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Sal Khan
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Sal Khan, aka Salman Khan, is an American educator and entrepreneur. He’s a multitalented genius with several qualities, records, and achievements. Being the co-founder of a non-profit organization named, Khan Academy, Sal Khan, is empowering the concept of education. Sal Khan Net Worth is incredibly amazing!

They have a team of 602 members, who graduated from some premier institutions of the world like MIT, Stanford, Harvard, etc. Until today, Khan Academy has successfully produced more than 7500+ tutorial videos.

It includes topics of every level, starting from elementary school studies to post-graduation level concepts. He, along with his team, are trying to provide the best platform to educate the upcoming generations, around the globe. 

Sal Khan is also a former mathematician, an electrical engineer, and an anthropologist as well. Adding more to it, Salman is even an alumnus of MIT. He has pursued his undergrad in electrical engineering and computer sciences and later did his postgrad in electrical engineering.

He got his first job in Oracle California. Later on, he continued to pursue an MBA from Harvard School of Business.  After that, he got placed as an analyst in Hedge Funds at Connective Capital Management.

Readout this article to know more about Sal Khan Net Worth and a few interesting facts about him.

Sal Khan Net Worth and Overview

Net Worth$1.5 MILLION
OccupationEducator and Entrepreneur
Date of BirthOctober 11, 1976
Spouse(s)Umaima Marvi
Country of OriginMetairie, Louisiana, United States
Source of WealthEducator and Entrepreneur of Khan Academy
Instagram FollowersN/A
Twitter Followers44.4K
YouTube SubscribersN/A
Last UpdatedDecember 2020

Early Life

Sal Khan giving a lecture
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On October 11, 1976, Salman Khan was born in Metairie, Louisiana United States of America. He is 43 years old and relates to the Bengali minority.

His father, Jamal Khan, belongs from Barisal, Bangladesh, whereas, his mother, Mahooda, belongs from Murshidabad, India. Earlier, his father used to work as a pediatrician, while, his mother was a homemaker. 

Since Sal’s Childhood, he has a foreknowledge for calculus and even has a passion for art. So, initially, he aspired to become an artist, but instead, he took up another way.

He got admitted to Grace King High School, a local High School, where he received his primary education. Subsequently, he also learned guitar along with his primary schooling. 

Afterwards, he decided to take admission at MIT, as he desired to study theoretical physics. But, ultimately, ended up doing UG in Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering. Latterly, he completed his PG in Masters of Science in computer engineering.

His teachers have made him the class president, because of his excellent academic performance, during his final year. Moreover, in 1994, he got graduated as a scholar. 

Career Highlights and Awards

Salman Khan in an event
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Sal Khan did his very first job at Oracle California. However, he quitted it for pursuing an MBA from Harvard School of Business.

Then after completing his MBA degree, he received a job offer of a hedge fund analyst, at Connective Capital Management. There, he worked as an analyst from the duration of 2003 to 2009. 

Once during his job, when Sal was mentoring his cousin, Nadia, in her maths problems, he realized that he was excelling at it. So, his family and many of his friends suggested him to upload the educational tutorial videos on youtube so that several students could benefit from it.

Consecutively, on November 16, 2006, he created a youtube channel for uploading such further videos. Slowly, he went on, establishing himself in the online mentoring field. 

Finally, in the year 2009, he decided to quit his job and indulge himself in the educational field. He then started his non-profit organization, Khan Academy and got it established with the help of his hard work and excellence.

Josh Gefner, his pal, continuously helped him and he also received scholarships from Ann Doerr, wife of John Doerr, for developing Khan Academy.

During the first couple of years, 458 million views were registered on his youtube channel. Educators around the world have appreciated his hard work. Even students of all levels, have profited from his videos and were able to make the best use of it.


Sal Khan’s youtube videos are now even popularized in remote areas of Africa and the Asian subcontinent region. On December 29, 2012, Sal had published his first book, titled, “The One World School House: Education Reimagined.”

In 2012, he also implemented the feature of Coach, on his website, through which students could participate in online classes and also get to interact with their teachers.

His vision has been exceptionally unique as he chose to step out of regular schooling education and make it reachable and accessible to those who can’t afford to go to school. 

Andrew Ng, the Stanford AI researcher, has mentioned Sal Khan as an immense motivation for the founding of one of the first MOOCs platforms, Coursera.

Additionally, several NGOs had acknowledged him. In 2012, the ‘Time’ listed Sal Khan in “Top 100 influential people in the world.” Furthermore, again in the same year, he got featured on the cover page of Forbes magazine as “$1 Trillion Opportunity”.

Personal Life

Sal Khan with his wife, Umaima Marvi
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In the year 2003, Sal met with Umaima Marvi, in the Harvard School of Business. Although they have different origins, different belives, and traditions, yet they fell in love with each other.

Now they are married and also have two kids. The younger one named, Diya, is two years old, whereas Imran is the elder one, who is four years old. Currently, they live in Mountain View, California.

Sal Khan and his own-established, Khan Academy, are both fearless brands, which is comprised of passion, purpose, and persistence.


Salman Khan in working with his computer
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Along with such glorious success stories, there comes a part of criticism too. On March 18, 2012, Eric Bean, one of the educators of Khan Academy, had shown some of the insights of the organization.

He told that the interface and the navigation systems, that the teachers use there are of inferior and low quality than those of such other platforms.

Moreover, one student then complained about the assistance option. The student reported that the videos aren’t of much use, and even the feedback option is absent in many of the tutorials.

What is  Sal Khan Net Worth in 2021?

As per the recent reports, the net worth of Sal Khan is $1.5 million, in the present year 2021. Until now, Khan Academy’s videos have received over 1.7 billion times views on YouTube, which is a tremendous record.

5 Interesting Facts About Sal Khan

Salman Khan in his home
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  1. Sal Khan is an American educator, a mathematician, an entrepreneur, and an anthropologist.
  2. Sal Khan is the sole founder of the largest online learning platform, The Khan Academy.
  3. As he was exceptionally good at maths, his friends used to call him, the Messiah of Maths.
  4. Today, more than 10 million students have registered themselves on the Khan Academy website, and Bill Gates is also one among them.
  5. Sal received fundings of 9 million and finances of 10 million for his project which were provided respectively by Bill Gates and Google.


Sal faced a lot of challenges when he was creating his youtube channel and establishing the Khan Academy. He started working as an analyst and ended up providing the best educational online platform for the students.

After a lot of struggles, now Sal is being considered as a global icon. Back in 2012, Sal mentioned in TedTalk, “I will try to teach the same way as I was taught.”

He’s a substantial inspirational figure for many students, educators, and teachers, all over the globe. Hopefully, Sal Khan will be able to deliver more such future projects and continue to help the world to grow in the educational aspects.

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