Marc Anthony Net Worth in 2021

Marc Anthony Net Worth

Marc Anthony is an American actor, his Net Worth is $80 million. He is an actor, singer, entrepreneur, and producer. Marc is widely recognized for his musical career in the Hollywood industry. He is recognized for his Latin salsa numbers and ballads.

Anthony is a superstar who is considered as the ‘Top Selling Tropical Salsa Artist of All Time’. As a singer, he has released numerous albums during the course of his musical career. He has also made appearances in films and TV Shows.

Marc Anthony Net Worth and Overview

Net Worth$80 million
OccupationActor, Singer, Producer
Date of Birth16th September 1968
Age51 years
Height1.73 m
Spouse(s)Shannon De Lima (2014-17)
Jennifer Lopez (2004-14)
DayanaraTorres (2000-04)
Maria Von Ritchie Lopez (2000-
Country of OriginUnited States of America
Source of WealthAlbums, Movies
Instagram Followers10.9 million
Twitter Followers11.3 million
YouTube Subscribers4.83 million
Last UpdatedDecember 2020

Early Life

Marc Anthony Early Life

Marco Antonio Muniz also known as Marc Anthony was born on September 16, 1968 in New York City to Guillermina and Felipe. Both his parents belonged to Puerto Rico. His mother was a housewife and his father was a hospital cafeteria worker and musician.

He grew up in East Harlem and was raised Roman Catholic. He is the youngest of eight children. His interest in music came from his father’s love for music. His father taught him Spanish and English songs. It has been reported that he was named after the Mexican Singer Marco Antonio Muniz.

Being a child, he used to listen to a variety of genres including rock, rhythm, and blues, etc. He was inspired by a variety of performers that included Jose Feliciano, Air Supply from Australia along with the salsa legends Hector Lavoe and Willie Colon from Puerto Rico and Ruben Blades from Panama among others.

Career Highlights and Awards

Career Highlights and Aawards

He began with his musical career as a vocalist for freestyle and Underground New York house music. He used to perform small gigs for ‘Menudo’ and ‘Latin Rascals’. Later he started to write songs and became a backing vocalist for the pop acts for ‘Menudo’ and ‘Latin Rascals’.

In 1990, Anthony was offered an opportunity to write lyrics and give vocals with Chrissy I-eece for ‘You Should By Now’ by the producers of ‘With or Without You’. In 1991, he recorded ‘When Night is Over’.

By the early 1990s, Anthony had sold most salsa numbers in the whole world leading to his positionsing among the people becoming extremely high. He was included among the most important new salsa artists to emerge in 1990’s.

In 1992, he sang ‘Love Change’ and ‘Here’s your Hat’. Anthony’s first album was a freestyle music record, “Rebel” in 1999 as his debut album with Bluedog Records. As soon as he positioned himself as a popular salsa artist, he shifted to RMM Records and recorded his Spanish debut ‘Otra Nate’ in 1993.

Another of his hit album was released in 1995 that was titled ‘Todo a Su Tiempo’ that won a Billboard Award for Hot Tropical Artist of the Year and was also nominated for a Grammy. Over 800,000 copies were sold of that album. It has been certified Gold in the United States and Puerto Rico.


He released another of his album titled ‘Contra La Corriente’ in 1997. One of his songs from the album named ‘Y Huubo Alguien’ ranked No 1 on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks and it became the first-ever song to have reached the top chart by a salsa musician.

It also became the first salsa album to have entered the Billboard 200 chart. In 1999, he left RMM Records and instead joined Sony Records.

In 1999, when other Spanish language artists had marked their essence all over the world, Anthony took initiative and released an English-language album called ‘Marc Anthony’ that already debuted at number 8 on the Billboard 200 chart and turned out to be platinum in no time. Later, it got certified as triple platinum.

His song “I Need to Know” was nominated for a Grammy Award for the Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. Ever since, he has released variety of albums that include “Libre” (2001), ‘Mended’ (2002), “Amar Sin Mentiras” (2004), “Valio la Pena” (2004), “El Cantante” (2007), “Iconos” (2010), “3.0” (2013), and “Opus” (2019).

He had also made appearances in several movies. He made his debut from “Hackers” in 1995. Other films where he made appearances were “Big Night” (1996), and “The Substitute” (1996). He had also appeared in the 1998 stage musical titled “The Capeman” along with Ruben Blades and Ednita Nazario. The stage show went on for about 68 performances. In 1999 he played a role in “Bringing Out the Dead”.

A few other of his appearances in films an TV include:

  1. In the Time of Butterflies (2001)
  2. Man on Fire (2004)
  3. El Cantante (2007)
  4. “Hawthorne” (2010)
  5. Q Viva! The Chosen (2011)
  6. X Factor (2012)

Personal Life

Personal Life

Currently, Marc is Single and divorced. He has 7 children from different wives. His first wife was a former Miss Universe from 2000-2004, Dayana Torres. He married Jennifer Lopez, a popstar. They had twins. Prior to his marriage with Jeniffer, he had another kid with a different relationship.

He is also a great entrepreneur and has immense knowledge about business. Through his earning from music he established his own businesses that now contribute to his net worth. He owns half of the Miami Dolphins football team.

He owns an entertainment company and a clothing company.Marc Anthony supports the democratic party, and he is the co-founder of Maestro Cares Foundation along with Henry Cardenas.



Anthony currently practices Roman Catholicism. In 2013, he performed “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the 2013 Major League Basketball All-Star Game. While he belongs from a Puerto Rican descent, a controversy broke out on social media when he was mistaken to have belonged from Mexico.

In reply to these comments rumored about him, Anthony responded to his viewers saying “Let’s get this straight. I was born and raised in New York. You can’t get more New York than me”.

What is Marc Anthony Net Worth in 2021?

Marc Anthony is an American actor and musician, his Net Worth is $80 million. Major of his net worth counts from his business ventures and his musical career. Through his earning from business ventures and acting and music he has earned a wealth of over $80 million.

5 Interesting Facts About Marc Anthony

5 Interesting Facts About Marc Anthony
  1. New York Magazine named Marc as as one of the Ten Most Influential New Yorkers.
  2. He won a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute in Washington D.C. in 2009.
  3. He has also won a total of 29 Premio Lo Nuestro Latin Music Awards.
  4. Overall, Anthony has had 25 Billboard Chart Hits during his musical career.
  5. In 2017, Anthony joined hands with ex-wife Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez in order to host One Voice: Somos Live! an effort to aid Puerto Rico’s recovery after Hurricane Maria.


Marc Anthony is an American actor and musician, his Net Worth is $80 million. He is single and divorced and has 7 children. Anthony owns several business ventures along with top albums in his corner that ranked on top at Billboard.

Anthony has been earning his wealth through his musical career that he further invested in clothing and an entertainment company. He was won many awards throughout his career for his beautiful performances in TV, films and has sung hit songs.

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