Top 30 Richest Rappers in The World (2020)

Richest Rappers in the world

When an aspiring rap artist first hits their pen to paper to write one of their first songs they have simple ambitions. Just to get their work out there and noticed even appreciated by a small group of fans.

Some artists, when they have conquered the charts and get airplay, move on to their next goals of growing an already ballooning bank account. How each artist reaches the roads to riches is different, but all have similar traits amongst the group. 

In 2020 the top 30 richest rappers have accumulated just over $6.5B in total net worth; let’s break down which of today’s artists cracked the top 30 list.

Top 30 Richest Rappers in The World

This is a list of the top 30 richest rappers in the world today.

30. Wiz Khalifa – $60 Million

Wiz Khalifa
Credits: Getty Images/Dia Dipasupil

One of the richest rappers is Wiz Khalifa. Wiz got an early start in the rap game, getting signed at 16 to Rostrum Records and only a year later getting picked up by WB Records. You can argue growing up in North Dakota could be a great motivator for Wiz to get a deal and move on to bigger and better things.

He’s seemingly never stopped working where now he gets money from multiple sources now. Sure, he makes a large chunk of his money from his success with touring and recording. Wiz has built up a decent following on his YouTube channel that generates a decent income yearly.

The large YouTube following has allowed him to parlay his influence on selling his own strain of marijuana, “Khalifa Kush” and that earned him $28M in 2017.

29. PSY – $60 Million

Credits: Getty Images/ Mike Coppola

This South Korean rapper came on to the scene pretty fast with his hit single, “Gangnam Style” hitting YouTube with over 3 Billion views. When almost half the world has seen your video you better believe that his 15 minutes of fame was going to be extremely fruitful.

Strangely enough, he made $8M from his revenue-sharing deal from the YouTube Views with his old record label. During the height of his fame, PSY made a little over $40M of his fortune touring and endorsing products like pistachios all over the world.

He took some of his fortunes and is trying to follow in the steps of both his parents, both successful entrepreneurs, and started his own label, P-Nation.

28. J Cole – $60 Million

Credits: Kyle Terada, Kyle Terada – USA TODAY Sports

J Cole was one of the first rappers and producers to sign on to Jay-Z’s label Roc Nation and has been successful there since day one. After having signed to Roc Nation through touring and producing records he has earned over $110M.

Cole was a shareholder in the streaming music service, also started by Jay Z, Tidal. Before merging with T-Mobile, Sprint bought ⅓ of Tidal from Hova for a reported $200M giving the company a $600M valuation. Since his time in Roc Nation, Cole has started his own recording label and a charitable foundation, “Dreamville Records” and “Dreamville Foundation”. 

His foundation focuses on underserved youth, providing them with school supplies and arts-related grants and scholarships.

27. DJ Khaled – $75 Million

Credits: Gustavo Caballero/South Beach Photo/REX/Shutterstock

Nobody works harder than DJ Khaled seemingly putting out a new jam for us to enjoy every summer. One of his arguably best collaborations, “All I do is Win” worked with four of the hottest artists in the summer that year; T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dog, and Rick Ross.

Khaled got his start on the FM waves of South Beach on 99 Jamz. From there he got picked up by Fat Joe’s hip hop group, Terror Squad. Since then he has spent over 20 years producing hits with some of the hottest acts. As of more recent, Khaled had a small role in the 2020 hit Bad Boys 3.

26. Will.I.AM. – $75 Million

Credits: Forbes

William was a part of the hip hop group, the Black Eyed Peas, that made its mark in the early 2000s. The group went on to great successes selling over 100M albums worldwide during its run and even won a Grammy for Best Urban Album in 2009.

On top of the financial success that Will.I.Am saw with the Peas, he also was an early investor in Beats Headphones. By now, everybody has heard about the $3B acquisition of Beats by Apple four years ago. Currently, Will I am earns a healthy salary for his judging role on the UK version of “The Voice” raking in millions a year.

25. Kendrick Lamar – $75 Million

Credits: Billboard

During his entire career, Lamar earned over $175M but you have to figure that touring in it of itself is an expensive proposition not even to mention that Uncle Sam probably takes a decent chunk.

2018 was probably the best year of Kendrick Lamar’s career earning almost $60M taking one of the hottest acts of the year on tour. The five-time Grammy winner has had three guiding principles that got him to a $75M net worth;

  • You do you
  • Sometimes you need to step back
  • Keep good company

24. Nas – $80 Million

Credits: Prince Williams/Getty Images

2020 has been good to Nas it seems, having his net worth up to $80M from $70M in 2019. “I am”, Nas’ 2006 album saw great commercial success selling 470,000 in the first week it was released. 

