Trey Songz Net Worth in 2021

Trey Songz
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Trey Songz net worth is of $12 million as of 2021. His name by birth is Tremaine Aldon Neverson. Trey is a rapper, singer, and record producer by profession.

His mother has always been with him during his days of struggle as strong support. Trey values his mother’s support and even bought her a house once he came into the spotlight and his talent was recognized. 

His birth name is Tremaine Aldon Neverson but he is better known as Trey Songz among his fans and in the music world.

Apart from music he also engages in a different field like acting. The choice of his career line has been fruitful since today Trey Songz has a net worth of $12 million.

Trey has a heart of gold because he believes in giving back the society the stardom and respect he receives. Not being carried away by stardom is his motto and always engages in helping the poor.

This proves he is not only a good artist but also a good human being. He might be a shy and reserved individual but he is an extrovert while helping the needy and giving back the community the love and support they gave him.

Trey Songz Net Worth and Overview

Net Worth$12 million
OccupationSinger Songwriter Actor Producer
Date Of Birth28th November 1984
Height6’2” (1.87m)
GirlfriendLori Harvey (ex)
Country Of OriginUnited States of America
Source Of WealthActing Singing Songwriting
Instagram Followers12.2 million
Twitter Followers13.9 million
Youtube Subscribers4.1 million

Early Life

Trey Songz Early Life
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Trey Songz was born on the 28th of November, 1984 to April Tucker (mother) and Claude Neverson Jr (father) in Petersburg, Virginia, U.S. 

His mother re-married a U.S military guy. Trey’s stepfather being an army man had to move timely across various military bases as per his job’s demand. Eventually, Trey had to move across various military bases for almost seven years.

Finally, after seven years of shifting and juggling between military bases, his family could settle in Petersburg. Upon settling with his family in Petersburg Trey began his freshman year at Petersburg High School.

 Trey has been a shy individual from childhood and his parents knew about his singing talent. They encouraged him to come out of his cocoon and showcase his talent. 

Upon being encouraged by his family members, Trey began participating in talent shows. Participating in talent shows was his first step towards nurturing his talent and working upon it. 

It was in one of his talents shows when his talent was recognized by Troy Taylor. Troy could see t the potential in Trey’s voice and made an offer to him keeping in mind it doesn’t hinder Trey’s studies.

Career Highlights and Awards

Trey Songz Career Highlights
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Early Beginnings

Trey Songz has been an introvert since childhood. His parent could see the potential in him and his future in singing. 

They wanted him to come out of his comfort zone and explore his singing talent. Upon compelling him Trey started signing up for talent shows as a participant while still in school.

In the year 1998, he participated in a talent show at the Appomattox Regional Government School which was his initial participation in any talent show.

His performance was exhilarating and the crowd enjoyed his performance a lot. The entire audience was mesmerized by his performance. 

After his successful performance in the first-ever talent show Trey took part in, he got more engrossed in participating in more such talent shows and showcasing his talent. 

In one such talent show Troy Taylor, a famous record producer witnessed Trey’s talent and was aware of his potential. 

Tory even offered Trey a recording contract with Atlantic Records. Trey accepted the contract happily as it was based on mutual consent. Keeping in mind his school and studies, Trey was allowed to complete his high school first and then focus on the contract and his singing.

Journey to Success

During his high school days, Trey along with his friends created a vocal group called, ‘All Night Productions’. 

He visited Taylor in New Jersey during summer to sharpen his singing skills and focused more on singing. In the year 2003, Taylor gave $1 million to Trey as an advance for the contract he signed with Trey. 

It was in the year 2004 when the recording began. Meanwhile, Trey also released some mixtapes under his alias ‘Prince of Virginia’.

His debut single ‘I Gotta make it’ was released in the year 2005 featuring Twista. It ranked at 87th rank on Billboard Hot 100 and it was ranked at 20th rank on Billboard 200.

In the year 2009, he released two mixtapes titled ‘Anticipation’ followed by ‘Genesis’ which contained recordings which he made when he was fifteen years old.

Also, in the year 2009, he released his album titled ‘Ready’ which ranked at 3rd rank on the Billboard albums. It contained six singles and all of them were hit singles.

He released his album ‘Passion, Pain and Pleasure’ in the year 2010 which was a big hit release and ranked at 6th rank on the Billboard Hot 100. 

His major work by far includes ‘Chapter V’ and ‘Trigga’ as both the releases ranked at 1st rank on the ‘Billboards 200’. 

Personal Life

Trey Songz Personal Life
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As a kid Trey was very shy and a reserved individual. Shifting to various base camps was a major part of his childhood as his stepdad was an army man. 

Singing and showcasing his talent has been his key to the limelight. Apart from that it also helped him to open up and come out of his reserved nature.

Trey’s mother has been a major support to him in his journey to stardom and being a son who respects his mother and her support in his journey he bought his mother a house as soon as he got famous and capable enough of buying one for her.

As generous as he looks, Trey also engages in giving back the community for the love and respect they gave him. He indulges in doing charities to help the poor as he believes in being a helping hand for the needy.

Trey’s love life has been the talk of the town. By far he has dated supermodels and singers including, Lauren London, Ciara, and Keri Hilson.

Songz also considers youth as the most valuable part of the nation and its future. To provide direction to the youth he commenced a foundation called,’ Songz For Peace Foundation’.


Trey Songz Criticism
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Trey Songz has been in the headlines for his misconduct with a photographer and police officer. The incident took place in the year 2016 when he hit a photographer at a concert in Detroit since his event was cut short due to curfew.

He picked up and threw things on a photographer which required a cop to end the fight. Eventually, Trey ended up in a fight with the police officer as well and he pushed the officer on the ground which resulted in injuring the officer’s hip and his head. 

The officer sued Trey for his acts as he nearly put a pause on his career as the officer hit on his head and even had to get his hip replaced. 

Trey was found guilty and was sentenced to a probation period of 18 months. He also had to attend anger management therapies to manage his anger.

What is Trey Songz Net Worth in 2021?

Trey Songz has a net worth of $12 million as of 2021. He has worked hard on establishing his career in music and his family has been a good support system in his journey especially his mother.

From participating in talent shows to get a contract at the age of fifteen his hard work paid off. He is a songwriter, a rapper, and a record producer which shows his success rate in his chosen career line.

Today, Trey Songz has a net worth of $12 million which reflects his glorious journey as a singer by far.

Interesting Facts about Trey Songz

Trey Songz Facts
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  1. Trey Songz has a son named Noah. 
  2. Singer Trey Songz was an introvert and an extremely reserved person in his childhood.
  3. Troy Taylor was the one who discovered Trey’s talent in a talent show he participated in.
  4. He has been involved in moving from one military base to another for at least seven years during his childhood since his stepdad is an Army man.
  5. His mother re-married an army guy and he was then raised by his stepdad and mother. 
  6. Trey signed his first contract when he was just fifteen which was offered to him by Troy Taylor.


Trey Songz has a glorious journey in the music world good enough to inspire the youth. He got his first contract when he was just fifteen years old.

Trey received $1 million for his first contract with Troy Taylor. Over the years he has established his name very well. He looks forward to helping people and doing charities to help the needy.

Trey’s releases have reached the Billboard at really good ranks. He is a generous person and gives back to the society the love and respect he received from them.

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