Scott Baio Net Worth in 2021

Scott Baio Net Worth

Scott Baio is an American actor and television director, his net worth is $4 million. He belongs to New York. Baio is widely recognized for his role as Chachi Arcola on the sitcom Happy Days (1977-1984), and the spin-off Joanie Loves Chachi (1982-1983).

He has also made appearances in several shows and television programs as a guest star, and numerous independent films as well. Scott also appeared in Nickelodeon sitcom See Dad Run (2012-2015).

Scott Baio Net Worth and Overview

Net Worth$4 million
OccupationActor, Television Director
Date of Birth22 September 1960
Height1.78 m
Spouse(s)Renee Sloan (2007-Present)
Country of OriginUnited States of America
Source of WealthTV Shows, Films
Instagram Followers14.7k
Twitter Followers455.4k
YouTube Subscribers50.8k
Last UpdatedDecember 2020

Early Life

Scott Baio Early Life

Scott Vincent James Baio was born on 22 September 1960 in Brooklyn, New York to Rose and Mario Baio. He belongs from Italian descent. He and his parents were immigrants from Italy and Scott was their third-born child. Baio graduated from Xaverian High School

Scott was 9 when he decided to become an actor. Fortunately for him, his parents were very supportive of him to achieve his dreams. They helped him by taking him to his several auditions for commercials. In 1976, Scott was able to bag him his first major role, Bugsy Malone.

Career Highlights and Awards

Career Highlights and Awards

His career took off when he bagged his first lead role in Bugsy Malone in the kid’s gangster musical directed by Alan Parker featuring Scott and Jodie Foster. This duo worked featured together again in the movie Foxes in 1980, a teen girl drama.

Scott was 16 when he landed with the role of Chachi Arcola on hit show Happy Days that served him as a major breakthrough in his acting career. He also received two Emmy Award nominations, one for his role in Stoned (1981), and All the Kids Do It (1985).

He had also won the Young Artist Award for the movie Stoned and Happy Days. In 1982, he appeared against Willie Aames in the film Zapped. His few other appearances include a lead character of Francis Geminiani in the special TV Show called Gemini and Battle of the Network Stars.

In 1984, Scott appeared in the comedy series called Charles in Charge. He remained with the series for 6 seasons. 1985 saw the release of Alice in Wonderland where he appeared as Pat the Pig.

He had also directed a children’s comedy series titled Out of this World. He continued to direct over 5 seasons of the show.

In the 1990’s he featured several TV shows including his role in Look Who’s Talking, a short-lived talk. During 1993-95, Scott played several roles that included his role as Dr. Jack Stewart in the series called Diagnosis: Murder featuring Dick Van Dyke.

He also appeared as a guest star in numerous shows and movies including Veronica’s Closet, Full House, The Nanny, and Touched by an Angel.

His few other movie appearances include Dumb Luck, Face Value Bar-Hopping, and Detonator, along with Face to Face, The Bread, Very Mean Men, My Sweet among others.

Personal Life

Personal Life

Scott is currently married to Renee Sloan. He got married in 2007 and has been ever since. He also has one daughter. The couple first met at Playboy Mansion where their chemistry was set and they fell in love at the very sight. Later they started dating and eventually got married.

Their daughter’s name is Bailey Deluca Baio. He also has a stepdaughter named Kalyn. His daughter with Renee was supposed to have a twin sister who unfortunately did not make it while she was being born.

While Bailey was born with a metabolic disorder that led to Scott establishing Bailey Baio Angel Foundation where they support several other families like theirs. In 2015, Scott’s wife Renee was diagnosed with a brain tumor.



Scott is one of the few people who are against the former president of the United States of America Obama. He has conservative views on politics and hence he currently is a supporter of the current President Donald Trump.

In an interview, he described Obama as “either dumb, a Muslim, or a Muslim sympathizer, and I don’t think he’s dumb”. In 2016, he also accused Nancy Mark, wife of Chad Smith of assault attempted at him at their children’s elementary function.

He reports that it was due to being a supporter of Trump. Nancy justifies by saying that she wanted to show how Trump hugs women and denies physical aggression that is intentional. He was also accused of sexual molestation by Nicole Egard that he purely denies.

Later he claimed that he had relations with her but only when she was an adult and not when she was a minor as claimed by her. Later, Alexander Polanski accused Scott of engaging in physical assault and verbal abuse on the set of Charles in Charge.

What is Scott Baio Net Worth in 2021?

Scott Baio is an American actor, his Net Worth is $4 million. His wealth has been gathered through his several hit TV shows and movies that he got featured during the course of his acting career that began when he was a teenager.

He is also a Republican and presents conservative political views as reported by him.

6 Interesting Facts About Scott Baio

6 Interesting Facts About Scott Baio
  1. During his youth time, Scott campaigned for Ronald Reagan and attended his funeral as well as made a statement saying that due to him he felt proud being an American and he feels sad now that he was gone.
  2. He is a cousin of former actor Jimmy Baio and first cousin to Chris Baio, Vampire Weekend star.
  3. Baio’s film Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 received four Razzie Awards.
  4. His movie Face to Face won the Audience Prize for Best Comedy at the Marco Island Film Festival.
  5. Scott Baio’s weight is 64 kgs.
  6. His sister’s name is Stephanie Baio and his brother’s name is Steven Baio, Scott is the youngest of all


Scott Baio is an American Actor, his Net Worth is $ million that he earned through his several appearances in TV shows and Films during the course of his acting career. Scott is also a Republican and is a supporter of Donald Trump.

Baio doesn’t think highly of former President United States Obama. He is married to Renee with a daughter and a stepdaughter from Renee’s previous relationship.

He has earned a whole lot of wealth through his shows and his political career and still continues to act and support Trump in his numerous campaigns.

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