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Tyler1 Net Worth in 2021

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Tyler1 net worth is $4 million as of 2021. He is a Twitch streamer and YouTuber by profession. His name by birth is Tyler Steinkamp.

He is popularly known as the ‘Most Toxic Player in North America’. Tyler is popularly known by the name Loltyler1. He is the famous player of the League of Legends with more than three million followers.

Tyler has more than one nickname which includes LolTyler1, Tyler1, and T1. While these are his online names associated with his gaming personality but his name by birth is Tyler Steinkamp which is his official name.

He is a streamer and a YouTuber and has built a career in gaming with a lot of perseverance and hard work. With over 22 unique accounts being banned Tyler came above all the hate and hurdles and established himself as a gamer.

He is an abusive player and for his abusive behavior, Tyler got his accounts banned multiple times. Time and again he worked hard and re-established himself as a strong contender for online streaming. 

Though his abusive behavior has been the prime reason for his accounts being banned the same behavior has fetched fame and name for him.

His consistency and hard work reflect in his net worth as a result Tyler1 has a net worth of $4 million as of 2021.

Tyler1 Net Worth and Overview

Net Worth$4 million
OccupationStreamer YouTuber
Date Of Birth7th March 1995
Height5’6” (1.68m)
Country Of OriginUnited States of America
Source Of WealthOnline Streaming YouTube
Instagram Followers695 K
Twitter Followers525 K
Youtube Subscribers2.4 million
Last UpdatedDecember 2020

Early Life

Tyler1 Early Life
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Tyler Steinkamp was born on the 7th of March in the year 1995 in Missouri U.S. Tyler has been a fan of video games and sports from a young age. His love for video games and gaming increased overtime but he never thought of converting it into his profession.

T1 attended Central Methodist University. He applied for Computer Science at Central Methodist University and studied the same over there. Since he had an interest in sports he took up football as an extra-curricular activity at the university.

Tyler became famous in his University Campus for playing football and was one of the strongest members of the football team of his university.

 Being the backbone of the football team he became famous as a professional player since he represented his university in football matches.

He withdrew his concentration from Computer Science to build a career as a professional streamer. At the beginning of his journey as a streamer, he got indulged in an abusive pattern of playing and disrespecting other players.

He got his account banned for his abusive behavior which forced him to change his behavior and follow decent conduct of playing.

Career Highlights and Awards

Tyler1 Career Highlights
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Tyler1 has been a fan of video games and football since a young age. He loved gaming and played video games from childhood unknown with the career potential in online gaming.

He is known for his football skills as he played football at the Central Methodist University and was a star player of his team.

Tyler studied Computer Science at Central Methodist University and eventually dropped out of college to pursue a career in gaming.

During the initial years of his career, it was tough for him to establish himself and gain popularity because of the disrespect he showed to the other contestants.

It took him two years to gain popularity through his YouTube channel where he posts content related to League of Legends. 

He was known in the League of Legends community as a toxic player since he was used to annoying his team, encourage players to commit suicide, disrespect other players and underperform to put down his team members.

The year 2016 has been his year to fame as the number of followers increased on his Twitch account as he was back as an abusive player.

In the initial years of his career line, his abusive behavior was the hurdle in his journey to success but later on, his abusive behavior became the reason for his success.

His behavior was a topic of gossip for his fans as they always have a chat session after his gaming session. Fans enjoy discussing his behavior chat about his abusiveness and comment on his acts.

Throughout his journey, after several setbacks, he came up as a rising star and re-established himself every time.

Personal Life

Tyler1 Personal Life
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Tyler1 has given a new dimension to streaming and professional gaming as he never missed a chance to show off his rude and abusive behavior.

Tyler is popular in taking abrupt decisions. He was at the Central Methodist University studying Computer Science and he dropped out of it for pursuing a career in gaming.

He is famous for playing football at the university as he was a brilliant player and scored decent marks in exams.

Gaming has not only led him to fame but also got him to meet the love of his life. His longtime girlfriend Macaiyla met Tyler through online streaming.

They have been together since then. Just like Tyler his girlfriend’s account also has been banned for her disrespectful behavior.

The best part of his personality is that he never gives up on things he wants. He has faced a lot of setbacks in his career line but he always had an amazing comeback that is loved by his fans.

Out of all his personality traits, his bodybuilding is something on which people have been commenting a lot. Having a look at his built it shows how hard he has been working out.

He has a unique set of workouts which he follows religiously to build his body and shape his muscles.


Tyler1 Criticism
Credits: Medium

Tyler is named as the most toxic streamer and professional gamer. Streaming might be a toxic platform and make people abusive but Tyler took toxicity to a whole new level.

He has been choosy for whom to play with and if the opponent is not his favorite then he simply messes everything up and loses the game by performing badly.

He gives bad advice to players and has an abusive behavior. Tyler’s behavior is the whole and sole reason for his accounts being banned. In his entire journey as a streamer and professional gamer, he has got his account banned for almost 22 times.

Despite the bans, he tries to improve himself till the ban is lifted and is back again in his old disrespectful behavior.

What is Tyler1 Net Worth in 2021?

Tyler1 began his journey in professional gaming at a young age. His playing pattern was not acceptable at all and it leads to getting his account banned from Twitch. 

His career was falling like a domino even before it paced and led him to stardom. He kept making new accounts tried improving his gaming skills as well as his behavior.

After getting his 22 unique accounts banned he eventually rose to fame for his same old abusive and disrespectful behavior which was stopping him from being successful.

One can conclude that Tyler’s consistency led him to success without wanting to change him into something he isn’t and fetched him fame.

Today, Tyler1 has a net worth of $4 million as of 2021.

Interesting Facts about Tyler1

Tyler1 Facts
Credits: Hayk Saakian
  1. Tyler has a unique workout of his own to maintain his physique. Ignoring all the negative comment he focuses on his workouts.
  2. Football has been his first love even before gaming. He played football at the Central Methodist University.
  3. Tyler1’s account banned almost 22 times. His abusive behavior is the main reason behind the bans.
  4. Out of all the times, Tyler’s account was once banned because of his girlfriend Macaiyla due to ‘flashing’ the audience.
  5. He studied Computer Science at the Central Methodist University but withdrew from studies to focus on gaming.


Tyler1 has a net worth of $4 million. He has drawn a new perspective of viewers towards gaming. He has a different personality as compared to another professional gamer.

His behavior was not acceptable in the field he chose but sticking to it and not acting like someone he isn’t led him to fame.

Tyler has a tough personality and the factor of consistency which led him to fame and success. His fans like to gossip about every single act of his during gaming and about his YouTube videos.

He sets an example for the youth that consistency is the key to success as Tyler1 has a net worth of $4 million at this young age.

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