The record also found its way to the number one spot on the billboard countdown and won the Hip Hop Icon Award. These days Nas is earning his living through the investment in a FILA shoe store and publishing his “Mass Appeal” magazine.

23. Rev Run – $80 Million

Rev Run
Credits: Getty Images

Reverend Run was a founding member of the 80’S rap group – Run DMC. During his time with DMC, the group minted multiple albums that turned platinum a few times and toured sold-out shows for years.

Run DMC is one of the few rap groups that have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and they have been nominated for a Grammy a few times.

After his time with Run DMC the rev did put out a few solo projects even though well-received did not produce the type of success with Run DMC. The reverend also had his own reality TV for a short time (6 Seasons), “Run’s House” and made numerous appearances on TV following the cancellation of his show.

22. Nicki Minaj – $80 Million

Nicki Minaj
Credits: Republic Records

Nicki not only makes hit after hit for her record label, Young Money Entertainment, and rakes in piles of cash touring. Minaj has won three American Music Awards and has been able to convert the cloth that comes with this into few other money-making opportunities.

She has a few lucrative endorsement deals set up for big corporations like Pepsi and Nokia. Like the rap moguls that have come before her, Nicki realizes that the real money comes when you put out products. With this in mind, she has produced an extremely successful line of perfumes that bring in a mint each year vaulting her net worth into the eight-figure club.

21. Migos – $80 Million

Credits: Shutterstock

The Atlanta rap trio, Migos, collectively has earned a net worth of $80M in the old fashioned way. Constantly touring and producing hits since they got together in the early 2010s and doing over 100 dates in less than a one-year period.

More recently the three have made headlines by suing their representation for malpractice alleging that their lawyer cheated them out of millions of dollars. When the group started touring they would command a healthy $30-$40k to perform a show.

During the group’s 100 date marathon they were charging upwards of $150K per show, so one can imagine how much that lawyer ripped them off in the end.

20. Akon – $80 Million

Credits: infomusic

The Senegalese rapper/songwriter/producer/businessman Akon came into the hip hop scene in the early 2000s with hit songs, “Locked Up”, “I Wanna Love You”, and “Sorry, Blame It On Me.”

As the 2000s progressed, Akon stepped away from the microphone and started producing notably missing out on signing the perennial hitmaker, Drake.

The producer said he passed on Drake’s demo because he “sounded too much like Eminem”. Akon’s net worth has greatly benefited from owning his own diamond mine as well. Recently the Senegalese Government granted Akon permission to begin developing his own city known as “Akon City” which expected to boost its own airport and cryptocurrency.  

19. Timbaland – $85 Million

Credits: MasterClass

Timbaland has benefited from getting an early break in his career and has never stopped working during his almost 30-year career. Early on – his neighbor was Missy Elliot and she gave him one of his earliest breaks in the game and has been hitting the mark ever since.

Timbaland has gone to produce other big acts after Missy Elliott – from Jay Z to Wiz Khalifa. He’s been able to parlay his success in the music business into opening his own record label, “Beats Club” and has nailed down 4 Grammy wins during his career. 

18. Pitbull – $90 Million

Pitbull - Richest Rapper
Credits: Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images

The list of richest rappers is incomplete without Pitbull. Pitbull, or as we have affectionately gotten to know him as “Mr. 305” has put together an extensive portfolio of summer hits and endorsements. His debut album, “M.I.A.M.I.” was released under the TVT Record label and got Lil Jon to sign on as a producer. 305’s breakout hit didn’t come until 2007 when “I Know You Want Me” hit number 1 on the Billboard chart.

This recognition got him endorsement deals with the likes of Dr. Pepper, Budlight, and Boost Mobile. A large portion of his net worth comes from his majority stake in Voli Vodka – whether be shots or beats, Mr. 305’s net worth is on fire!

17. Mike Diamond “Mike D” – $90 Million

Credits: Getty Images

One of the original founders of the 80s white rap group, Beastie Boys, Mike D has been able to amass a net worth of $90M fighting for his right to party. Like RUN DMC, the boys have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – a rare occasion for rappers.

During his career Mike D and the boys sold over 40M records going platinum seven times. This translated into a pretty lucrative touring schedule and the group dismantling because of a member’s death.

16. Ad Rock – $90 Million

Credits: New York Daily News

The other surviving member of the Beastie Boys, Ad Rock, has also amassed a massive net worth. Ad Rock’s path to earning $90M began with their 1986 breakthrough record, “License to Ill”.

