RiceGum Net Worth in 2021

RiceGum Net Worth
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RiceGum is a first-generation American citizen, who is a successful YouTuber and Rapper. Let’s find out the RiceGum Net Worth in 2021 through this article.

He is best known for his diss tracks and online feuds with other social media personalities. It is true to say that he has many foes than friends.

Started off as an Online Game Streamer, RiceGum started developing online content against underage Social Media Stars. The stars are, in a way, trying to find a way to stop.

RiceGum has created many video blogging accounts on several social media platforms, by which he gained much popularity for his humorous trolling on YouTube Personalities.

RiceGum Net Worth & Overview

Net Worth$8 million
OccupationYouTuber, Rapper
Date of BirthNovember 29, 1996
Height1.88 m
Spouse (s)
Country of OriginUS
Source of WealthSocial Media Influencer
Instagram Followers4.1 million
Twitter Followers2.8 million
YouTube Followers 10.6 million
Last UpdatedDecember 2020

Early Life

Young RiceGum
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Bryan Quang Le aka RiceGum was born on November 19, 1996, in Las Vegas, Nevada. His father, Luat Quang Le, is Vietnamese, while his mother, Quang Ly, is Chinese.

RiceGum has two younger siblings, a sister, and a brother. However, some sources suggest that he has an elder brother too.

RiceGum was in the basketball team while he was in high school. Although he joined the University of Nevada for his degree, he dropped out after one year to concentrate on his career.

He launched his YouTube channel in 2012. RiceGum was a game streamer. He played popular games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in real-time and streamed it online.

RiceGum gained much popularity when he started the online show These Kids Must Be Stopped. The show told some terrible things about the stars of YouTube, Musical. Ly, and other social media sites.

Although he torments others with his “truth revealing” program, RiceGum is cautious about his family. He keeps his family life private, to prevent netizens criticize them with bad comments.

Career Highlights and Awards

RiceGum and Alissa Violet with their Platinum
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These Kids Must Be Stopped

RiceGum became famous when he started the online show These Kids Must Be Stopped in 2015. In these videos, he exposed the “truth” of stars of video streaming apps.

The show talked about the terrible things about the social media stars, which RiceGum claimed to be true. The video earned him more than half of the subscribers.

The video has a total of 7.5 million views. It also got a total of 200,000 likes.


RiceGum and fellow YouTuber Alissa Violet released a single “It’s Every Night Sis” in 2017. The single though was a response to YouTuber Jake Paul’s viral video song “It’s Everyday Bro”.The song was certified RIAA Platinum and was placed 80th in the Billboard Hot 100 list.

“God Church” was released in July 2017. The single reached number one on the Comedy Digital Track Sales chart.

RiceGum records hip-hop videos on his YouTube channel, where he insults other famous YouTubers. Although they are offensive in any way, the videos are in high demand.


RiceGum’s main channel “RiceGum” has more 10 million subscribers till date.

His channel with Abby Rao, “FamilyGum” has 688k subscribers.

Personal Life

RiceGum and Abby Rao
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RiceGum dated Abby Rao for over a year before breaking up. The on and off couple broke up officially in November 2019.

Abby Rao is a Tiktok content creator. She co-founded the Clubhouse, a Tiktok Collab house in Beverly Hills, along with Daisy Keech.

The celebrity pair had launched its couple YouTube channel, FamilyGum in 2018. The channel had uploaded 10 videos, before RiceGum and Abby Rao break up.

The feud between the couple is now trending on the internet since both of them are hissing at each other. Abby’s Clubhouse stated that “Rice is emotionally unstable without Abby he’d be even more of a wreck.”

RiceGum reacted to it through Twitch when he went to play Fortnite there. He tried to call her mother there and even said offensive and sexual comments about Abby’s mother.

Later when he appeared on YouTube Channel, DramaAlert, RiceGum claimed that he own Abby. He stated that during their relationship Abby had signed in the contract through which he owns a percentage of her wealth.

Although Abby’s agency rejected that no such contracts are made, RiceGum was adamant and shared a copy of the contract, where Abby has signed, through Instagram stories.

