Tom Green Net Worth in 2021

Tom Green Net Worth

To the teenagers and young adults from the ‘90s, The Tom Green Show was their favorite pass time on MTV. Hosted by Tom Green himself, this show was popular throughout America. Let us find out what is Tom Green Net worth and some interesting facts about him.

Tom Green, a stand-up comedian who’s 49 years old as of now, is known for his adult jokes on camera.

Green was married to Drew Barrymore for a short time, during which the couple repeatedly made fun of their relationship.

Aside from comedy, Green also worked for his radio, films, music videos, interviews, etc. Currently, Tom Green is a stand-up comedian and a YouTuber as well!

Tom Green Net Worth and Overview

Net worth$6 million
Date of Birth30th July, 1971
Age49 years
Height190 cm
Source of wealthStand-up Comedy
Country of OriginUSA, Canada
Last UpdatedFebruary 2021

Early Life

Borin in Pembrook, Canada in 1971, Tom Green is the eldest son of Mary Jane and Richard Green.

While his mother was a communication consultant, his father was an army captain who retired soon after his birth. Most of his childhood was spent in a Canadian Army base and his schools in Ottawa. 

Green went to the Henry Munro Middle School, the Colonel By Secondary School, and the Cairine Wilson Secondary School.

For higher studies, Green pursued his passion for television broadcasting and studied the subject at Algonquin College. He graduated from college in 1994. 

Aside from being a comedian, Green also delivered amazing performances as an actor and director. As of now, Green is a YouTube entertainer as well!


Green’s career started quite early- he was only 15! He used to perform at local clubs and people were quite impressed by his knack for comedy.

During his college years, he hosted radio shows that lead him to a friendship with Glenn Humplik, a fellow host.

Together, they hosted The Midnight Caller- a show where they would joke around with the audience who called in.

Shortly after, Green also worked in a rapper group named Organized Rhyme.

In 1994, Green landed his first big opportunity- The Tom Green Show. The show is probably why you even know Tom Green, right? It continued for two years and was wrapped in two seasons with fifty episodes.

In 1999, MTV picked up the show and kept a similar format as the former. However, it was then co-hosted by Glen Humplik and Phil Giroux. The show was popular for its edgy shock humor.

Following his rise in popularity as a comedian, Green was soon signed in several Hollywood films. Stealing Harvard, Charlie’s Angels, Road Trip, Freddy Got Fingered, etc.- all are notable mentions of his work. 

In 2003, he launched The New Tom Green show that didn’t last that long- the audience was done with the same old shock comedy. Really. 

Green is now seen as an entertainer for TV and an interviewer as well, aside from his regular comedy performances. He’s also a YouTube streamer now!

Highlights and Achievements

The Tom Green Show was by itself the biggest achievement of Green’s life. Not only did it make him famous, but it ensured that he scraped more work in the future.

Moreover, the show made him more well-known than any of his other endeavors did!

Most of Green’s achievements are for his amazing delivery for entertainment. In 2001, he got nominated for the ‘Favorite Supporting Actor- Comedy’ in the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards.

Furthermore, he was nominated for his performance in ‘The True Meaning of Christmas Specials’ in the Gemini Awards.

In addition to these, Green got nominated for the ‘Movie and TV’ award on MTV several times. Throughout his career, Green won the MuchVibe Best Rap Video and the Teen Choice awards.

For a short period, Green was married to Drew Barrymore. Now, that’s an achievement.

Age, Height, and Weight

The comedian, actor, director, the host is Leo who’s 49 years old. His height is about 190 cm, while he weighs 80 kilograms approximately.

Personal life

Even though Green leads a happening love life, he’s single as of now. With multiple relationships here and there, the only affair that became news all over the world was his marriage to Drew Barrymore.

They met on the sets of Charlie’s Angels and Barrymore was known to be a fan of Green’s show. 

According to reports, the couple had got engaged after a year of living together and then proceeded towards marriage. Their post-engagement period comprised of multiple jokes regarding their marriage.

The couple frequently misinformed the public and media about the venue and timing of their wedding, which led to the fiasco of 2000.

In 2000, the couple appeared on an episode of Saturday Night Live and declared that their marriage would take place at the end of the episode.

The episode ended in Green bidding farewell alone, as Barrymore went ‘cold feet’. However, the couple did eventually get married, only to file a divorce in 2001. Currently, Green has not been confirmed to be in any relationships.


Throughout his career, Green faced multiple negative reviews for his level of comedy. Meant for an adult audience, these shows were said to be misleading for the younger generations.

Frequently making fun of his parents and the way they had lived- a regular for him. Furthermore, his overly sexual jokes seemed to be taken negatively.

Tom Green was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2000, which was cured after successful treatment. During his leave due to cancer, his shows were on a break. 

Green also received the Golden Raspberry Awards in 2001, for Freddy Got Fingered. However, he was the first-ever performer to have received this award personally and even made fun of himself and the film on stage.

Tom Green Net Worth in 2021


Even though Tom Green’s parents are not quite impressed and proud of his achievements, he has come a long way.

From working as a teenage stand-up comedian to having his own shows back-to-back, Green has seen it all.

Currently, Tom Green’s net worth stands at $6 million. He performs as a stand-up comedian and broadcasts from his Los Angeles studio, for his YouTube channel.

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