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Randy Orton Net Worth in 2021

Randy Orton

Randy Orton net worth is $11 million as of 2020. Randy Orton is a wrestler and an actor from America. 

Orton has signed a contract with WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). WWE is an American entertainment company primarily established for professional wrestling. Randy performs under WWE brand Raw

Randy Orton is a world-famous wrestler associated with Raw which is one of the various brand of WWE. He attained his wrestling skills from his father and grandfather.

He is a third-generation wrestler as his grandfather Bob Orton, father Bob Orton Jr and Barry Orton are all professional wrestlers and successfully made a career in it.

With his grandfather and father as well as his uncle belonging to the wrestling background he has got wrestling skills in his genes.

Randy began his wrestling career with Mid-Missouri Wrestling Association-Southern Illinois Conference Wrestling. He was sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) after being signed WWF (World Wrestling Federation) which is now WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

In Ohio, he held OVW Hardcore Championship twice. His debut with WWE led him to become a member of Stable Evolution which is a part of the WWE brand ‘Raw’.

At the age of 24, he became the youngest WWE champion in the world which paved his way in the spotlight in the world of professional wrestlers.

Randy Orton is an 8 time WWE champion and a known personality in the world of professional wrestling as he won a lot of matches which set him in the limelight.

Today Randy Orton has a net worth of $11 million which reflects his successful journey in the field of professional wrestling.

Randy Orton Net Worth and Overview

Net Worth$11 million
OccupationWrestler Actor
Date Of Birth1st April 1980
Height6’5” (1.96 m)
Spouse(s)Samantha Speno (ex) (m.2007) (d.2013) Kim Marie Kessler (m. 2015)
ChildrenBrooklyn Rose Orton Alanna Marie Orton
Country Of OriginUnited States of America
Source Of WealthActing Wrestling
Instagram Followers5.7 million
Twitter Followers6.1 million
Last UpdatedDecember 2020

Early Life

Randy Orton Early Life
Credits: Celebsline

Randy Orton was born on the 1st of April, 1980 to Bob Orton Jr (father) and Elaine Orton (mother) in Knoxville, Tennessee U.S. 

He is not the only child of his parents Bob Orton Jr and Elaine Orton but has two younger siblings as well. Randy has a younger brother named Nathan Orton and a younger sister Rebecca Orton.

Randy belongs to a family of wrestlers where his father, uncle as well as grandfather are all from the wrestling background and known for their professional wrestling.

Orton’s father wanted him to stay away from the field of wrestling because life in that ring meant a life away from family and full of traveling and matches.

Randy attended Hazelwood Central High School located in Missouri USA while being an amateur wrestler. He graduated from high school in the year 1998 and enlisted with United States Marine Corps.

Orton got a bad conduct discharge in the year 1999 for disobeying the conduct of a commanding officer. His trial was under a special court-martial and had to spend 38 days in the brig which is a prison operated by the military.

Career Highlights and Awards

Randy Orton Career Highlights
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Training and Early Career

Randy Orton belongs to the wrestling background. His grandfather Bob Orton was a professional wrestler. His father Bob Orton and his uncle Barry Orton both are wrestlers by profession. 

Randy himself wanted to become a professional wrestler but his parents were against his will as they were aware of the cons of this profession.

Orton’s father warned him to stay away from this profession as choosing wrestling as a profession will cost him his personal life as he will have to stay outdoors mostly. 

Despite being warned by his father Randy took up this profession and while attending high school he was an amateur wrestler. 

Randy made his debut in the field of wrestling at Mid-Missouri Wrestling Association-Southern Illinois Conference Wrestling (MMWA-SICW) in St. Louis Missouri. There Orton was trained by the staff and also took training from his father Bob Orton as he belongs from the same field.

He wrestled there for one month and competed with wrestlers like Mark Bland, Ace Strange, and Phil. E Blunt. Apart from getting training from his father Randy worked at World Organized Wrestling (WOW) where his uncle worked. Randy refereed a few matches at World Organized Wrestling (WOW).

Journey to Success

After completing his training at Mid-Missouri Wrestling Association-Southern Illinois Conference Wrestling (MMWA-SICW) and fighting a few matches Randy was signed by WWF (World Wrestling Federation) which is now WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). 

After WWE signed Randy he was sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) and there he held Ohio Hardcore Championship twice. 

Orton performed under the brand ‘Raw’ of WWE. Soon after joining WWE, he became a member of stable Evolution which is a part of the brand Raw and led to an intercontinental championship reign which was his first title with the company.

