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Lil Peep

Lil Peep was an American Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, and model. Let’s find out how this young talent lived his life, how he died, and more. Check out Lil Peep Net Worth in 2021 and some interesting facts about him.

The 21-year-old had too much talent within him. The young talent just had started to receive the love from his fans, and followers, he left all the luxury behind and passed away.

Lil Peep was always an inspiration to youth. As Pitchfork hailed, Lil Peep was indeed the “future of emo.” How did Lil Peep become the future of emo? How come the future was left in the past? Find out through Lil Peep Net Worth in 2021 and 5 Interesting Facts About Him.

Lil Peep Net Worth & Overview

Net Worth$300, 000
OccupationRapper, Singer, Songwriter, Model
Date of BirthNovember 1, 1996
Age21 (d. 2017)
Height1.85 m
Spouse (s)
Country of OriginUS
Source of WealthMusician
Instagram Followers6 m
Twitter Followers790.2 k
YouTube Followers6.44 m
Last UpdatedDecember 2020

Early Life

Lil-Peep Early Life
Credits: IMDb

Gustav Elijah Åhr, aka Lil Peep, was born on November 1, 1996, in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He was born to Karl Johan Åhr- a college professor, and Liza Womack- a school teacher; He has an older brother, Karl “Oskar” Åhr.

Lil Peep’s parents got divorced when he was just 14-years-old. This incident had a lot of negative impact on Gustav’s life.

Elijah Åhr was academically good, yet he didn’t like to attend school. Eventually, he dropped out of school and finished it through online classes. By then, Gustav had developed an interest in music and hard started uploading videos on YouTube and SoundCloud.

Gustav had socializing issues; He had problems talking with other people. So he mostly interacted with online friends. This helped him to make friends when he moved to Los Angeles at the age of 17.

Åhr met with his online friends living in LA and stayed with them until he made a fortune with his talent.

A Li’l Start for Lil Peep

His talent got justified when Gustav met with a music producer, JGRXXN, and some rappers, including Ghostemane and Craig Xen. He spent most of the time at their house, and got inspired, and help to make his music.

Gustav then became part of the ‘Schemaposse’ group. In 2015, Lil Peep released his first mixtape Lil Peep: Part One.

Career Highlights and Achievements

Peep singing in a Concert
Credits: Getty Images


Lil Peep joined the group Schemaposse along with the Producer JGRXXN, and Rappers Ghostemane and Craig Xen. Lil Peep met Xen through online; When JGRXXN needed a singer, Xen asked Peep to join the group.

In 2015, Åhr released his first mixtape Lil Peep: Part One. Soon after, he released the extended play, Feelz, and another mixtape, Live Forever.

With Beamer Boy, Lil Peep rose to fame. The single led him to perform live with the Schemaposse in 2016.

With all the members getting famous for their talent, the group disbanded to work on their solo career. All the members remained in good terms even after the group disbanded.


After disbanding Schemaposse, Peep joined the Los Angeles based collective Gothboiclique. He released his debut full-length mixtape Crybaby in 2016. With Hellboy, another mixtape, his popularity grew vastly.

Hellboy’s success led to Peep to book a solo tour across the US. Soon after the tour, Gothboliclique disbanded.

First Album

Lil Peep released his first album, Come Over When You’re Sober, with the help of Atlanta rapper iLoveMakonnen and longtime friend Bexey.

Social Media Presence

Since he began with SoundCloud and YouTube, Åhr was a big presence in social media. His emotional lyrics attracted many people, and they started to follow him after listening to his songs.

A year after posting his first song, Lil Peep achieved 82,000 SoundCloud Followers as well as 112,000 YouTube Followers.

Famous After Death

It was the death of the artist that brought the attention of people across the world. People started steaming his songs more than the usual numbers. The single, ‘Awful Things‘ from Come Over When You’re Sober hit the Billboard 100.

Within 24hrs of his death, a music video of his unreleased song “16 Lines” was released. On January 12, 2018, Marshmello officially released a collaboration with Lil Peep entitled, Spotlight.

In the same month, Juicy J released “Got ‘Em Like” featuring Lil Peep and Wiz Khalifa. And Rapper Teddy released a collaboration Dreams & Nightmares.

In May, a posthumous single, “4 Gold Chains” was released as well as the music video.

“Come Over When You’re Sober Part Two” was released on November 9, 2018, with the consent of his family. The album debuted at no. 4 on the Billboard 200, making it Lil Peep’s first US top 10 albums.


Everybody’s Everything, the documentary that chronicles Lil Peep’s life, was premiered at the SXSW Film Festival on March 10, 2019. The soundtracks of the documentary featured many released and unreleased songs of Lil Peep.

