Lil Tay Net Worth in 2021

Lil Tay
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Lil Tay net worth is of $5 million as of 2021. Her name by birth is Claire Eileen QI Hope. Tay is a YouTuber and a rapper by profession. She is best known for bragging about her wealth and media coverage as compared to other YouTubers.

She claimed to live in Atlanta, Georgia previously and confessed about being broke which could be the reason for her bragging about the wealth she craved for back then.

Tay is a YouTuber, rapper, and an internet personality who is one of the youngest celebrity stars who is a millionaire now.

Lil Tay’s birth name is Claire Eileen QI Hope which was revealed by her father Christopher John Hope. Lil Tay is her stage name and she is recognized in the music world by that name. 

She has had different stage names previously including Lil Tay Jetski which she took after Lil Pump and was called Lil Tay Cosgrove which she took after Miranda Cosgrove.

Her most recent pick as a stage name is Lil Tay Tervali. She admires Lil Pump and believes him to be one of the best rappers out there in the world. She even changed her stage name to Lil Tay Jetski as a fangirl.

 Changing her last name as that of Lil Pump is just not it, Lil Tay has a dream of performing with Lil Pump and ‘Gucci Gang’ by Lil Pump stands as her current favorite. 

Lil Tay Net Worth and Overview

Net Worth$5 million
Date Of Birth29th July 2007
Height4’6” (1.38m)
Country Of OriginUnited States of America
Source Of WealthSinging
Instagram Followers1.9 million
Twitter Followers6.3 K
Youtube Subscribers200 K
Last UpdatedAugust 2020

Early Life

Lil Tay Early  Life
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Lil Tay was born on the 29th of July, 2007 to Christopher John Hopes and Angela Tian. She is of American nationality and Filipino ethnicity. 

Her family details are off social media as she likes to keep it private. Despite her attempts to hide her family details, private media people have been able to have details of her family background.

Lil Tay’s mother Angela was fired from a firm she served as an employee since she was alleged of filming videos. Her mother allegedly films abusive videos in which she takes Lil Tay’s help which is again a rumor but not a verified fact.

It is heard that Tay’s mom takes her help in filming abusive videos. Her family seems to be broke as her father has a girlfriend and fled with her to stay somewhere else leaving his family on their own.

Lil Tay has a brother who has access to her social media accounts. Tay considers herself as ‘the Youngest Flexer of the country’ and has a huge fan base on social media.

Career Highlights and Awards

Lil Tay Career Highlights

Lil Tay confirmed she lived in Atlanta previously. Tay didn’t live in a good financial condition in Atlanta and worked hard to establish herself as a singer.

Her mother Angela Tian is an estate agent by profession and was once fired from her job since Angela made abusive videos. 

On the other hand, her father, Christopher John Hope is a lawyer by profession but is reported to have extramarital affairs. This makes it quite clear why Lil Tay was broke as her family was not happy.

She got famous from Youtube and has a good number of subscribers on her YouTube Channel. She uploaded her debut song with solo efforts titled ‘Money Way’ in March 2018. Her song was full of abuse, diamonds, and money. 

Her bold and unexpected behavior got her fame and success which paved her way into the limelight.

Tay brags about her wealth and uses foul language which is indeed a gift from her mother as Tay filmed her mother’s abusive videos.

Too young for that kind of language, Tay still managed to get a huge fan base based on her acts. Her Instagram account is followed by 1.9 million people which is a huge number of fans for her age. 

As per the mention in her bio Tay’s mother manages her Instagram account.

Personal Life

Lil Tay Personal Life
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Lil Tay’s father Christopher John Hope is a lawyer by profession and her mother Angel Tian is an estate agent by profession. 

She has an elder brother who is his half-brother and has dreams of becoming an influencer. Tay’s brother was found to have access on her social media accounts and is taking her support to come out as an influencer.

Lil Tay used her Instagram account to appeal to her followers to protect her from her father. She posted Instagram stories for help. Without any further explanations, she simply uploaded the words ‘Help Me’.

Soon after her appeal, she came out with descriptive videos and pictures claiming she has an abusive relationship with her father Christopher John Hope, and his wife Richanee Alcover. 


Lil Tay Criticism
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Lil Tay used her Instagram account to appeal for help. She uploaded stories with the mere words ‘Help Me’ without further details to persuade them to help her.

She disclosed later about her abusive relationship with her biological father and her stepmom.

They used to lash out on her for no reason and her stepmom used to even lock her up in the closet for hours for no particular reason. She later threw some light on the matter by uploading descriptive posts about the matter.

It was eventually discovered it was Lil Tay’s brother and not her who uploaded those stories and posts. If he had access to her account it wouldn’t have been possible without her notice.

This act of hers and her brother seems a publicity stunt as her brother wanted to come in limelight.

What is Lil Tay’s Net Worth in 2021?

Lil Tay has a net worth of $5 million as of 2021. At a very young age, she established herself as a Flexer which is an achievement in itself.

She began her career as YouTuber and now is the Youngest Flexer of her country as claimed by her. Form living a life without luxuries and only necessities she established herself very well and is a known face now.

Today, Lil Tay has a net worth of $5 million which is a result of her consistent efforts and her rap skills.

Interesting Facts about Lil Tay

Lil Tay Facts
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  1. Lil Tay lived a poor life in Atlanta, Georgia before coming to fame.
  2. She has a half-brother who aspires to become an influencer.
  3. Tay is a big fan of Lil Pump.
  4. His brother has access to her social handles.
  5. Her mother worked as an estate agent and lost her job since she filmed abusive videos. 
  6. She helped her mom to film abusive videos. 


Lil Tay has a net worth of $5 million. From living a poor life to earning millions and establishing herself as a rapper and a known personality, Tay has worked hard.

At this young age, she is the talk of the town and is the youngest flexer of her country. She has had various stage names as she admires other singers and following them she changed her stage name to the last name of her idols she admires.

Lil Tay managed to rise above all the odds and establish herself as a young flexer despite her broken family background.

She is truly an inspiration for the youth as at a very young she came into the spotlight with her solo efforts.

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