For challenging and disrespecting the WWE Hall of Famers Randy got the Moniker ‘The Legend Killer’ in the early 2000s. 

At the age of 24, Randy Orton became the youngest World Champion in WWE history after winning the World Heavy Weight Championship from Chris Benoit.

After winning this title Randy departed from Evolution which resulted in a feud with his stablemates at evolution.

There was no turning back after winning the title as he played numerous matches under the WWE brand and won more titles.

Titles and Achievements

  1. He has won the WWE championship for 8 times including Heavyweight & WWE Championship.
  2. Has won the Intercontinental Championship once.
  3. World Tag Team Champion.
  4. Winner of Royal Rumble 2009.
  5. Winner of Money in the Bank Contract 2014. 

Personal Life

Randy Orton Personal Life
Credits: Sportzwiki

Randy Orton is a famous wrestler and has also stepped into the entertainment industry as an actor. He has played roles in films like ‘12 Rounds 2: Reloaded’ released in the year 2013 and ‘Condemned 2’ released in the year 2015.

Orton had a guest appearance in the USA action series ‘Shooter’ in an episode released in December 2016.

Apart from these Randy played a supporting role in a comedy-drama film titled ‘Changeland’ released in the year 2019 and also appeared in a romantic comedy film titled ‘Long Shot’ released in the year 2019.

On 21st of September 2007 Randy Orton married Samantha Speno. The couple had a baby girl named Alanna Marie Orton born on July 12th, 2008. 

Samantha and Randy parted their ways in late 2012 due to personal differences and got a divorce in June 2013. Later Randy married Kimberly Kessler on the 14th of November in 2015. Kimberly was previously a member of Randy Orton’s fan club.

Kimberly and Randy had their first child together a baby girl named Brooklyn Rose Orton born on 22nd November 2016. Brooklyn is Randy’s second child whereas she is Kimberly’s fourth child.

The couple resides in St. Charles Missouri. Randy Orton is a famous personality and keeps his fans up to date regarding his personal life and issues. He stays connected with his fans. 

Randy Orton opened up about his issues with substance issues and suffered an overdose in the year 2006. Orton had anger issues previously for which he attended anger management classes. 


Randy Orton Criticism

Randy Orton is a former marine who got bad conduct discharge. Randy was alleged for taking steroid and growth hormones in 2007 which many professional athletes take.

Orton was alleged for taking oxandrolone, stanozolol, nandrolone, testosterone, and other drugs like clomiphene citrate and anastrozole.

WWE claimed on this matter that these allegations preceded their Talent Wellness Program. Apart from this Orton has also been alleged for sexual harassment for which special investigation was also held but nothing was found.

Randy Orton was once alleged for wrongly using the word ‘nigga’ while playing ‘Call of Duty’ lives on Twitch stream.  

What is Randy Orton’s Net Worth in 2021?

Randy Orton has a net worth of $11 million as of 2021. Orton is a famous wrestler and despite being opposed by his parents Orton took up wrestling as a profession.

He began his journey at a young age and by the age of 24, he became the World Champion at WWE and made a record of youngest world champion at WWE.

Throughout his journey, he has worked hard and even appeared in films. All his struggle and efforts reflect in his net worth and as a result, Randy Orton has a net worth of $11 million as of 2021.

Interesting Facts about Randy Orton

Randy Orton Facts
Credits: Super HD Wallpapers
  1. Randy Orton is a third-generation wrestler like his grandfather Bob Orton, father Bob Orton Jr, and his uncle Barry Orton all have been professional wrestlers.
  2. Orton has married twice and has two daughters, one from his ex-wife and one from his current wife.
  3. He is a former US marine but received a bad conduct discharge in the year 1999 and was sent to the brig for 38 days for the same.
  4. Randy had a United States Marine Corps tattoo but covered it up once he got bad conduct discharge.
  5. Randy Orton has a bad temper and even went for anger management classes for the same.
  6. He began his career as a referee at WWE but eventually became a wrestler himself.


Randy Orton has a net worth of $11 million. He is a famous wrestler and has also acted in a few films. He is a third-generation wrestler like his father, his uncle, and grandfather all are from a wrestling background.

Orton has won the title of youngest WWE champion at the 24 age. He is a well-known face of Raw which is a WWE brand.

His hard work and dedication have all resulted in a net worth in millions for him. Randy has set an example for the youth because he followed his dream to become a wrestler despite being opposed by his parents.

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