Meghan Trainor Net Worth in 2021

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American singer and songwriter Meghan Trainor net Worth is $8 million as of 2021. This brilliant American singer won several awards such as a Grammy award, two Billboard Music Awards, Japan Gold Disc award, etc.

She secured her position in American Music Industry with her debut song “All About that Bass,” ranked in the US Billboard’s Top 100 chart.

Not only that, 11 million copies of that song were sold throughout the world, and even it got appreciation from critics as well. The reason behind this much recognition of her songs is the subject.

She writes songs that include womanhood, the physique that gains a lot of popularity among young girls. 

Meghan Trainor Net Worth and Overview 

Net Worth$8 Million
Date of BirthDecember 22, 1993
Height5 ft 4 ½ inch (1.63 m)
Source of WealthMusic
Country of OriginUnited States of America
Last UpdatedFebruary 2021

Early Life

The Trainor family had a beautiful baby girl on December 22 of 1993 and named her Meghan Trainor. She was born and brought up on the Nantucket island of Massachusetts.

Apart from Meghan, the Trainor family had two other kids, Ryan Trainor and Justin Trainor. She got the inspiration of becoming a musician from her family.

Meghan’s father used to be an organist at church, and her uncle was known as a recording artist. 

Meghan started practicing music from a very early age. She learned to play piano at the age of 7 and wrote her first song at 11.

Between the age of 15 to 17, Meghan had her first three albums, written, recorded, and produced by herself.

She also worked in a jazz band for three years as a trumpet player. In 2011, her first self-made album was released.


Meghan’s multiple independent albums as a teenager granted her a scholarship in Berklee College of Music, and she moved to Nashville.

Her first song, “All About that Bass,” was an instant hit. But the journey of releasing this song was not smooth.

She went through a lot of rejections and took the risk of recording this song by herself. This song is still ranked as one of the best-selling singles of all time.

In 2009, she was chosen as Best Female Artist. At the age of 17, Meghan decided to sign up for the Yellow Dog Music. 

She traveled a lot to get inspiration for writing songs. She has three studio albums, received multiple prestigious awards, and was nominated for several awards. 

Age, Height, and Weight 

American musician Meghan Trainor is 27 years old. She was born on December 22 of 1993. Her weight is 150 lb in pounds or 68 kg in kilograms. This blonde singer is 1.64 meters or 5 feet 4 and a ½ inch long. Her eye color is green.

Highlights and Achievements 

From her single “All About that Bass,” Meghan became very popular. She received multiple awards for that song, and it held the number one position in fifty-eight countries.

Her singles such as “Dear Future Husband,” “Like I am Gonna Lose You,” “NO,” are viral among music lovers. She was also featured in Charlie Puth’s 1st solo album “Marvin Gaye.” Her single “NO” was ranked 3rd in the Billboard Hot 100. 

In 2014, Meghan was recognized as “Breakthrough Artist of the Year” by Music Business Association. She won the ASCAP Pop Music Award, Billboard Music Award, Grammy Award.

In 2015, she was ranked 2nd top female artist and 7th in top artist in the Billboard Year-End Charts. 

Personal Life

Born in Massachusetts, this American pop singer tasted fame at a very young age. There were rumors in 2015 that this singer is linked with Cory Anderson, which was clarified later that they were just friends.

In that year, it was also assumed that Meghan and Charlie Puth were seeing each other. In 2016, a rumor spread that she was dating DeAndre Jordan. 

All these rumors were dismissed by the news of Meghan and Daryl’s engagement. They met each other in 2014 at a house party in Los Angeles.

In 2017, Meghan and Daryl got engaged and got married in the following year. The couple announced last year that they are expecting their first baby in 2021. 

Trainor had to go through two vocal cord surgeries. The first surgery took place in 2015, and for that, she had to cancel the MTrain Tour. The second surgery took place in 2017.

After that surgery, she gave up drinking and maintained a healthy food habit. She even went through the dark tunnel of depression and confessed it in an interview. 


The taste of fame at an early age was both good and bad for Meghan. Although her song “All about that bass” gained immense popularity, Meghan was criticized by many feminists for the lyrics.

According to them, the message of this song was offensive towards both women and men.

The song was released during the uprise of the feminist revolution and an evolution in the music industry by the popularity of pop songs. 

Later in an interview, Trailer tells the journalist that she wasn’t a feminist, which increased the rage of the feminists. 

She had to go through a lot of criticism due to this comment. But the truth is Meghan was very young when this song was released, and she didn’t know the meaning of feminists, and she assumed that the feminists are the group of people who are against her.

But Meghan’s song has always inspired and encouraged self-love. Her songs reflected the message that every body type is beautiful. 

Meghan Trainor Net Worth

Credits: Hollywood

As of 2021, Meghan owns $10 million, and a magnificent house in Los Angeles Worth $4.9 million. Her income per year is $1.27 million, making her one of the wealthiest Hollywood singers.

Undoubtedly this industrious pop singer would gain the highest peak of fame in the upcoming years. 

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