Maluma Net Worth in 2021

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Maluma net worth is of $12 million as of 2021. His name by birth is Juan Luis Londono Arias. His stage name is Maluma. 

Maluma came up with that name to carry his family’s name with him wherever he goes. The name Maluma is formed by joining the first two alphabets of his parents and sister’s name. 

He seems very close to his family which is why he came up with such a name. Maluma is a singer, songwriter, and actor from Columbia.

He discovered his interest in singing at a very young age and even began recording at the age of sixteen. His debut album titled ‘Magia’ was released in the year 2012.

Maluma came into the limelight with his 2015 album release titled ‘Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy’ which even got him offers for collaboration and was indeed a turning point in his life.

The majority of his singles have been ranked in the top 10 of Billboard Hot Latin Songs. Apart from singing and songwriting Maluma engages in dress designing and has also collaborated with a Columbian brand called ‘Amelissa’. He designs dresses for men, women, and children.

His journey by far as a singer in the music world has been amazing and he has a huge fan base which is reflected in the follower count on his social handles.

Today, Maluma has a net worth of $12 million which reflects his success rate in the music world.

Maluma Net Worth and Overview

Net Worth$12 million
OccupationSinger Songwriter Actor
Date Of Birth28th January 1994
Height5’10” (1.78m)
Country Of OriginColombia
Source Of WealthSinging Songwriting Acting
Instagram Followers52.7 million
Twitter Followers6.7 million
Youtube Subscribers24.5 million
Last UpdatedDecember 2020

Early Life

Maluma Early Life
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Maluma was born on the 28th of January 1994 to Marelli Arias and Luis Londono in Medellin, Colombia. He is not the only child of Marelli Arias and Luis Londono but has an elder sister named Manuela Londono Arias. 

Before discovering his interest in singing he discovered his love for football. Maluma started playing football as a toddler. He played for his school team and sharpened his football skills.

It was during his early teenage years when he realized his love and interest in music. During his high school days, he got famous in his high school as a boy with an amazing voice with the potential to become a singer.

Maluma graduated from Hontanares School in the EI Retiro. He always had a positive attitude since schooling days and even encouraged his friends to participate in local singing competitions.

Maluma has shown interest in singing since the teenage years and has been participating in local singing competitions and shows in school. His interest in football was discovered by Maluma since middle school days and he even played football. 

Though he first discovered his interest in football and later in singing he considered singing for creating a career in and focused more on singing and sharpened his singing skills by participating in local competitions.

Career Highlights and Awards

Maluma Career Highlights
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Early Beginnings

Maluma began his career in singing when he was just 17. It was in the year 2010 when he commenced his singing career. 

His first single titled ‘Farandulera’ was a big radio hit that dominated the music world. His song caught the attention of Sony Music and they signed him for his first studio album. 

Over the years during his schooling days and college days, he was keen on taking singing as a serious career option and was popularly known as the guy who can sing well during his schooling days.

All his participation in local singing competitions helped him sharpen his singing skills and his talent reflects in his debut single ‘Farandelura’. 

Journey to Success

Sony Music signed Maluma for a studio album and his next single ‘LOCO’ was released under Sony Music’s title. This single of Maluma was inspired by ‘rampant and uncontrolled love’.

It was in the year 2012 when his first album was released titled ‘Magia’ . in the year 2013 the first single of his mixtape ‘PD DB mixtape’ titled ‘La Temperatura’ which was 

big hit release and ranked at number seven on the National-Report charts. 

 ‘La Temperatura’ was the first-ever single to enter the US charts especially for the Latin audience exclusively by ‘Billboard’. 

In the year 2014 Maluma released various singles and even collaborated with singer ‘Elvis Crespo’ for the theme song ‘Ole Brazil’ for the 2014 FIFA World Cup’. The year 2015 was lined up with huge releases by Maluma as he finally released the PD DB mixtape which included several singles.

His second release in the year 2015 was his album titled ‘Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy’ which was a combination of pop and urban music.

