Mike Epps Net Worth in 2021

Mike Epps Net Worth
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Michael Elliot, also known as Mike Epps, is an American Comedian, actor, producer, musician, and a rap artist. Epps holds a Net Worth of $8 million. Mike is widely popular for his movies.

The movies include Ice Cube, Next Friday, and The Hangover. He is an Indiana born artist and he is currently one of the funniest people on screen in the Hollywood Industry.

His portray of characters makes him unique that people love and appreciate. He made it to the world of comedy at a tender age.

Mike Epps Net Worth and Overview

Net Worth$8 million
OccupationStand up Comedian
Date of BirthNovember 18, 1970
Height1.88 m
Spouse(s)Michelle McCain
Country of OriginThe United States of America
Source of WealthActing, Producing, Rapping, Comedy
Instagram Followers6.2 million
Twitter Followers3.3 million
YouTube Subscribers218k
Last UpdatedDecember 2020

Early Life

Mike Epps Early Life
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Micheal Elliot was born on November 18, 1970, in Indianapolis, Indiana at Wishard Hospital to Mary Reed and Tommy Epps. He acknowledged his interest for stand up comedian early in his life and entered the world of comedy in his teenage.

Mike served 18 months in jail after dropping out of High School. He worked with gangs of the city that led him to jail. He worked at Comedy Theatre in Atlanta and later his family moved to Roosevelt Island, New York in the year 1970.

As he entered Adulthood he shifted to Brooklyn in 1994. He began performing stand-up as a teenager at comedy clubs in Hollis Queens.

Career Highlights and Awards

Career Highlights and Awards
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As he moved to Brooklyn, he appeared on the Def Comedy Jam tour and starred in two of HBO’s Def Comedy Telecasts. His debut role was in “Strays” in 1997. Vin Diesel directed that movie, it was Diesel’s directorial debut

Later, Epps was cast in “Next Friday” in 1999. The movie was a sequel of “Friday”. He was offered a role as Day-Day Jones after Ice Cube attended his stand up show and was invited for an audition.

In that very same year, he was offered a role in an Ice Cube film called “All About the Beginnings”. During the period of 2000-2008, he appeared in several films including

  1. How High (2001)
  2. 3 Strikes (2000)
  3. Bait (2000)
  4. Open Season 2 (2008)
  5. Dr. Dolittle (2001)
  6. Friday After Next (2002)
  7. Resident Evil: Apocalypse

He made several other appearances in films and TV and has continued to do so even still. The year 2008 was very beneficial for Epps. He performed standup in an ensemble comedy “Welcome” Home Roscoe Jenkins” starring Woody Harrelson and Cherryl Hines.

Along with his TV and film career, he has been quite active in the comedy field, in 2010 he released his standup comedy special “Under-Rated and Never Faded”, in the same year he hosted the 2010 BET Hip Hop Awards.

In 2015, he release a comedy special named “Mike Epps: Don’t Take It Personal” and another special called “Mike Epps: Only One Mike” in 2019.

His musical career has also been hit, In 2008, he released his song “Big Girls”. He also receives a huge appreciation for his role as Black Doug in The Hangover. In 2012, he played Satin, a drug kingpin, in the remake of the movie Sparkle.

Awards and Recognition

His immense hard work in the course of his musical, acting, and standup career, he has won several awards for his multi-talents that he possesses. His awards include:

  1. Gotham Award for the movie “Talk To Me” in 2007.
  2. Image Award for Outstanding Support Actor for “Jumping the Broom”
  3. Nominated for “The Fighting Temptations”
  4. Mike was nominated for BET Comedy Award.
  5. Nominated for “Sparkle”, and “Jumping the Groom”.
  6. He was also nominated for Black Reel Awards.

His various TV appearences inclde:

  1. The Sopranos (1999)
  2. Pimps Up Ho’s Down (1999)
  3. Letter to the President (2005)
  4. Def Comedy Jam (1995-2006)
  5. The Boondocks (2006)
  6. Wild N Out (2013)
  7. Survivor’s Remorse (2014-15)
  8. How High 2 (2019)
  9. Black AF (2020)

He has been a successful entertainer in the Hollywood industry and has gained immense respect for his craft over the years, even still he stays in touch with his roots and follows his passion.

Personal Life

Personal Life
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Mike Epps is married to Kyra Robinson and has three daughters named Maddie Epps, Mariah Epps, Makayla Epps. These daughters are from his previous relationship and not from Kyra. The couple lives happily in Beverly Hills with their children.

Epps was married to actress Mechelle McCain from 2006-2017 and had a contentious divorce and received the custody of all three daughters and got engaged to Kyra Robinson.

Epps was ordered to pay $25000 a month to McCain after their divorce for six and a half years and later he was told to pay $15000 in child support and sponsor tuition for his daughter’s private school.

He has a total of nine cars in his possession. In the divorce, Mcain walked away with his 2014 Bentley, 2013 Mercedes, 2015 Toyota Prius, 2013 Land Rover. The couple split the profit from the sale of Encino, Califonia home they bought a decade ago for $3.4 million. It was sold for 3.5 million.


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Epps was criticized immensely for his sarcastic views on physically and mentally disabled children for which he was served with a lot of hatred. Disability campaigners discouraged his use of sarcastic comments over disable people.

Around 2017-18, he encountered an incident where he brought a kangaroo on stage during his show. Many believed that the animal was distressed with the behavior of Mike Epps when he was grabbing and holding it against the animal’s will.

Later, for his behavior, he apologized and claimed that he never intended to hurt the animal and said it was unscripted.

In 2014, it was reported that Epps allegedly assaulted a fellow comedian LaVar Walker at the Uptown Comedy Club. Later, it was revealed that he and his bodyguard did this on purpose for Walker’s parody video on Epps and Kevin Hart.

What is Mike Epps Net Worth in 2020?

Mike Epps holds a net worth of $8 million. His wealth comes from the possessions that he bought through his TV and film appearances and his stand up shows all around the world.

He also owns a foundation named Tupac Amaru Shakur for supporting young people who love performing arts and donates huge amounts of money on a regular basis.

5 Interesting Facts About Mike Epps

5 Interesting Facts About Him
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  1. While filming “The Fighting Temptations”, Mike met his wife Michelle McCain.
  2. He owns cars worth $3 million.
  3. In 2017, Epps was arrested in New Orleans for allegedly striking a map multiple times.
  4. Epps was the ambassador of the “Super Bowl” to his native Indianapolis for the 2012 Super Bowl.
  5. In 2010, Epps was the executive producer of a documentary titled Napolean: Life of an Outlaw”.


Mike Epps Net Worth in 2021 is estimated to be $8 million. He is an American stand up comedian, actor, producer, and rapper. Epps is known for his several roles in TV and films. He is a successful stand-up comedian as well, his Netflix special was also released as of 2019.

Mike is a successful married man and has won various awards and nominations for his roles. He does rapping as well and produced several shows and films. He currently lives in Beverly Hills with his wife and three daughters.

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