Young Thug Net Worth In 2021

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Jeffery Lamar William, also professionally identified as Young Thug, is being recognized as the singing sensation of his span. You will remain amazed when you will get to know, Young Thug Net Worth. Alongside this, still, now, he is one of the most appreciated artists.

Young Thug is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter as well. Thug has gained his popularity and demand through his unconventional singing style, along with a freakish fashion.

His cool appearances make him look unique and likewise attract most of his fans and followers. People even call him by several names like Jeffery, SEX, and Thugger

Young Thug, at the age of 17 years, started his musical voyage for the first time. Since his adolescence, Young began composing music and working with lead rappers like Gunna, Lil Baby, etc. His hard work and constant determination have resulted in getting him projects from  Birdman and Gucci Mane.

He had released his first mixtape in 2011, which was titled “Came from Nothing.” Young Thug has also worked with some phenomenal singing sensations like J. Cole, Travis Scott,  Donald Glover,  Ludwig Göransson, and the pop star, Camila Cabello.

His early life was full of grievances as he was born and bought up in poverty. Further, he stopped schooling at 12 years of age. But, eventually, he overcame all his tribulations and became one of the highest-paid artists. 

Readout this article further to know about Young Thug Net Worth and his struggle of growing into a confident rapper.

Young Thug Net Worth and Overview

Net Worth$8 Million
OccupationRapping, Singing, and Music production
Date of BirthAugust 16, 1991
Height1.91 m
SpouseJerrika Karlae
Country of OriginSylvan Hills, Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America
Source of wealthLive performances and Vocalist
Twitter followers4.8 Million
Instagram followers7.6 Million
YouTube subscribers4.74 Million
Last UpdatedDecember 2020

Early Life

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Young Thug was born on August 16, 1991, in Atlanta, Georgia, the U.S. He comes from a family suffering from poverty.

His parents earlier had faced troublesome to arrange a certain amount of money to feed their stomach and all of their children. Young Thug, on a total, has 11 siblings, which implies that he belongs from a big family.

Drinkers, smokers, and bandits earlier surrounded his childhood society. Later, Young too got involved in such activities, no sooner as he grew up. At the age of 12, Young got entangled in drinking plus gambling and turned out to be a drug addict.

When he was in 6th grade, he was imprisoned for four years in Juvenile Prison because of being accused of breaking his teacher’s arm. After returning from jail, Young Thug never went back to school. Then, he again engaged himself in activities like gambling.

At the age of 17, Young discovered his passion for rap music, and his motivation for being in the rap industry remains prominent to date.

He further became a father at 17 years of age, and consequently decided to transform his life in a better way. His resolution was to make sure that his future generation does not face the same worst consequences like him.

His locality is currently associated with those who gave many successful artists to the American Music Industry. Some of their names are Waka Flocka Flame, 2 Chainz, and Ludacris Williams. Their residence is within the range of 200 m, from Young’s house.

Career Highlights and Awards

Young Thug in an award show;
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The first step that Young Thug has taken in his musical career was when he had completed his 20’s. In the year 2010, he had signed his first contract. Young had given his guest appearance in the album “She Can Go,” a TruRoyal song. The critics highly appreciated that performance of his.

After his first project, he got assigned to another project, which had numerous mixtapes between the years 2011 and 2012. After an extensive discussion with the music producers, the mixtape was released and named, “Came From Nothing series.”

Later on, Young has signed one more project with Gucci Mane for his label 1017 Brick Squad Records, an Asylum/Atlantic imprint, which got released in 2013.

Young Thug, back in 2013,  produced his album and fourth mixtape, 1017 Thug. It got the recognition as “Pitchfork” Albums of the Year and “Complex’s” The 50 Best Albums of 2013. This album graced the leading the boards of Rolling Stone and even managed to secure the position in the top 10.

On July 6, 2014, Young Thug had released his first commercial album, named “Stoner.” In October 2013, Young also fetched the opportunity to make an appearance in tracks like 19 & Boomin by Metro Boomin. It includes “Some More,” his first song with Alex Tumay, whose life changed after “Slime Season 2”.

In October 2013, he got the chance to perform on stage with Travis Scott. Following, he collaborated with Kanye West,  Rich Homie Quan, Chief Keef, and Bloody Jay.

Moreover, he signed the contract of 2 albums with 300 Entertainment, one of the biggest music labels. The song, Mass Appeal Vol. 1, got familiarized among the young crowd, mainly when Thug featured himself to do icing on the cake.


