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Nadeshot net worth is $10 million as of 2020. He is a former professional gamer from America. His name by birth is Mathew Haag. 

Currently, he is the owner of the eSports team 100 Thieves. Nade also has a YouTube channel which is made in his early teens. 

He began his career as a gamer. To justify the saying ‘From Rags to Riches’ Nadeshot is a perfect example. In his early teens, Mathew (Nadeshot’s birth name) began working at McDonald’s as a part-timer and saved money for his expenses.

Throughout his journey, he has made a statement from his actions that one has no control in what situations they are born and we need to go out and get what we want. It is plain and simple that no one is obliged to give us something once we grow up be it our parents.

Nadeshot worked hard, found his passion for gaming, and built a career in it. Form six hours of streaming and posting videos daily on his YouTube channel Nadeshot gave his everything to reach where he stands proud now.

All his perseverance and consistency reflects in his net worth. Nadeshot has a net worth of $10 million as of 2021 which is a big achievement at his age.

Nadeshot Net Worth and Overview

Net Worth$10 million
OccupationProfessional Gaming
Date Of Birth3rd August 1992
Height5’7” (1.70 m)
Country Of OriginUnited States of America
Source Of WealthProfessional Gaming
Instagram Followers1.2 million
Twitter Followers2.7 million
Youtube Subscribers3.26 million
Last UpdatedDecember 2020

Early Life

Nadeshot Early Life
Credits: Polygon

Nadeshot was born on the 3rd of August in the year 1992 to Jeff Haag (father) and Christina Haag (mother) in the Palos Hills, Illinois, United States. He is not the only child of his parents Christina Haag (mother) and Jeff Haag (father) but also has two siblings.

His siblings include a younger brother and a younger sister. Mathew (Nadeshot’s birth name) belongs to a lower-middle-class family.

His parents worked hard while raising him and his siblings due to their fluctuating financial conditions. Nadeshot grew up with a positive attitude to never give up and work for things he dreamt of having.

He attended Amos Alonzo Stagg High School for education during his schooling years which is located at Palos Hills, Illinois.

Nadeshot graduated in the year 2010 and went to pursue further studies in business at Moraine Valley Community College.

He liked gaming from a young age but never knew he could build a career in it. During his early teens, Nadeshot worked at McDonald’s as a part-time cashier.

Keeping in mind his family condition he never backed off from working hard even if it meant working as a part-timer at a food-chain restaurant to fulfill his needs.

Career Highlights and Awards

Nadeshot Career Highlights
Credits: EssentiallySports

Early Beginnings

Nadeshot belonged from a lower-middle-class family and grew up watching his parents working hard to fulfill their necessities. It is rightly said that if we’re born poor it is not our fault but if we die poor that’s completely our fault.

To change his future and make it better than his present Nadeshot worked hard just like his parents. He worked 30 hours a week at McDonald’s as a cashier and saved money for his expenses intending to lessen the financial burden on his parents.

He grew up playing fps and tps which are still a part of his life today. Grew up with gaming as a hobby he discovered his interest in it at a young age.

He played games along with balancing his school and job at McDonald’s. Working at McDonald’s helped him gain social skills which made Nadeshot more confident as a person. 

Nadeshot believes working as a part-timer was his best decision by far as he learned to socialize which was quite tough for him as he was an outcast during his schooling days.

Journey to Success

Nadeshot made started playing as a gamer in his early teens. He didn’t earn much through gaming but wanted to build a career in it. His parents were opposing his choice of career as they didn’t find the filed lucrative enough to build a career.

His professional gaming career began at the age of 16. He made his debut as a professional gamer at Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare while he was just 16 years old.

He stopped gaming in the year 2010 and decided to pursue a career as a YouTuber and made his YouTube channel.

The first few months were not that productive. Though he decided to leave gaming he couldn’t deny the offer made to him by Optic Gaming to replace a sick player. He even won a tournament where he even got $1 million as a prize.

After winning such a huge amount his parents could finally see the potential in the career field chosen by him. Nadeshot dropped out of college and even quit his job to pursue his career in gaming.

Nadeshot didn’t earn much in the beginning and was living off his savings for the time being. He was about to quit gaming but soon CoD2 was released and his YouTube channel was coming on track just like he wanted it to be.

Today, Nadeshot is the owner of the eSports team ‘The Thieves’ which is a big achievement for him in his career line. His hard work and decision to keep going rather than giving up fetched him this position which is why Nadeshot has a net worth of $10 million as of 2021.

Personal Life

Nadeshot Personal Life
Credits: ProGuides

Nadeshot was born in a lower-middle-class family. He has seen his parents hustle to raise him along with his siblings. Some tough situations shape our personality and help us dream big.

He opted for gaming and became a professional player at the age of 16. He worked at a fast-food restaurant as a cashier to look out for his expenses and did this along with his studies and gaming. 

His parents opposed his decision to choose gaming as a career but soon gave in when he won $1 million from it. Nadeshot is ground to earth person and respects his parent’s hard work. 

He shared his every single achievement with his parents but when he was just twenty years old his mother met with a car accident and left this world.

To date, he remembers the hustle of his parents while upbringing him and his siblings. Even today he remembers his mother on the days he makes a new achievement or the days when he feels low.

As a person, he is a great personality as he respects his parents and the feelings of the people around him.


Nadeshot Criticism
Credits: Scuf Gaming

Nadeshot has successfully established himself in the world of professional gaming. He is a self-made man but getting carried away by success is the worst thing that can happen which has the potential to take away all the fame.

Nadeshot is the owner of ‘100 Thieves’ and recently he uploaded a video of Fortnite professionals Ceice and Elevate who left ‘100 Thieves’ and were busy having junk food which was spread on their computer set up areas.

His fans were disgusted by his act as every individual has control over their decisions and choose the path towards success.

The fact that they left ‘100 Thieves’ was their personal decision just like they decided to join it. Uploading their video and talking openly about their decision is utter unprofessionalism.

What is Nadeshot Net Worth in Nadeshot?

Nadeshot has a net worth of $10 million as of 2021. He started his journey as a cashier at a fast-food chain restaurant. He chose gaming as a career line despite being opposed by his parents.

Nadeshot worked hard to prove his decision wasn’t something he made in haste but a well-planned choice which can make his future better.

All his efforts and talent reflect in his net worth as Nadeshot has a net worth of $10 million as of 2021. His YouTube subscribers, tournaments, sponsorship, and merchandise sale all have equal contributions in his net worth.

Interesting Facts about Nadeshot

Nadeshot Facts
Credits: The Game Haus
  1. Nadeshot grew up in a lower-middle-class family.
  2. Along with his studies he worked as a part-time cashier at McDonald’s. He learned social skills from his job which helped him to become more confident in life as he was an outcast always until he started working.
  3. He dropped out of college in the second year to pursue a career in gaming.
  4. Nadeshot’s parents didn’t buy his decision to pursue gaming as a career. When he won a tournament which earned him $1 million it changed his parent’s perspective towards gaming.
  5. In his early career days, he hustled a lot which included streaming for 6 hours straight and uploading videos daily on his YouTube channel.


Nadeshot has a net worth of $10 million as of 2021. He stands as a perfect example for youth to never give up and fight for dreams.

He grew up in a lower-middle-class family and watched his parents hustle for raising him and his siblings. Growing up in a lower-middle-class family he took charge of his expenses and worked as a cashier at McDonald’s.

His entire career line has been a journey filled with ups and downs but Nadeshot never gave up and fought for what he wanted. He is an inspiration for youth and will keep inspiring the youth.

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