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Steven Crowder Net Worth in 2021

Steven Crowder
Credits: YouTube

Steven Crowder is an American Commentator, media host, YouTuber, Podcaster, and Comedian. Let’s find out how much does the multi-talented, Steven Crowder Net Worth is!

The Republic party supporter is famous for his remarks on the political situations in America. Nevertheless, he is both famous and infamous for these remarks.

The 33-year-old media personality has been active in the industry since 1999. Steven Crowder has American as well as Canadian citizenship.

Unfold the facts and lifestyle of this talent through Steven Crowder Net Worth and 5 Interesting Facts About Him!

Steven Crowder Net Worth & Overview

Net Worth$3 million
OccupationAmerican Commentator, media host, YouTuber, Podcaster, and Comedian
Date of BirthJuly 7, 1987
Age 33
Height1.88 m
Spouse (s)Hilary Korzon
Country of OriginUS
Source of WealthComedian, YouTuber, Political Commentator
Instagram Followers830 k
Twitter Followers1.1 m
YouTube Followers4.64 m
Last UpdatedDecember 2020

Early Life

Young Steven Crowder
Credits: The Daily Beast

Steven Blake Crowder was born on July 7, 1987, in Detroit, Michigan. His parents, Francine and Darrin Crowder moved to Quebec, Canada with family. Steven and brother Jordan were brought up in Canada and lived there until Steven was 18.

Crowder brothers were raised in the Christian Conservative Family. Although Steven began his career at the age of 13, he didn’t drop off his high school education.

Steven has claimed that since he was a Christian believer and was raised conservative, he had been bullied many times as a kid. However, Crowder refused to stand against his belief.

After high-school graduation, he majored in Creative Arts from Champlain College, Vermont, US. By the time he joined college, he was adamant to pursue a career in stand-up comedy.

Struggles to Establish a Career

Crowder was hired as the voice actor for the character, Alan Powers, in the Children’s educational animated series, Arthur. He revived his voice role in the film, Arthur’s Perfect Christmas.

Although Steven was hired for the next few years, he struggled to land on them because of a number of reasons. His political leanings were the major among these.

Crowder was a huge conservative and right-leaning young actor. This caused many troubles. His agent had once advised Crowder to drop off his political ideology, or else he won’t make it to Hollywood.

Later, he worked for the Just For Laughs comedy festival. There he met many Comedians and with their help began his career as a Stand-up Comedian.

Career Highlights and Achievements

Steven Crowder Achievements
Credits: The Verge


Early in his career, Steven Crowder has given voice to Alan Powers on the Children’s television series Arthur. Later Crowder reprised the role of Alan Powers in Arthur’s Perfect Christmas and Arthur’s Halloween.

Crowder appeared in many movies, including  Two Summers, 3 Needles, The Covenant, The Secret, Bend and Break, The Velveteen Rabbit, and To Save a Life, over the years.

Crowder became a Stand-up Comedian after watching many of them performing at Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, where he was working.

With the help of other Comedians, Crowder began his career as a stand-up comedian. One year later, he became the Youngest Comedian ever to grace the Just For Laughs stage, at the age of 18.

Following the festival,  XM Radio featured him and booked him on tours of North America.

Fox News

Steven then began making the rounds on every major cable news and radio program in the country, bringing his unique and irreverent point of view to the mainstream. Impressed with his ability, FoxNews invited Steven into the family as a full-time contributor.

Crowder worked with Fox News until he was fired from the channel in 2013.


Steven Crowder has a YouTube channel under his name. He has 4.64 million subscribers to date, and by thus been awarded by YouTube with a silver button and a gold button.

Crowder has uploaded more than  1k videos and has gained 1.1 Billion views for them.

The segment Louder With Crowder earned him many subscribers. In the segment/series, Crowder constantly shares political satires, his and other people’s opinion, and some news videos. However, he only shares negative comments about the Democratic party.

