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We are all fans of superheroes. We smile when they defeat evil, hurt when they lose their lives while saving the world. After an amazing superhero film or series how many of you can restrain yourself from googling your favorite hero? 

All of you must be familiar with Oliver Queen, the iconic hero from DC’s super hit series “The Arrow”. Stephen Adam Amell is the actor who played Oliver’s Queen’s role in “The Arrow”. Do you want to know Stephen Amell’s net worth in 2021? Do you want to know more about your favorite actor? Check this article! 

Stephen Amell Net worth Overview          

Net worth$7 million
Date of birthMay 8, 1981
Height6 ft 1 inch
Source of WealthActing & wrestling
Country of OriginCanada
Last UpdatedJune 2021

Early Life

Stephen Adam Amell was born on May 08, 1981, in Ontario, Canada, and graduated from St. Andrew’s College. Stephen is actor Robbie Amell’s brother. Stephen is of Scottish, German, and English ancestry, ever since he was young, he dreamt of being an actor. However, he was also interested in wrestling.

He competed in many wrestling competitions. After completing his graduation, he pursued acting and occasionally took part in wrestling matches. After he moved to LA he started supporting the LA Kings.


Stephen Amell started his acting career in “Queen” as Folk. He appeared in only 2 episodes though. Next, he acted in a series called “Dante’s Cove” and played the character, Adam.

His turning point was his role in the “Vampire Diaries”. His popularity started increasing at an exponential rate when he was launched as the lead character Oliver Queen in “The Arrow”, which was a remake of the original comic book “Green Arrow”.

Stephen Amell was also featured in many other popular series such as the American Ninja Warrior”, “Private Practice”, “The Flash”, “New Girl”, “Supergirl”, and many more.

Stephen Amell was also cast as Casey Jones in the film “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows”. The film was aired in 2016. Stephen was featured alongside Will Arnett and Megan Fox.

Apart from acting, Stephan Amell also participated in many wrestling competitions. In 2017 Stephan Amell fought at the WWE Raw. He teamed up with Adrian Neville in SummerSlam to fight Stardust and King Barrett.

Stephan Amell has currently joined the bullet club as the Ring of Honor. Stephen Amell will be cast in the new series “Heels”. This show will revolve around two brothers who will promote wrestling.

Highlights and Achievements

Stephen Amell won several awards for his strong performances. We have mentioned a few of his nominations and awards below:

  • For his performance in “ReGenesis”, he won the Gemini Award in 2007
  • He won The Cinemacon award in 2016 in the category of The Male star of Tomorrow 
  • In 2013 and 2014 he won The People’s Choice Award for Best TV Hero 
  • He won the Leo awards in 2014
  • He also won the Constellation Award, Best Ever TV Awards, Young Hollywood Awards, MTV Fandom Awards for his role as Oliver Queen in “The Arrow”
  • He was also nominated for the Teen Choice Awards in 2018

Age, Weight, and his Height           

In 2021, Stephen Amell turned 40 years old. Stephen looks quite tall and handsome in “the Arrow” right? He has an ideal height of 6 feet 2 inches and weighs 85 kgs, which is 187 lbs. in pounds.

Personal Life              

Stephen Amell got married to Carolyn Lawrence in 2007, however, they got divorced within 3 years of marriage. They ended their relationship in 2010. In 2012 Stephen married Cassandra jean who is a model and an actress. Stephen and Cassandra got married privately in the Caribbean. They both had a daughter named Mavi in 2013. 

However, according to recent news Stephan Amell and His wife Cassandra has been seen fighting in public. The couple got into a loud argument while they were boarding a plane.

While being seated Stephan Amell was heard yelling loudly at his wife by the other passengers. The flight attendants asked Stephan lowered asked him to lower his voice as it might disturb the others.


Stephen Amell has been under constant criticism for some time. It all began after he stated that racism in America is a systematic problem. The actor is not familiar with acts of racism as he has never witnessed any such behavior.

This remark of his ignited fire in Twitter and disappointed a lot of his followers. People on online platforms have labeled Stephan Amell as “racist” and “Misogynist”. 

Black Women’s lives matter has tweeted calling the actor a “misogynist douche” and how “CW has protected Stephan” despite his racist behavior. And actor Grant Gustin was supposed to appear in Stephan Amell’s podcast show.

However, Grant Gustin declined to attend his podcast as the protests regarding George Floyd’s death were ongoing. To that Stephan Amell made some serious remarks which further brought him to the center of criticism. 

Stephen Amell Net worth in 2021 

Stephen Amell

The estimated net worth of Stephen Amell is approximately $7 million. Most of Stephen’s income comes from the television industry. He started “The Arrow” with $30,000 per episode which increased to $125,000 in the series’ final season.

A small part of him comes from his wrestling matches. He also has a nice mansion in Palm Springs, California, and also in Hollywood Hills. 

Stephen Amell has recently turned into an entrepreneur of a winning company called Nocking Point. He is currently acting in few movies and as all his recent projects have been commercially successful, Stephen Amell’s net worth is expected to increase a lot more in the future.

Judging based on the number of future projects he has signed up for, Stephan Amell’s net worth is expected to double within the next couple of years. 

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