Personal Life

With Arzaylea Rodriguez
Credits: Instagram

Lil Peep had been dating Arzaylea Rodriguez, an Instagram Star, at the time of his death. They met at one of his show stops and dated for about two months before he passed away. She left the tour for work a night before he overdosed.

Åhr has also dated actress, singer, and former model, Bella Thorne for a brief time in 2017. Both the girls posted photos and messages on their social media in tribute to Peep.

Before his death, Lil Peep had come out as a bisexual on one of his Instagram posts. He claimed that he had never been in a relationship with a guy before.

Åhr fought with depression from an early age. With his parents constantly fighting and his socializing issues, Peep felt lonely in the big world. But he wasn’t silent about it. He would talk about his depression, his interest in ending his life, and drug addiction.

Although Peep used many drugs and was addicted to it, he used his fame to make awareness among the young generation from taking drugs. Åhr stated that he was helpless; He hadn’t had many friends and was battling depression. That is why he seeks help from drugs.


Lil Peep was found dead on his tour bus by his manager on November 15, 2017. The death is believed to happen from a drug overdose. In a series of Instagram posts, Åhr claimed to have swallowed psilocybin mushrooms, cannabis concentrate, six Xanax pills, and an identified pill.

On another post, Peep captioned it, When I die, you’ll love me. While thinking he was sleeping, his friend Bexey Swan recorded his death on one of his Instagram stories. Although the manager tried to give CPR to Lil Peep, he was announced dead on the spot by the medics.

Young Influencer

Lil Peep had made a huge impact on many people’s life before he died. Although he died at a very young age, Åhr certainly left a huge impression in this World.

Peep is considered to have made, emo rapping, a new genre of music. He was credited as the leading figure of the mid-late 2010’s emo music. He is commonly cited as an inspiration for upcoming emo rappers.

Against Abuse of Women

The rap industry is famous for its offensive lines against women. Most of the rap lyrics contain abusive attitude towards women. Lil Peep was against it and used his utmost power to stop other rappers from doing so.

Fellow GothBoiClique members stated that Lil Peep used money and time to remove all of the XXXtentacion songs from his Spotify playlist. Now dead XXXtentacion was popular for his extensive criminal history of violence against women.


Lil Peep Criticism
Credits: The Guardian

Emo Rap

It is considered to be wrong when you criticize a dead person. But all the wrongs about Lil Peep became right after he died. His version of music, emo rap, was considered to be a new wave in music by many. On the other hand, many considered Lil Peep’s songs to be absolute rubbish.

People considered his song bad, used to believe that he doesn’t know how to rap. And accidentally people took it as a new way of rapping, rock and hip-hop mix. But after Åhr became ash, all the people began to believe that he was a genius and was the creator of a new genre in the Music Industry.

Inappropriate Rap

Almost all the rap lyrics in Hollywood music are inappropriate; Lil Peep was no different. He would rap about using drugs, his depression, and about suicide. For some, this felt like a way to sell his albums.

This was everyone’s thought until he did the obvious. He died of an overdose; Lil Peep committed suicide. That is when people realized the rap lyrics were not anything that he made, but what he felt.

People began to feel new dimensions and meaning to his old songs. They no longer sound absurd.

What is Lil Peep Net Worth in 2021?

Lil Peep Net Worth in 2021 is $300,000. Peep had been in the Music Industry from the age of 17. He died on November 15, 2017, at the age of 21.

5 Interesting Facts About Lil Peep

Interesting Lil Peep
Credits: GQ YouTube Video Still
  • Åhr’s parents, both of them, went to Harvard University and graduated from there. His father is a college professor, while his mother is a school teacher.
  • Before moving to Los Angeles, Peep used to make music in his home town under the pseudonym Trap Goose.
  • Lil Peep had over 30 tattoos on him; All of them tell a story as its all inspired from his life.
  • He had a net worth of $300,0000 before his death, but after death, it rose to millions, due to the increase record and merch sales.
  • Lil Peep got his stage name because his mother used to call him “peep” as a child.


Gustav Elijah Åhr, aka Lil Peep, was a famous American Rapper. He was considered to have made the new style of music emo rap. He died at the age of 21 in 2017, due to drug overdose.

Åhr had depression-related problems from a very young age; His parents’divorce, his anti-socializing skills, the family’s sudden move to another city, etc. boosted his problem. The only friends Lil Peep was comfortable to talk with were online friends.

Lil Peep made music to relieve stress and used all his internal pressure as the powerful lyrics for his rap verses.

Gustav Åhr was a huge drug addict and died because of the same. But he had always tried to make his fans and followers take no drugs at all.

The young rapper had more followers and success after his death than when he was alive. Lil Peep Net Worth in 2021 is $300,000.

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