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Reggie Bush Net Worth 2021

Reggie Bush Networth
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Reginald Alfred Bush Jr. is professionally known as Reggie Bush. He is an American football player who gained much fame by NFL. During this career of playing for the NFL, he successively earned $63 million. 

Bush has retired from his glorious career now. He took with him multiple awards and championships. He is a founding member of the Athletes for Africa program and a former football running back.

Reggie Bush Net Worth and Overview

Net worth$25 million
Date of birthMarch 2, 1985
Age35 years
Height1.83 m
Source of wealthNFL professional (retd.), product endorsements
Country of originAmerican
Last updatedFebruary 2021

Early Life

Reggie Bush was born on March 2, 1985, in San Diego County, California. He developed an interest in football since then and played for college USC. In 2006, he was associated with New Orleans Saints as running back.

There isn’t much information about his childhood and upbringing. However, he originated his name from his father Reginald Alfred Bush sr. He also gained his football skills from his football player father.

His mother Denise and Bush Sr. divorced and Denise took care of Reggie Bush completely. He and his stepbrother were raised together in San Diego.


 Reggie Bush has a glorious and eventful football career behind him. He has built it over time and had been preparing for it since high school. In 2006, he stopped playing for USC and declared to be eligible for NFL Draft.

It was a marvelous and handmade opportunity for him due to his excellent performances. His presence at USC’s publicity also gave him a good impression for NFL.

He played for New Orleans Saint from 2006 to 2010 having a super bowl season in 2009.

Though he missed some games due to slight injuries in 2009, he still had the wins. Bush won the first super bowl season against Indianapolis Colts, Miami. 

In 2010, he has severe injuries and could not return to the game. But he scored 150 rushing yards and 34 receptions. 

Bush went on to play for the Miami Dolphins from 2011 to 2012, the Detroit Lions 2013 to 2014, the San Francisco 49ers in 2015, and the Buffalo Bills in 2016.

The career growth while playing for Miami Dolphins was tremendous. He had excellent scores in both seasons. In 2014, Bush was dismissed by Lions as his production dropped.

In 2015, while he was playing for the San Francisco 49ers, he faced a terrible injury that didn’t let him play further.

He filed a lawsuit against them and won the case. He signed a one-year contract with Buffalo Bills however the performance was not satisfactory.

Bush finished as it made him the first player in NFL history to carry the ball at least ten times and have negative yardage for a season.

We all only know about Reggie Bush’s career as a football player running back. It is quite underrated that he had a media career too.

He made a debut in David Beckham’s first major U.S TV ad campaign. It was a 12 part video series and the online promotion was done by Adidas.

He was a weekly announcer of a Radio station in 2007 and was about to feature in a magazine almost shirtless. In 2012, he endorsed skincare companies like Barc.

Bush was a philanthropist raising funds for African athletes, Diamond Empowerment, and was nominated by VH1 for an award. 

Highlights and Achievements

Reggie Bush played football since high school. He was a running back and received a sports scholarship.

With this, he attended the University of Southern California. He played Trojans under a coach. He proved his caliber in all forms of playing Trojan. 

Bush was a finalist for Heisman Trophy and was also declared MVP. He had multiple other titles like Associated Press College Football Player of the Year, Offensive Player of the Year, and the Touchdown club Player of the Year.

In 2005, bush had the greatest achievement of his career. He received the Heisman Trophy as the first unanimous first-team All-American. 

Age, Height, and Weight

Being born in 1985, Reggie Bush is currently 35 years old, soon to be 36. He is 1.82 m tall and weighs 205 lbs. (93 kg).

Personal Life

It is safe to say that Reggie Bush has had quite some love interests throughout his time in public. Initially, he dated WWE Diva Eve Torres when he played at USC.

Later, he moved with the famous TV star Kim Kardashian in 2007. They had a split in July 2009 however their lost love renewed in September 2009.

In 2010, he left Kardashian and was interested in Jessie James, a country singer.

Finally, in 2011, Bush met an Armenian dancer, Lilit Avagyan, and married 3 years later. The couple has three lovely children; a daughter and two sons. 


You probably have known Reggie Bush through the negative news that we out about him haven’t you?

There were several reports published about NCAA putting investigation against Reggie Bush, the charges were a violation of NCAA policies of the USC Football Program.

There were questions surfacing whether his family received gifts in return.

Sports agent Lloyd Lake sued Bush and his family and declared cooperation with NCAA. Bush forfeited his name for the title for Heisman trophy.

The criticism surrounding Bush’s wrongful acts still goes around and in an interview, he had a tone of regret. However, authority never accepted his apogee and termed it as contrite. 

One common controversy he always had tailed with his name is how he only dated non-black women. But that’s just most black players, isn’t it?

Reggie Bush Net Worth in 2021

Reggie Bush
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Reggie Bush has a net worth of $25 million. He declared his retirement from NFL on December 15, 2017. Bush was inducted into the New Orleans Saints Hall of Fame in 2019. 

He is known for splurging on real estate as well. He spent $7.75 million on a five-bedroom apartment in a neighborhood of Los Angeles.

He sold that soon at a greater price. Though he retired, he maintains public relations and is active on social media.

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