Rob McElhenney Net Worth in 2021

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Rob McElhenney is someone who has been an inspiration for a lot of people who want to be funny. His dark and cringe humor is something that can’t be found in recent times. Personally, his role as the Ronald Mac McDonald was jaw-dropping. 

The comedy series “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is like his baby. He is the mind behind some of the hit episodes of the show. Today we are going to talk about this amazing man’s life and how he became the megastar he is today. 

Net Worth and Overview 

Net worth$50 million
Date of BirthApril 14, 1977
Age44 Years
Height5 Feet 9 Inch (1.77m)
Source of WealthWriting, acting, and film producing
Country of OriginUnited States of America
Last UpdatedJanuary 2021

Early Life

Rob didn’t have a stable childhood. There were problems since the beginning. Both his parents were Irish. Although the parents were having problems with each other, they were loving towards Rob. But this didn’t stay for a long time. Just when he was 8 years old, his parents got divorced.

The news shocked him and the reason for the divorce was all too shattering too. His mother was a lesbian. But thankfully, his parents stayed close even after the divorce. Despite having so many hardships, Rob was determined to pursue a career, and therefore, he graduated with passing marks. 


Like many other great actors and screenwriters, McElhenney started his career with a small role. But it was a commercial movie starring Brad Pit and Harrison Ford. With that, he got the recognition he needed to move forward. After this role, he started doing various small roles in major movies.

After moving to Los Angeles, an idea came to his mind. What if he made a sitcom starring himself? He had the concept but didn’t have any resources. Back then, he was waiting tables as a part-time job. This is where he met Glenn Howerton.

With him, Rob shot the main idea with just a budget of $200. He started pitching it to various cable networks. The cable networks saw the potential of the sitcom and sent attractive offers to him. But McElhenney chose FX because it allowed him creative freedom. The rest is history. 

Highlights and Achievements

Despite starring in many films and TV shows, “It’s always sunny in Philadephia” remains to be his Magnum Opus. Rob McElhenney received numerous awards for the sitcom including Best TV assemble and Best Comedic Performance. 

It’s always sunny in Philadelphia” went on to become one of the best sitcoms in history. Critics often cited him as the main reason why the sitcom became so popular. His on-point jokes even made the corpse laugh. Rob McElhenney views making people laugh as one of his biggest achievements. 

His greatest achievement is perhaps being able to act all his life. He followed his passion even though he had a rough childhood. His endurance and hard work have led him this far and he continuous to keep moving forward.

Age, Height, and Weight

Rob is only 44 years old. You might be wondering why are we saying only. Because he has hardly has aged. His height is 5 feet 9 inches which is pretty standard. His weight is somewhere between 165-175 pounds or 175-179 kgs. He looks pretty healthy and handsome. 

Personal Life

The sitcom “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia” pretty much gave everything in life to Rob McElhenney. He got his first break and even met his wife at the set of the sitcom. Astonishing, isn’t it? Kaitlin Olson was hired to play a role in the sitcom and Rob quickly fell in love with her because of her humor and wit. 

Soon, their love turned into marriage and they are living happily ever after since then. The couple has two wonderful children who they adore greatly. His wife went into labor during a baseball game when she was pregnant with her first child. Life takes unexpected turns, doesn’t it?

He likes to post pictures with his wife and children. They look like the perfect family. Rob McElhenney doesn’t like paparazzi interfering with his personal life. Though he loves to joke about media oftentimes. 


Rob McElhenney is a perfectionist. That isn’t always a good thing. For comedic purposes, he likes to explore and try out new things. For instance, he gained a lot of weight during the seventh season because he thought it would make him look funnier and goofier. 

But his co-star felt like he looked disgusting and he should take care of his body. The co-star even told the media that Rob McElhenney’s habits were affecting everyone on the show. Later, he lost quite a lot of weight.

After a few years, Rob McElhenney miraculously lost a lot of weight and became extremely fit. Everyone had their jaw dropped seeing his change. He laughed it off and said it was easy to do it. All you need to is refrain from eating after 7 P.M, lift weight 6 days a week, and voila. You will have a body like Rob McElhenney.

Rob McElhenney has a sense of humor that has gotten him into trouble multiple times. He has a knack for saying things at the wrong place. But gradually, he has become much more mature. Now he is composed and in interviews, he puts on a class act. 

Rob Mcelhenney Net Worth in 2021

Rob McElhenney

Rob Mccelhenney’s total net worth can motivate you. It tells us that no matter how miserable your childhood was, you can always turn it around. You just need to have patience and work on your dreams. One day, even you will have a net worth of $50 million just like Rob McElhenney. 

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