Young Thug has continuously remained an appreciative artist because of his fantastic music style and spellbound vocal dynamics. His songs have acted as the pathway for the growth in his career, which resulted in his top-charts appearances.

Young Thug has already made his undefeated image in the industry, so he got many priceless opportunities to get featured in many of the music albums and songs. Some of them are Tha Carter V, mixtapes of Slime Season, Slime Season 2, and Slime Season 3 too.

One of the best D.J.s of all time, Calvin Harris, gave a chance to Young for starring in his song “Heatstroke” along with Ariana Grande. In April 2017, it was a big day for him as he featured on Camila Cabello’s single “Havana,” which was on Vh1 top 5 for 12 weeks.

On December 4, 2014, Rolling Stone had titled Young Thug with the “most exciting new voice of hip-hop” and “hip-hop’s new crown prince.” Young Thug had received the most distinguished awards like, ” MTV Video Music Award” for best-edited video of the year. 

In the year 2017, he even got the U.K. Music Video Awards for Vivo best video of the year. Besides, he was given the best production design award in a video made in 2017.

Later, in 2019, he was granted the American Music Awards for the song, Havana that was also the collaboration of the year.

Personal Life

Young Thug Net Worth is amazing
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In April 2017, Young Thug got married to Jerrika Karlae, who runs a swimsuit line. He is the father of six children, among which 3 of them are daughters while the other three children are his sons. His first child was born when he was a teenager, i.e., at the age of only 17.

At the age of only 26 years, Young Thug got himself established, after striving hard for the last couple of years. After his successful releases in the past couple of years in 2016, he bought his own house in Buckhead, Atlanta.

He named the house after his mother’s name. The home is magnificent and ravishing, which consists of 6 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a full bar, a theater room, and a four-car garage.


Young Thug performing in a stage
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Young Thug has seen many ups and downs in his life. It included several incidents starting from the highs of his single profession to a well-established career in rap music, along with some lousy past experiences like spending nights in prison. The legal issues have always stayed as a part of his life.

In 2015, there were a couple of gangsters, who fired Lil Wayne on the streets of County. One of the gunners who got under arrest had declared in his statement that Young Thug was also indirectly connected with that murder. But later on, this case got seize down because of the absence of shreds of evidence.

Another incident happened in April 2017; a woman was arguing with Thug’s fiancee, Jerrika Karlae, outside a coffee shop. That time, Young interrupted in between and slapped the woman. Then, a case of molestation got filed against him, which was abandoned as it was a hoax.

On April 16, 2018, Young Thug was then accused of accompanying illegal drugs and a shotgun, that too without a license. This incident took place at his farmhouse in Brookhaven, Georgia.

What is Young Thug Net Worth in 2021?

Young Thus is originally an American originated singer, rapper, songwriter, musician, and music producer. Currently, Young Thug net worth is $8 Million.

Many of Young’s songs have stayed on Billboards top 100 for many weeks. Furthermore, until today, he has recorded hundreds of songs and even worked with the freest celebrities of Hollywood.

5 Interesting Facts About Young Thug

Young Thug Net Worth is enough for him to show off his style.
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1. Young Thug has influenced many people through his pieces of music like Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, and Drake.

2. Young Thug has a very unique and peculiar style of rapping as he tries to keep his voice low pitched. Then, he more implements piano or electric guitar in high pitched frequency.

3. Young Thug has a strange kind of fashion style. On his Instagram, he posts pictures of nail arts. His few posts also included his photos where he had applied nail polishes and lipsticks. However, this look of Thug’s has to lead him to face enormous controversy.

4. Young Thug is also a philanthropist. He initiated the #fightpovertyagain campaign in which he donated $1.3 million. However, Young Thug Net Worth in 2021 is tremendous, i.e. $ 8 M.

5. Young Thus even received invitations as a chief guest on many T.V. shows. One of them was The Tonight Show, starring Jimmy Fallon.


Young Thug has undoubtedly, created an immense impact on the lives of many aspiring rappers and singers who are willing to pursue their dream despite having trials and tribulations in their life.

He once said in his interview that, “I don’t want my son to say that my father is a gambler, but I want him to say that my father is a stunna.” This statement reflects his mindset regarding the determination of his career. 

Young Thug has a plan of working with many lead singers and musicians in the future. We hope that Young will keep entertaining us with his fascinating songs forever. 

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