Tom MacDonald Net Worth in 2021

Tom MacDonald Net worth
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Thomas MacDonald, aka Tom MacDonald, came into this world on September 21, 1988, in Vancouver, Canada. He is a professional rapper, a social media celebrity, a songwriter, and a former wrestler.

The Canadian musician has over 1.5 million YouTube subscribers. MacDonald is familiar with his single ‘Helluvit’.

After the post of his first-ever video on YouTube called “Tom MacDonald – Wannabe” in 2014, he released his single in 2018. ‘Dear Rappers’, which is one of Tom’s most renowned videos, has over five million views on YouTube.

 In 2014, he had his debut with his solo album called “Lee Ann’s Son”. After that, he continued to release ‘Dream People & the Whiskey Wars’, ‘See You Tomorrow’and ‘Deathreats’.

Along with a huge community of subscribers, MacDonald has gained over 400 thousand followers on Instagram, within a very short time. Up to 2021, he has a net worth of $100 thousand.  

Tom MacDonald Net Worth and Overview

Net Worth$100 Thousand
Date of BirthSeptember 21, 1988
Height6 feet 1 inch (1.85m)
Source of WealthProfessional Rapper
Country of OriginCanada
Last UpdatedFebruary 2021

Early Life

The Canadian musician, Tom MacDonald took birth to Lee Ann MacDonald on September 21, 1988. He was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

He was raised by his mother, Lee Ann alone as the identity of his father is yet to be known. MacDonald thanks his mother who supported his interest in music since he was a child and contributed to his success. 

MacDonald went to school in Vancouver and pursued a career in wrestling while he was yet in high school. His wrestling profession with Real Canadian Wrestling (RCW) proceeded from 2004 up to 2009.

At 17 years old, his wrestling abilities had pushed him through boundaries, and he actively participated in a fortnightly television program in Alberta.

He partook in the ‘Pay per View’ program in WWE with other prominent WWE Superstars as well. Tom MacDonald’s wrestling profession was a good success; however, he was passionate about music.

Thus, he chose to stop wrestling and started working on his keen interest in music.

He unapologetically spoke about social issues in his songs. Tom received huge attention after he started singing rap songs as a hip-hop artist. 

Tom MacDonald has always been a family guy and remained close to his family, which is depicted through his social media handles. He is a brother to one sister who is already married. 


Tom MacDonald started writing songs and became a professional rapper after he ended his career as a professional wrestler in 2009. He blended and tried out a number of genres including hip hop, alternative hip-hop as well as conscious rap.

From 2009 through 2013, MacDonald struggled to find his place in the world of music until he became a popular rapper, who is recognized internationally.

He did not fear speaking about the wrongs in society in his songs, because of which, he faces a lot of controversies.

He used to be among the supporting artists of celebrities including Madchild, Major Lazer as well as Swollen Members. 

Tom opened his YouTube channel in 2014 by his name, ‘Tom MacDonald’, and kick-started his uploads with his first-ever music video named ‘Tom MacDonald- Wannabe’. By the following month in 2014, this rapper dropped his debut solo album named ‘LeeAnn’s Son’.

His latest album was released recently which is called ‘Ghostories’. ‘If I was Black’ is among his other remarkable albums.

This dedicated musician is most popular for his singles ‘Whiteboy’, ‘Everyone Hates Me’ and ‘Politically Incorrect’.  Macdonald continued with his albums including ‘See You Tomorrow’ and “Dream People& the Whiskey Wars’, both of which were released in 2015.

His noteworthy singles include Whiteboym, Castles, If I change, Hour Glass, Helluvit, Dear Rappers., Bout it, and Who I Am. 

 With the advent of Covid-19, MacDonald released his song, ‘Coronavirus’ in 2020. He dropped another song called ‘I Don’t Care’ in the same year. Tom released about twenty singles throughout the year in 2020.

During the first month of 2021, he released his single ‘Fake Woke’ which was listed in the Billboard Hot 100 by February 2021. 

Besides music, MacDonald owns a website by his name where he sells custom-made attires which include sweatshirts, bandanas, t-shirts, jackets, and, needless to mention, his albums. 

Highlights and Achievements

Despite the fact that Tom began small in his country, he had worked to earn worldwide recognition all along. His diligent effort and assurance have acquired him several nominations in Canada.

It wasn’t any surprise when he got the nominations for the esteemed Leo Award which set him up for life. His music recordings have been circulated throughout Canadian national television.

The most noteworthy highlights of MacDonald’s career: 

  1. Everybody Hates Me (Song, 2018)
  2. Death threats (Album, 2018) 
  3. Cloned Rappers (Song, 2019)
  4. People So Stupid (Song, 2020) 
  5. I Don’t Drink (Song, 2020)

Age, Height, and Weight

The globally recognized Canadian rapper, Tom MacDonald is 32 years old as of now. He will soon be turning 33 this year. He has an impressive height of 6 feet 1 inch and weighs 174 lbs.

Personal Life

Tom MacDonald is known for being a family man, who likes being closer to the people he loves.

His love for his family is demonstrated by his posts on his social media handles. He is a bachelor living in Los Angeles on Visa. He often faces legal issues because of his visa stay. 

MacDonald has been dating his girlfriend, Nova Rockafeller who’s a musician as well, since 2017. The couple is pretty open about their relationship and often showers each other with love on their social media handles. 


Since Tom Macdonald fearlessly speaks of social issues in his songs, he regularly faces controversies and criticism.

A number of people disregard his songs that address drug abuse, prejudices, and sexism. MacDonald responds to such criticisms with concern.

He claims that most of the rappers of the world promote women’s objectification, pills, gun violence, selling drugs, and degraded moral standard in their songs, whereas he only addresses social problems. 

Tom MacDonald Net Worth in 2021

Tom MacDonald

Tom Macdonald has a rising net worth of $100 thousand. Some websites claim his net worth to be more due to the properties he owns and several sources of income.

His website sells his albums for a sensible $15 apiece, while the vast majority of the shirts are valued at $30, with hoodies, sweatshirts, and workout pants that earn him a great amount of money.

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