The rap world came to know the Beastie Boys from some of the six hits that came off of that album like, “No sleep till Brooklyn”, and “Fight for Your Right”. During his meteoric rise Rock has had three guiding principles for his success in life and music:

1. If it’s not working then tweak it

2. Once you find the magical formula, don’t change it

3. Keep it simple

15. Swizz Beats – $100 Million

Swizz Beats
Credits: Getty Images

Swizz is nothing short of a super producer who turns everything he touches into gold. He was one of those in the music industry that got a start early and never looked back hustling his way into the nine-figure club.

At 17, Swizz sold a beat that was used in DMX super hit, “Ruff Ryders Anthem”. In 2011, Swizz also won a Grammy for Best Rap Performance group. In addition to creating decades of hits, Swizz was able to nail down some lucrative endorsements with Aston Martin.

14. Birdman – $110 Million

Richest Rapper Birdman
Credits: Getty Images for BET

Birdman and his brother, Ronald “Slim” Williams started one of the most arguably influential record labels of our generation, “Cash Money Records”. Some of today’s biggest acts got started at Cash Money Records; Drake, Nicki Minaj, & Lil Wayne.

These are arguably three of the biggest and most profitable rap artists in the world. In 1998, Birdman got his start joining Big Tymers rap group but really nothing has paid him more than co-owning, “Cash Money Records”.

13. LL Cool J – $120 Million

LL Cool J
Credits: Getty

LL Cool J has emerged from his rap career as a halfway decent actor carving out an equally successful acting career. The rapper in the late ’80s and early ’90s became known for hits like, “Mama Said Knock You Out” and “Hey Lover”.

Then LL started nailing down acting jobs starring in movies like, “Deep Blue Sea”, “SWAT”, and “Deliver Us from Eva”. Currently, he has a starring role on the show, “NCIS: Los Angeles” where he earns $350,000 per episode.

12. Pharrell Williams – $150 Million

Pharrell Williams
Credits: MIMI Valdez

The former coach on the NBC show “Voice” amassed a nine-figure net worth through producing and touring during his time with The Neptunes.  From 2007 – 2019, Pharrell earned a staggering $229M before taxes and expenses with hits like, “Happy”.

Pharrel was able to use his earnings to begin to develop a line of luxury fashion accessories. Eventually, he partnered with Moncler, and Louis Vuitton to design pairs of luxury sunglasses. Adidas approached him with a deal to begin designing and development of a line of products with them as well.

11. Snoop Dogg – $150 Million

Snoop Dogg
Credits: Shutterstock

The long beach native began rapping in the late ’80s and linked up with Dr. Dre in 1992 to begin a successful rap career. When Dre got a hold of Snoop Dogg’s mixtape he brought Snoop on to his label to help him produce Snoops’ debut album, “Doggystyle”.

Over the length of his career, Snoop has amassed over 35M global record sales and up until COVID was still touring the globe performing shows. Over his 30-year career, Snoop has maintained showmanship that landed him a hosting role on TBS’ “Snoop Dogg Presents Joker’s Wild”. 

Just like his rap cohorts, Snoop has also brought in a lot of money through endorsements with companies like Boost Mobile and Orbitz Gum.

10. Lil Wayne – $150 Million

Richest Rapper Lil Wayne
Credits: Ramona Rosales

Lil Wayne got his start as one of the youngest rappers in the game being signed to “The Hot Boys” at age 15. Even though when he was in school at 14 he got honor student-level grades, he decided to drop out of school to fully commit to breaking into the music business. 

At 18, he released his first solo album, “The Block is Hot” quickly turning platinum and starting his path to riches. Wayne has been credited with giving Drake the big break he needed when he flew Drake out to Houston to open for him on the Carter 3 tour.

9. Ice Cube – $160 Million

Ice Cube
Credits: Matt Baron/Shutterstock

One of the founding members of NWA, a revolutionary rap group out of south-central LA in the late ’80s gained fame for shining a light on race/police relations of the time. Their breakout hit, “Straight Outta Compton” slungshot the group into fame and highlighted Ice Cube’s talents.

The rise to the top soured with Ice Cube only receiving $32,000 from his contributions to the group and disputes over contracts.

After leaving the group – Cube found success as a solo artist and in the acting field with hits, “Friday” and “Boyz in the Hood”.  Ice Cube also branched out to start his own clothing line where headphones were built into the hoodie.

8. Usher – $180 Million

Richest Rappers - Usher
Credits: Billboard

The Atlanta native, Usher has grown his net worth to just under $200M through producing and touring. During his career, Usher sold over 75M records globally which led to a very profitable touring schedule.

His musical catalog has been critically received, earning 8 Grammy award wins including the 2013 win for Best R&B Performance.  Usher’s musical successes have allowed high dollar endorsements with Samsung and Microsoft.