Recent and Upcoming Projects

His most recent projects are from the year 2019 when he released his fourth studio album ’11:11’ and also collaborated with an American singer and songwriter Madonna and appeared in songs including ‘Medellin’, ‘Bitch I’m a Loca’ for Madonna’s album ‘Madame X’.

Maluma announced in 2019 that he will star with Jennifer Lopez in ‘Marry Me’ which is an upcoming romantic comedy film.

Maluma has a huge fan base on social media and real-life and is an internet personality. His singing fetched him millions which is why Maluma net worth is of $12 million as of 2021.

Personal Life

Maluma Personal Life

Juan’s parents and sisters have been very supportive of his decision since the early days and supported his decisions. His birth name is Juan Luis Londono Arias. Maluma is his stage name which he came up with joining his family member’s name’s initial alphabets. 

Maluma Believes his family member’s name should stay with him wherever he goes as he has received immense support from them since he was just a normal guy far away from fame. With due respect for their support and the confidence his family showed in him Maluma kept his stage name related to their names as a sign of respect and love.

His first-ever recording was done when he was just fifteen years old. Along with one of his friends he composed a song titled ‘No Quiero’. When he turned sixteen his uncle Juan Parra offered him to record the song composed by him in a studio as a birthday present. 

Maluma is a catholic but has due respect for all religions and takes aspects from other religions. His love life has been the talk of the town. Maluma has managed to keep his love life a secret but recently he opened up regarding his affair in an interview with Telemundo’s AI Rojo Vivo held in the year 2018. 

He confirmed dating Natalia Barulich a Cuban Croatian model. The couple had a good bond and spent quality time together supporting each other and enjoyed each other’s company.

The relationship though based on the foundation of love and understanding couldn’t pass all the difficult phases and the duo finally broke up in the year 2019.


Maluma Criticism
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Maluma is a famous singer and has a huge fan base on social media. He is a religious guy and his love for his family was everything to show how down to earth he is.

But recently he has been on news for something unexpected from him. His song release with rappers in the year 2016 titled ‘Cuatro Babys’ its lyrics gained a lot of criticism. 

It is believed that the lyrics of the song objectified women and it is a big disgrace in today’s modern world. A petition was filed on to raise the issue but no action was taken.

Even the filing of the petition could not stop the song from gaining popularity it was indeed a big hit like the other songs of Maluma.

What is Maluma’s Net Worth in 2021?

Maluma has a net worth of $12 million as of 2021. He is a great singer, songwriter, and a media person. His first love is football and he didn’t realize when his craze for singing took over his love for football.

He considered singing as an area to build a future in. All his hard work resulted in his success and appreciation from fans. Today, Maluma has a net worth of $12 million which is a big achievement throughout his journey as a singer.

Interesting Facts about Maluma

Maluma Facts
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  1. His real name is Juan Luis Londono Arias. Maluma is his stage name which he came up with after connecting the two initial alphabets of his parents and sister’s name. He came up with this to keep his family with him wherever he goes.
  2. Maluma is the most famous Latin Internet artist and has a crazy fan following on his Instagram page.
  3. Apart from singing he has tried his hands on dress designing and has his brand. He has collaborated with a Columbian brand called Amelissa and he designs dresses for men, women, and children.
  4. At a young age, he has attained a lot of fame. He has collaborated with top stars of the world including, Shakira, Fifth Harmony, Ricki Martin, and Madonna.
  5. He is very passionate about playing football but never considered making a career in it.


Maluma is a great singer and songwriter. He believed in his dreams and worked on it. Maluma wants to inspire the youth and believe that dreams do come true. 

Singing in family functions made him realize his love for singing. By singing songs in family parties he discovered his singing talent. 

He has a spiritual side as well and is not all materialistic. Being a catholic he respects his religion but also looks forward to learning from other religions.

His journey in the music world has been a remarkable one and he wants to stand as an example for youth to keep believing in their dreams and never lose hope as dreams do come true.

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