Tom DeLonge Net Worth in 2021

Tom Delonge Net Worth
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An award-winning Music Producer, a platinum recording artist, a researcher, an entrepreneur, and what not! Tom DeLonge is now in force to produce content intended to gain an appreciation of the mysterious, yet unsolved, enigmas involving science and the Universe. Let us find out some intriguing details from his life and Tom DeLonge Net Worth.

He takes the audience on a scientific-thematic journey through the world of music. This journey is peppered with exciting stories and curious insights. These are the inspiration for his music and people from all walks of life appreciate it.

Tom DeLonge Net Worth and Overview

Net Worth$80 Million
OccupationSinger, Songwriter, Musician, and entrepreneur
Date of BirthDecember 13, 1975
Age44 years
Height6’4″ ft. or 1.93 m
Spouse(s)Jennifer DeLonge (m. 2001; div. 2019)
ChildrenAva Elizabeth DeLonge, Jonas Rocket DeLonge
Country of OriginThe United States of America
Source of WealthMusic Albums, Entrepreneurship
Instagram Followers792.7k
Twitter Followers712k
YouTube Subscribers40.5k
Last UpdatedDecember 2020

Early Life

Tom Delonge Early life
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American musician, singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur Thomas Matthew DeLonge also famed as Tom DeLonge was born in Poway, California on December 13, 1975. Tom’s paternal grandfather was Robert E. DeLonge who was the son of Walter G. DeLong and Rosa Alavester Shoemaker.

To our very surprise, the famous musician found his first passion in becoming a fire-fighter. He also participated in the San Diego Cadet Program. Tom’s first instrument was a Trumpet. He picked up a guitar from his friend in a church camp.

The teenager was not so studious, but he loved skateboarding and punk. Later he learned to play the guitar in his early teens. Tom received his first guitar at the age of 14 as a gift from his father of $30. He used it early in Blink’s career.

This guitar featured on the cover of the album “Matching Cabs” as well as on his solo albums. DeLonge used a Marshall JCM900 amplifier during his time at Blink to improve his guitar sound, which he still uses as a primary amplifier.

Career Highlights and Achievements

Tom DeLonge Career
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Shortly after his high school, Tom met his buddy Mark and performed in a band called Blink, and the rest of the story tells itself.

It was 1992 when Tom DeLonge met his fellow bandmate when Mark’s sister Anne introduced the two. It was the show “Strike Back Enema,” in which he recorded his first full-length album “Blink”. He sold more than a third of a million copies.

Tom DeLonge with his mates Mark Hoppus and Scott Raynor, formed the band “BLINK” in 1992. However, the name of the band was later changed to BLINK-182, due to some legal name plagiarism issues.

Although, he made a quit from the band in 2015 – four years after the release of ‘Neighbourhoods ‘, the last Blink album he worked on.

When Blink182 took a break in 2005, he formed Angels and Airwaves, which also enjoyed success with his previous band. He also founded technology and design-based company, Modlife. Later he founded a clothing label, Atticus intending to provide high-quality clothes and accessories for both men and women.

At the time, Tom DeLonge and David contacted Mark Eaton and asked him to make the documentary, and filming continued for three years during the break from Blink-182.

While Modlife began early, Angels and Airwaves also released a documentary, “Start the Machine,” which focused on the band’s early years and the making of “Whisper” (which didn’t need a whisper).

On April 21, 2015, DeLonge released his third album, Stars. This was produced with Jerry Finn and it also included never before released songs and bite-sized one-liners a fan could wish for.

He also co-founded the group, Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences in 2017 intending to research extra-terrestrials. DeLonge also endeavored to form a one-man band, Big Oily Men, and included members whom he was able to influence.

Personal Life

Tom DeLonge with his wife

Tom DeLonge married his high school best friend, Jennifer Jenkins. The two of them decided to turn their relationship to Marriage on May 26, 2001. The band to perform at their marriage reception in California, was Jimmy Eat.

But to some personal issues, after years of their successful marriage, DeLonge filed for a divorce in 2019. Recently, he lives with his new life partner – Ria Marie.

When Angels and Airwaves first appeared in 2005, several media outlets accused DeLonge of a messianic complex, which he explained in a 2007 interview with MTV. Tom DeLonge may well be really in the midst of a serious mental breakdown.

Paranormal activities, extra-terrestrial life, and conspiracies are the all-time fascinations for Tom. He has also written a Children’s Book, The Lonely Astronaut on Christmas Eve. The plot of the story revolves around, how a rocketeer spends his Christmas alone and then gets visited by extra-terrestrial life.

Legal Issues

Legal Issues
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Although DeLonge has exaggerated and even botched his public statements, the essential role he played in disclosing the government’s UFO hunting program is unlike anything his ex-bandmates have found out.

Videos from military encounters with UFOs have been declassified in recent years, putting them in a position where they can leak without fear of getting into trouble or having a place against them.

Despite all this, he continues to fight the good fight and exposes the rest of us on earth to the truth about the existence of aliens, and other alien life forms.

In the official statements, the US Navy stated for the first time officially that “the sighting, published by Tom DeLonge, a former member of Blink 182, was a truly unknown object that violated US airspace.

In an article about the guitarist from September 1999, DeLonge described his intentions. He said, “I’m a guitarist who wants the biggest, fattest, loudest sound I can get, as loud as I can get. He told his manager he was doing Blink 182 to have fun and to avoid other obligations in his life, including family.

What is Tom DeLonge Net Worth in 2021?

Tom DeLonge is a popular musician, singer, and songwriter. He discovered his passion for music in his mid-teens. And after High School, he formed a music band with his mates. The bank went on to be a great success.

However, music was not his only passion. He was always entranced by the extraterrestrial life and other sic-fi concepts. He pursued this passion and became an entrepreneur to discover new realms. Tome DeLonge Net Worth in 2021 is $80 million and it comes from both his musical and entrepreneurial journey.

A Few Interesting Facts About the Tom DeLonge

Tom DeLonge Unknown Facts
  • DeLonge experimented with Box Car Racer, which featured post-hardcore music, but the band dissolved the same year.
  • During his early years, Tom used to promote his brand as an anti-drug awareness band, so that schools will allow them to play in the lunch break.
  • DeLonge has also founded various business enterprises that he focuses on. Such as Macbeth Footwear, and technology and design from Modlife.
  • Instruments Fender Guitars worked with DeLonge to create Tom’s signature guitar. It is design from a solid alder body and a single Seymour Duncan Invader Bridge pickup.
  • Epiphone also launched a lower-cost version of the Tom DeLonge signature guitar. This was fabricated overseas, but it comes with the same Dirty Fingers humbucker.


Tom DeLonge
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DeLonge is one of the world’s most popular musicians. His career has taken a new turn from time to time. In an interview, DeLonge also spoke about his hopes of one day returning to his former band.

He also talked about why he left Blink 182, and why it’s comforting to witness his realignment. Hoppus even heaped compliments on his former bandmates during the interview. He acknowledged that some of Blunt’s best work came when Tom DeLonge was in the band.

He often speaks more lightly about his love of alternative lifestyles and the importance of science fiction. His company – To the Stars, is a big step forward for Tom DeLonge and his team who continue to inform and educate the world about the potential of alternative life forms.

His ventures as a musician and entrepreneur have earned him a huge success and Tom DeLonge Net Worth in 2021 is about $80 million.

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