7. Drake – $180 Million

Richest Rappers - Drake
Credits: Getty Images

Drake being from Toronto experienced some success at 15 when he landed a recurring role on a show called, “Degrassi”.  He stayed on for several seasons earning $50,000 per episode for his role on the sitcom.

When Lil Wayne got a hold of Drake’s mixtape he was impressed where others like Akon passed. It wasn’t too far long after that, Drake was on a plane to Houston to begin opening for Lil Wayne on tour. His debut album, “So Far Gone” debuted on number 6 on the Billboard chart.

Drake has been touring for years so often where it became more economical for him to purchase his own 747 to fly to shows. 2017 was a busy year for drake having the rapper earning an estimated $95M that year alone.

6. Master P – $200 Million

Master P
Credits: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

In the early ’90s, Master P started his own record label with a $10,000 gift from his grandfather, “No Limit Records”. He was able to also open his own record store where he had his own section to sell his “No Limit Records” releases.

His store gained fame when up and coming acts like Snoop Dogg worked in his record shop. The money Master P made from recording and producing records he invested in starting other businesses in clothing, tv/film production, and real estate.

5. Eminem – $230 Million

Richest Rapper - Eminem
Credits: Shutterstock

Marshall Mathers worked 60hrs a week in Detroit to support his family while making his way through the underground rap scene. When he lost his job in 1996 – he had decided to make a move to further his rap career.

Marshall ventured out west to the LA Rap Olympics in 1997 making his way through the first few rounds easily. After losing to an established LA rapper, Marshall bumped into an Interscope records employee who asked him for his Marshall Mathers LP. 

Dr.Dre had gotten a hold of the LP and helped Eminem produce and release his album commercially to great success. Eminem has also landed endorsements with Detroit carmaker, Chrysler, and Dr.Dre’s Beats headphones.

4. Dr. Dre – $820 Million

Dr. Dre
Credits: Britannica

The founding NWA member found success with and without his former group. Dr.Dre has become a renowned producer in the rap industry and was commercially and critically successful releasing solo albums like, “The Chronic”. His financial success largely has come from his business acumen launching, “Beats” headphone products.

He partnered with Monster cable company to produce a high-quality headphone where a huge complaint in the music industry was low-quality headphones. In 2018 – Beats was acquired by Apple for over $3B in cash and stock options. As part of the deal, Dre was issued 1M in apple shares who recently reached a $2T market cap.

3. P. Diddy – $885 Million

P. Diddy Richest Rapper
Credits: USA Today

Sean, P Diddy, Combs was formerly known as Puff Daddy has been on the top of the richest rappers list for years now. Combs has an umbrella company called, “Bad Boy Entertainment” where he conducts business from his different investments.

Under BDE, he has a record label that has signed some mediocre acts and his best-selling record to date is a soundtrack to Bad Boys movies. The Grammy award-winning rapper has gained a large portion of his net worth through Men’s Fashion line, Sean John’s.

2. Jay Z – $1 Billion

Jay Z Richest Rapper
Credits: Getty Images

Sean Carter, Jigga man, was the founding member of the rapper’s billionaire club. His prolific hit-making abilities behind the microphone have only been passed by his ability in the boardroom. There is nothing that Jay Z can’t seemingly conquer – producing 14 Number 1 hits and winning 21 Grammy awards.

His businesses under the Roc Nation brand have been profit juggernauts in entertainment, sports management, and Men’s fashion businesses. Jay Z lends some of his gold spinning abilities to the endorsement market signing big-dollar deals with Microsoft, Reebok, HP, and Budweiser.

1. Kayne West – $1.3 Billion

Richest Rapper Kayne West
Credits: WireImage

Kayne West tops the list of richest rappers in the world. Yeezy, recently making headlines by announcing he is running for President of the United States in 2020. A late edition on the presidential scene – seen by a spoiler candidate by some – comes after headlines that Kayne West has vaulted into the Billionaire’s club with Jay Z.

While his music catalog is valued at hundreds of millions of dollars with the multitude of albums he produced a majority of his net worth comes from clothing. Despite launching the Yeezy line less the 10 years ago – its popularity has launched its value into the billions.

Forbes estimated the Yeezy brand valuation at $1B but in true Trumpian fashion, West values his brand at $3B. Regardless of which valuation you believe, Kayne West is a bona fide billionaire.

Top 30 Richest Rappers in The World 2020 (Rankings)

Final Words

The billions of dollars of net worth combined amongst the top 30 richest rappers in the industry all have striking similarities. They all either own something very valuable, invest wisely (Beats seems to have been the investment of a lifetime), or they work very hard like the Migos.

Whether or not we apply it to our lives remains to be seen but these hitmakers can be someone to look towards. If you like this article feel free to share it or comment down below who your favorite rapper is out of the list of richest rappers.

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