5.
  2. A street is named after Kevin in New Jersey called ‘Kevin Smith Way’.
  3. Silent Bob in Clerks was supposed to remain silent throughout and his speaking up in the last was not scripted. The lines were supposed to be delivered by Jason Mewes but he kept messing with them so Smith himself had to take them up.
  4. Smith tweets romantic stuff related to his life partner Jennifer on Twitter.
  5. Kevin and his wife named their first daughter after a character in ‘Batman’ a famous comic.


Kevin Smith has a wonderful journey to talk about his career in the entertainment industry. Smith has a net worth of $25 million as of 2021 which is a great achievement throughout his career line.

His career experienced ups and downs due to his marriage and health-related issues. Still, he managed to pick up every piece and put them back in place. 

Kevin Smith is a wonderful director, actor, and writer. Though he didn’t get many credits for his writing he continued to win hearts. 

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