Nick Diaz Net Worth 2021

Nick Diaz
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Nicholas Robert Diaz is a professional mixed martial artist hailing from California, United States. Starting in 2001, Nick Diaz has one of the most prosperous careers in martial arts.

He has participated in organizations like Ultimate Fighting Championship, Pride Fighting Championship, EliteXC, World Extreme Cagefighting, DREAM, and Strikeforce. 

Nick has played in three divisions- lightweight, welterweight, and middleweight and has a record of being the welterweight champion in World Extreme Cagefighting and Strikeforce.

To know more about Nick Diaz, keep on reading our short biographical article on the athlete’s life!

Nick Diaz Net Worth and Overview

Net Worth$8 million
Date of Birth2 August 1983
Age38 years old
Source of WealthPay per view sales, endorsements
Country of OriginCalifornia, United States
Last UpdatedFebruary 2021

Early Life

Nick Diaz was born and raised in California along with his two younger siblings. His brother Nathan and sister Nina were both raised mostly by their mother Melissa. Growing up, his father wasn’t in the picture.

Nick wasn’t keen on studying as he dropped out of high school a year after joining. 

Nick started taking karate and aikido training in the early stages of his life and participated in fighting tournaments when he was a teenager.

At age 16 he started Sambo training under Valeri Ignatov, a Bulgarian National Sambo Champion.

He started training mixed martial arts under Steve Heath at the Animal House around the same time. Then he joined Cesar Gracie’s team of mixed martial arts.

In 2007, Nick was promoted to black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu under the supervision of the leader. 


In 2001, soon after he reached the age of 18, Nick rose to professional mixed martial arts. In IFC Warrior Challenge 15, he experienced his first victory when he triangle choked Mike Wick into submission.

In July 2002, Nick earned the title of ‘champion’ in his second professional fight where he defeated Chris Lytle in the IFC Welterweight Championship.

His win streak was disrupted after 2 months when he lost to Jeremy Jackson by TKO at the Ultimate Athlete’s King of the Mountain MMA event.

However, he defended his title of IFC Welterweight Champion against Jeremy Jackson in the following year’s championship. 

As his fame started spreading, UFC took an interest in him and signed him shortly afterward. 

Highlights and Achievements

  • Nick won against the highly celebrated Robbie Lawler in his first UFC match.
  • In 2011 Nick returned to UFC after 5 years and brought B.J. Penn, a former UFC Champion to his knees at UFC 137. 
  • At Pride FC 33, Nick faced off with Takanori Gomi in February 2007. Gomi was one of the best lightweights at that time and he was known as the Fireball Kid. Defeating Gomi took Nick to new heights of success but his joy was short-lived. His victory was soon overruled to a no-contest because there were traces of marijuana metabolites detected in his drug test. However, since marijuana is not a performance enhancer, fans still consider that victory a legit one.
  • In 2009 Strikeforce, Nick fought and won against Frank Shamrock, a former UFC champion. Frank was a bigshot and an MMA legend in the wrestling industry back then. Defeating him gave Nick the most memorable win of his MMA career. Even though Shamrock had a significantly bigger body than Nick, it was ultimately Nick’s pace that handed him his victory. 
  • Nick faced UFC grandmaster and deadly sticker Paul Daley in his last Strikeforce appearance. Paul landed several dangerous blows before Nick made a comeback with a flurry of strikes in the final moments. Paul attracted attention for his scary stand-up abilities after each blow, but Nick turned the tables with his toughness, determination, and resilience.
  • At UFC 47, Nick was scheduled to fight with his fellow talented welterweight Robbie Lawler. The fight started with both players landing equal strikes on each other but on the last half of the second phase, Nick caught his opponent with hands down and landed a right hook that took him to his initial knockout win inside the Octagon. 

Age, Weight, and Height

Nick Diaz is currently 38 years old and he is 1.85m tall which translates to 6 feet 1 inch. He weighs around 169 lbs. (77 kg).

Personal Life

Nick Diaz lacked authoritative figures in his life, and he dedicated his time to wrestling from a young age.

His brother Nate Diaz is a professional mixed martial artist as well. Nate is 3 years younger than Nick and he is currently signed with UFC. 

Nick Diaz has had a somewhat troubled teenage year. Before Nick’s debut professional mixed martial arts fight, his then-girlfriend Stephanie committed suicide by walking in front of a running car. Reportedly, Stephanie always wanted Nick to be a fighter.

After her death, Diaz would visit his girlfriend’s grave regularly to tell her he would become a fighter and fulfill her wish of seeing him as a fighter. 


Nick has had his fair share of starting and fueling public brawls. On 12 May 2012, he was scheduled for a much-anticipated match against Braulio Estima but he did not show up for the match.

His behavior was termed as ‘disrespectful’ by many including Braulio.

At UFC 158, Braulio tried to shake hands with Nick and came forward to embrace him but Nick pushed him away, inciting negative comments from onlookers. 

In 2018, Nick was charged with domestic battery, and there were strangulation and misdemeanor involved. This news deeply upset his fans and viewers.

However, the charges were dismissed shortly after the jury found inconsistencies in the complaint’s account of events. 

Nick Diaz Net Worth in 2021

Nick Diaz NetWorth
Credits: ESPN

The highly accomplished martial artist Nick Diaz has a net worth of $8 million. Nick earns millions from pay-per-view sales and endorsements.

His fighting career came to a halt when NSAC suspended him in 2021 after he failed a marijuana drug test three times in a row. Nick wishes to make a quick comeback and continue his wrestling career. 

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