In an interview with Seventeen Abby said, “What you see online is not reality and I hope this type of misogynistic culture can end one day.” She even posted a video on her new YouTube channel explaining her reasons to break up with RiceGum.


RiceGum Criticism
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Dissing Young Stars

RiceGum became famous for his video on young celebrities and social media stars. He uploaded videos of the title, “These Kids Must Be Stopped”, in which he mocks and reveal the inappropriate content that the youngsters upload.

RiceGum also mocks their parents for not giving proper attention to what their under-age children are doing.

He has criticized child web-stars Jacob Sartorius, Hunter Rowland, and Loren Beech. RiceGum also mocked 10-year old singer Alabama Barker, daughter of Travis Barker.

He commented that her actions are inappropriate for her age and criticized her parents for being irresponsible towards her.

Upon the complaint from her parents, RiceGum had to remove the video from YouTube.

Hong Kong Vlog

In 2018, RiceGum visited Hongkong with comedian M2THAK and posted the vlog on his YouTube Channel. The video shows how RiceGum is searching for dog meat as he can be heard saying, “Asians eat cats and dogs in China”.

The vlog develops with M2THAK and RiceGum touching strangers’ hand on the escalator.

In the Vlog, both RiceGum and M2THAK are seen asking if the natives want a half-eaten ice-cream. This all instances from the vlog triggered the netizens.

Fellow YouTubers, as well as netizens, thought the vlog was offensive in many ways. The vlog was regarded as disrespectful, ignorant, and shameful for all the content creators.

RiceGum released an apology video. Yet, nobody was satisfied since the video felt like a forceful apology.

Subsequently, RiceGum had to remove the Vlog for violating YouTube Terms and Conditions.

Banned from Twitch

RiceGum was banned from Twitch for showing a model’s nude photo through Instagram live. He was interviewing two models and pulled up some of their photographs of them and shared them.

People were not happy about it nor was Twitch. Although the length has not been revealed, RiceGum is banned from the streaming platform.

Physical Assault Allegation

Video blogger Gabbi Hanna recently posted a video claiming that RiceGum physically assaulted her and broke her phone. She posted another video of her wounds on Snapchat. This triggered the netizens.

RiceGum accepted the fact that he indeed destroyed her phone. But he claimed that the wounds were just stretch marks.

After this incident, followers of RiceGum on Snapchat started to decrease and Gabbi Hanna increased.

Although some of these were verified by RiceGum himself, Gabbi Hanna hasn’t filed a case against him.

What is RiceGum Net Worth in 2021?

RiceGum Net Worth in 2021 is $8 million. Bryan Quang Le aka RiceGum is YouTuber and rapper, who is famous for his guess with fellow Social Media Influencers.

5 Interesting Facts About RiceGum

RiceGum Interesting Facts
Credits: Familytron
  • RiceGum is partnered with Machinima since 2012.
  • His video series “These Kids Must Be Stopped” earned RiceGum 800,000 subscribers.
  • RiceGum has earned at least 1,500,000 views for his videos.
  • He collaborated with Mia Khalifa on the Twitch streaming platform at the age of 18.
  • RiceGum’s mother wanted him to be a Doctor.


Bryan Le aka RiceGum is a Professional Online Gamer, who uses YouTube to criticize other Social Media Influencers. Although some of his claims are true, considering the age of stars he makes fun of, his actions are not acceptable.

The internet is an area, where anyone can judge anybody. Sometimes even if someone wants to do a good deed through their social media, it can turn out to be bad. The objective here is to be perspective.

The creators and the viewers have to be perspective in many ways. One has to accept the fact that every person is different from each other. Their thoughts are different. The fault RiceGum has is not able to accept this fact.

RiceGum criticizes underage children and their parents, for making and uploading inappropriate content. He makes fun and money by mocking these children. He talks about terrible things about these children, while is cautious about his siblings being a joke on the internet.

The young YouTuber has many flaws. He raises a voice against everything he thinks is wrong. Although it is a good thing to be vocal, too much voice can cause you harm.

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