Personal Life

With Wife Hilary
Credits: Instagram

Steven Crowder married Hilary Korzon on August 25, 2012. Steven wrote a column for Fox News entitled, Waiting till the wedding night – getting married the right way. In the article, he highlighted the benefits inherent in abstinence from sex before marriage.

Since Steven put extra efforts to keep his wife’s personal life, a private matter, there is nothing much known about how they met, etc. Hilary is an interior designer and has been a sales manager for various companies.

The couple has been married for almost eight years now; However, they are yet to have a child. The couple owns two dogs, Harper and Betty. Both of them appear constantly on Steven’s social media pages.


Steven Crowder is a Republican party supporter all along. Because of his favoritism towards the Republican party, many movies and Hollywood projects rejected Steven.

Crowder is famous for dissing Democratic party representatives and their initiatives.


Steven Crowder Criticism
Credits: Getty Images

Steven Crowder VS Carlos Maza

In June 2019, VOX news site video producer, Carlos Maza accused Steven Crowder of cyberbullying. Maza posted an edited video on Twitter of Crowder bullying and verbally abusing him in his previous videos.

Carlos Maza is a Latino-Gay personality and has never hidden his sexuality from the public. Steven Crowder had begun to call out Maza’s sexuality and his race in some of his videos on YouTube.

Crowder uses inappropriate words to talk about Maza in the video. A lispy sprite, a “little queer”, Mr. Gay Vox, etc. are some of the names Crowder has used for Maza.

Although YouTube rejected this complaint of Maza, stating that Crowder doesn’t violate any of the YouTube policy. But many people raged against YouTube on the matter, Crowder was suspended from running ads on his channel, and monetize his videos.

Crowder defended his videos by stating that the videos are supposed to be funny, and he has never called Maza any inappropriate names, other than what he already is.

Marijuana Controversy

Steven and wife, Hilary Crowder, were subject to controversy, when an eight-minute video of them interviewing/talking to highschool students, was aired on Fox News Channel.

The students complained against the Crowder couple, who asked them questions regarding the usage and their thoughts on legalizing marijuana. The students said that the couple pretended to be writing for a blog, and they were shocked to see their videos aired on the channel under the name, “Marijuana! The Truth”.

The students even complained against the Couple for editing the video in such a way that their words might be misconstrued.

Steven and Hilary Crowder did not say a word against these allegations and kept mum.

What is Steven Crowder Net Worth in 2021?

Steven Crowder Net Worth in 2021 is $3 million. He is in the Entertainment industry from a very young age. He belongs from a conservative Christian family and so a supporter of the Republican Party.

5 Interesting Facts About Steven Crowder

Interesting Crowder
Credits: YouTube
  • The conservative magazine The American Spectator mentioned the YouTube video of Crowder parodying Lena Dunham’s ad endorsing Barack Obama. Nevertheless, the video faced many controversies.
  • Crowder posted an edited video of a Union protestor repeatedly punching him. Later it was revealed that it was Crowder, who pushed the protestor and by thus provoking him to punch Steven back.
  • Fox News Channel fired Crowder after he made negative statements about Fox News host Sean Hannity and Fox News.
  • ‘Change My Mind’ is an Internet meme that originated from a photograph of Crowder seated behind a sign that reads “Male Privilege is a Myth / Change My Mind.”
  • Although he posts many offensive videos on his YouTube channel, Crowder knows how to get out of all the troubles with his witty and planned answers.


Steven Blake Crowder is a 33-year-old Republican Actor, Political Commentator, and Comedian. He began performing at the age of 17. Although he is a Republican supporter, he makes comments on the Democrats as well.

Crowder is famous for his political remarks. Since he is a Republican party supporter, he opposes whatever Democratic party supporters say. However, he shows his full support on every decision the Republican makes.

Steven Crowder rose to fame with his dubbing skills in the television series, Arthur. However, he only rose to fame with his Stand-up performance. Steven worked at Fox News for almost 5 years.

Crowder owns a YouTube channel, on which about 4.64 million people are subscribers. Steven Crowder Net Worth in 2021 is $3 million.

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