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Travis Pastrana Net Worth in 2021

Travis Pastrana Net Worth
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Travis Pastrana is a well-known professional motor-sports racer. He is also widely known as a stunt driver. In this article, let us find out more about Travis Pastrana net worth in 2021.

Travis is known widely for his insane versatility, competing in super-cross, motocross, freestyle motocross, and rally races. Travis is also very famous for taking part in the Monster Jam circuit as well as the NASCAR races.

He is also known as the face of the Suzuki brand as he is only ever seen riding bikes of the Suzuki brand.

Besides racing in various events, people also know Travis as a very good stunt driver. He is best known for his replication of many of Evel Knievel’s daring jumps.

He once made off of an airplane without sporting a parachute. As far as the entertainment world goes, Travis is probably best known for his show ‘Nitro Circus’, a show that was aired on MTV.

He later founded Nitro World Games, which is an over-the-top sports competition.

Travis Pastrana Net Worth and Overview

Net Worth$25 Million
Date of BirthOctober 8, 1983
Age37 years old
Height6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Source of WealthAthlete, Stunt Performer, Film Producer, Screenwriter, Actor
Country of OriginUnited States of America
Last UpdatedJanuary 2021

Early Life

Travis Pastrana was born on 8th October 1983, Annapolis. He was born into a family that all have athletics in their minds. He had an uncle who was a quarterback who played for the University of Maryland.

In his early years, Travis was a sensation for all the teenagers after being a part of several moto-cross championships.

After finishing high school, he attended the University of Maryland. When he was 19, he crashed straight into a tree and was injured severely because of this.


From only 13, Travis was already doing various stunts on moto-cross racing. From the age of 17, he went to compete in high-level tournaments and won the AMA 125cc National Championship in 2000.

By 18, Travis went to win the 125cc East Coast Supercross Championship and the 125cc Rose Creek Invitational. In 2002, he already moved up the 250cc class.

Travis was a huge hit with all of his fans from the very start because of his ability to do great stunts and maintain extremely high speeds from the hoops.

From an early age, Travis began to represent his town, Puerto Rico. He first participated in an event on behalf of the Puerto Rico team in 2008.

In the year 2018, he took part in the Motocross of Nations event for Team Puerto Rico. Travis, along with his teammates helped raise money for Hurricane Maria which struck at that time.

Travis is known also for his performance during the X Games. He won the very first MotoX freestyle race, scoring about 99 points.

He won the gold medal for the same event in 2000 along with a third one in the year 2001.

Then he waited out a year because of an injury and came back in 2004. There he won another gold medal and managed to pull off an entire 360 while at it.

Later in 2004, he crashed. Because of this, he had a concussion. Still, he raced the next day and pulled off a silver medal.

Then in 2005, he climbed again to the very top and got another gold medal. Then in 2006, he won three more gold medals at that year’s X Games.

After that in 2007, he got a bronze medal while rallying. But then in 2008, he got a gold in the same race event.

Then in 2009, he tried a rodeo 720 at the X Games but crashed and he backed off from the race after having a case of blurred vision.

After that in 2010, he won the MotoX Freestyle. Because he broke his ankle in 2011, he went on a break again to heal his injuries.

In 2012, Travis came back and challenged Sebastien Loeb, the legendary rally driver in the X Games.

Loeb kept his word and competed but Travis lost the chance to do so because he had to retire after an accident. Sebastian won by a huge lead.

In 2015, Travis took part in the Stadium Super Trucks competition but came dead last in the heat race.

Besides the X Games, Travis is quite into rallying. This started in 2003, as he began racing for the Subaru-based Sportscar Rally team. Then in 2006, Travis got a victory in Rally America National Series.

Since then he set his eyes on the WRC, competing in many races over the next few years. He used a Subaru at this time.

Travis also was a regular in the NASCAR tournaments from 2011. He began with a sixth finish in the Toyota All-Star Showdown.

Then he made a racing team called Pastrana-Waltrip Racing and participated in the K&N Pro Series East. Travis left NASCAR in 2013.

But he came back in 2015 to take part in the Truck Series. Travis also competed in it in 2017 and 2020.

Highlights and Achievements

Travis had big achievements throughout the years which conclude a total of 11 gold medals and a lot of silver and bronze medals.

He also did several stunts including jumping off from an airplane without sporting a parachute for which he faced legal issues.

Age, Height, and Weight

Travis Pastrana, born in 1983 is 37 years old. His height of 6 ft 2 inch helps him with the stunts he performs. His weight is around 194 lb. or 88 kg.

Personal Life

Travis proposed to a professional skateboarder called Lyn-Z Hawkins in 2011. They got married later in the year. Then in 2013, they had their first daughter. They had one more in 2015.


Travis Pastrana is a true human daredevil who is loved by all of his fans. He is a humble human who strives to do his very best.

Travis Pastrana Net Worth in 2021

Travis Pastrana
Credits: USAToday

Travis Pastrana started the nitro circuit which alone brings his net worth up to $20 million. Along with all of his other assets, it sums at a total of $25 million.

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